Top Ten Loud House Episodes With the Worst Endings

These are the top ten episodes of The Loud House that have the worst endings.

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1 Brawl in the Family

I despise this whole episode but the ending is beyond awful and easily one of the worst endings in the whole series in my opinion! Why did you have to open your mouth and ruin everything Lincoln? - Spongehouse

Dang it Lincoln why did you have to open your big mouth and start the fight all over again. - egnomac

OH look, they failed at making sibling rivalry look exciting. - SpectralOwl

Seriously, Lynn Sr is running away like a bitch when his children are fighting? Get off your ASS and deal with this, you wimpy excuse of a father. - Wazxa12

2 No Such Luck

Do I even have to explain why this one is here? - Spongehouse

Yeah Lincoln was still believed to have bad luck unless he had that squirrel suit on

I feel bad for Lincoln when I saw this episode

3 Ruthless People

This episode ending has the same problem as the one from Two Boys and a Baby the whole episode is about Lincoln's side trying to avoid staying at Aunt Ruth's house by switching with the others so they could go to the senior home but find the place in horrible condition meanwhile mom and the others instead of staying at Aunt Ruth's home they get to stay at her new lake house so they again make offers to the others to switch with them they get to stay at Aunt Ruth's lake house until it becomes infested with termites too thanks to Lana bring them from the house and after all they go through they still end up staying at Aunt Ruth's house and just to rub salt on the wounds they find out that the other family members and the seniors go on a cruise just making the ending all the more insulting, and here's the real kicker if they had just stayed with the original plan Lincoln and his side could have stayed at the lake house plus it wouldn't have gotten infested with termites and just to show ...more - egnomac

The most rotten episode of the third season in my opinion, and while I hate the whole episode the ending is easily my least favorite part! - Spongehouse

I honestly have no clue why some fans actually like this episode - Gangem

4 Change of Heart

I don't just hate the ending of this episode I hated the whole thing because Lori was acting like a big greedy selfish jerk because she wanted Clyde to keep his annoying crush on her JUST SO HE WOULD KEEP BUYING HER A BUNCH OF JUNK THAT SHE NEVER LIKED ANYWAY BEFORE AND EVEN THOUGH SHE ALREADY HAS A BOYFRIEND WHO ALREADY BUYS HER THINGS SHE STILL WANTS MORE! Even though I hated this episode when I was watching it for the first time I thought that it would be worth it because by the end he would end his annoying crush on Lori, but that's not what happened at all, instead it goes back to the way it was before making this whole sorry excuse for an episode piontless! It might not be the worst ending to an episode but it is easily the most disappointing in my opinion! - Spongehouse

5 Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru

I love this episode but I will always hate the ending. Lincoln saying the only thing he is good for is taking a pie to the face is just sad and then you have Clyde who doesn't care what happens as long as he gets his money and also Mrs. Johnson who says It is an awesome idea! WHHHAAT! It is just to much of mean spirited ending for my taste, but besides the ending this episode is good in my opinion - Spongehouse

6 Fool Me Twice

She deserved this punishment! - Tgamez

Luan is my favorite loud, so I what the family did to her was awful. If I could control the episode I would make Luan win (because that would be good)

Dumb ending

What the hell is ending just awful

7 Two Boys and a Baby

Unlike most people I really enjoy this episode, while it's not the best episode I did think it was funny and entertaining, but if there was one thing I didn't like it would easily be the ending. In the episode Lincoln wants to watch Lily so he won't have to go to his aunt Ruth's house. So him and Clyde watch Lily and every time something unfortunate happens to him he says it is worth it as long as he doesn't have to go to his aunt Ruths and then at the end of the episode after all that trouble he ends up having to go to his Aunts. So this was just another good episode with a bad ending in my opinion! - Spongehouse

8 Chore and Peace

The loud kids are greedy, enough said.

episode good a is This

9 In Tents Debate

Lincoln wasn't forced to serve his sisters he made the decision himself to serve them so they all won't get mad at him and they would have a good time even if he wasn't. - egnomac

What did you not like about the ending? - MegaSoulhero

Because Lincoln had to serve all of his sisters which looked like it was a pain for him - Spongehouse

I thought this episode was ok for the most part but then the ending came and ruined everything for me! - Spongehouse

10 Snow Bored

This episode is one of my personal favorites of the first season but I will Never and I mean NEVER understand this confusing ending! I also didn't like that in the end of the episode it was revealed that everything Lisa did was just an act to make her family hate snow days - Spongehouse

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11 A Tale of Two Tables

I loved this episode and it would have been perfect if it wasn't for the stupid ending! When all the Loud siblings even the oldest who is 17 start acting like children! - Spongehouse

You completely missed the point of the ending. You make it sound like it’s bad to be a kid at heart. Not everyone enjoys being a grown up. - MegaSoulhero

12 Friendzy

Leni has a lot of FRIENDS

I actually love this ending - Spongehouse

13 The Mad Scientist

I liked the episode but the ending just feels like a cop out where she basically uses her time machine to go back in time undoing everything making the whole episode pointless. - egnomac

14 One Flu Over the Loud House

Actually, the ending wasn't too bad, neither was the episode. Its basically a clever adaption of a zombie apocalypse. - Solacress

This entire episode is garbage. - SanicWantsHisSandwich

15 Project Loud House

Am I the only one who thinks this episode has a bad ending? I just despise this ending because luan made Lincoln’s a+ Into an a- for dumping water on his teacher! It would’ve been a good episode if it wasn’t for that ending.

16 The Green House

The ending was bad.

17 Save The Date

I don’t know why Lincoln would want to sit next to his immature and hypocritical classmates at lunch and even consider them as friends.

18 Get the Message

Another good episode with a not so good ending - Spongehouse

19 Fool's Paradise
20 Suite and Sour
21 Kings of the Con
22 Vantastic Voyage
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