Top 10 Loud House Episodes with Wasted Potential

Episodes from The Loud House that had a lot of potential to be good but ended up becoming wasted potential, note not all the episodes on the list are all necessarily bad episodes but many of them could have been done a lot better.

The Top Ten

1 One of the Boys

Such a huge wasted opportunity its was a great idea seeing male versions of the Loud sisters but it was portly executed either due to laziness or lack of time instead of giving each of the male Loud's more personality they straight turned them into complete douche's who treat Lincoln like dirt for no reason. - egnomac

Awful episode - iliekpiez

2 Brawl in the Family

To make this episode better would have been to have Lincoln being fully aware of the sister fight protocol and have him not want to get involved with Lori and Leni's fight after explaining how the last couple of times he got involved in his sisters fights usually always ended in disaster telling the other sisters that he wants no involvement in the situation and have him leave the house to stay with Clyde until things settled down after a few days pass and the other sisters become fed up with Lori and Leni still fighting that they decide to to put to an end to the fighting but fail then realizing they need Lincoln's help to put an end to the fighting. - egnomac

3 Cheater by the Dozen

It was good set up but horrible execution to make this episode better completely remove Clyde from the episode as he has no reason to be in the episode he's only motivation in the episode was find evidence that Bobby was cheating on Lori to get her to break up with him so he can have Lori to himself which is incredibly selfish and impossible and instead have either Lincoln or one of the other sisters suspect of Bobby cheating on Lori. - egnomac

4 Study Muffin
5 Friendzy

I like the episode the problem is the friend characters don't actually do much they just merely stand there not speaking even Sam who I was glad to see again has no lines which is disappointing and the scene where the sibling fight over the T.V. comes off as lazy as all they do is swap out the sister and their friends with nothing actually happening in between. - egnomac

6 House of Lies

This episode just portrays Lisa as a total douche she installs these lie detector cameras to force the others to tell the truth despite no one else having a problem with the lying she does it just to feed her enormous ego being that she's always right and knows whats best for everyone and not giving anyone any say in the matter, it would have been a lot better if she installed the lie detector cameras because the others wanted to catch the others lying and go from there. - egnomac

When I saw the promos for this episode I was so excited and wondering if it would use the potential it had. Long story short it didn't, at least not in my eyes - Spongehouse

This episode is trash.

7 Legends

I really like the whole father son story line but the episode was built as a cross over with Legends of the Hidden Temple but they really don't do a lot with the concept should have been a 22 minute episode. - egnomac

8 Making the Grade

The way this episode should have played out is Lincolns friends and classmates begin bullying Lisa for being so smart and have him come to her defense and have them force Lincoln to make a choice between them or her and have Lincoln suggest Lisa to act more normal and regular after which she does and have her make make the sole decision to stay regular and normal while giving up being smart instead of passing all the blame towards Lincoln and then have her decide to go back to being smart after realizing how important her smartness is to everyone with a little help from Lincoln. - egnomac

9 The Waiting Game

The ending was the only part I actually liked about the episode they could have at least made the first half more bearable. - egnomac

10 Be Stella My Heart

The Contenders

11 No Such Luck
12 Undie Pressure
13 Space Invader
14 For Bros About to Rock
15 Cover Girls
16 Roadie to Nowhere
17 Really Loud Music
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