Top Ten Loud House Episodes With the Worst Endings

These are the top ten episodes of The Loud House that have the worst endings.
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1 No Such Luck

The parents and sisters like to see the drama unfold especially on their chosen victim, Lincoln. This episode senses a bad message to families. I feel like the Nickelodeon tried to make the ending funny, telling viewers that Lincoln has to stay in the mascot costume, however it wasn't funny and just shows that the parents are cruel to their kids.

The family seals up Lincoln's room, they kick him out of the house, they sold his furniture, and make wear a mascot suit all day. All because they think he's bad luck. Crazy.

Lincoln should have had his whole family deported or better yet tared and feathered by the whole town.

Do I even have to explain why this one is here?

2 Brawl in the Family

Personally, I liked the episode and it's one of my favorites, but the ending was stupid. You'd think Lincoln would have kept his mouth shut.

The sisters fighting makes no sense and they mistreat lincoln by using his room and stuff. Lincoln finally gets the message of the sister fight protocall but then he messes up.

I despise this whole episode but the ending is beyond awful and easily one of the worst endings in the whole series in my opinion! Why did you have to open your mouth and ruin everything Lincoln?

Dang it Lincoln why did you have to open your big mouth and start the fight all over again.

3 Ruthless People

The most rotten episode of the third season in my opinion, and while I hate the whole episode the ending is easily my least favorite part!

I honestly have no clue why some fans actually like this episode

4 Change of Heart
5 Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru

I love this episode but I will always hate the ending. Lincoln saying the only thing he is good for is taking a pie to the face is just sad and then you have Clyde who doesn't care what happens as long as he gets his money and also Mrs. Johnson who says It is an awesome idea! WHHHAAT! It is just to much of mean spirited ending for my taste, but besides the ending this episode is good in my opinion

6 Fool Me Twice

I hope someone one day (maybe this year) makes a decent alternate ending to this episode. A suggestion would be for the loud's to learn that there is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned prank. but using a double against her would probably work too.

The family should have hired a Luan look alike double to purposely ruin Luan's comedy career and force her to watch it like she forced them to watch their own humiliation or better yet they should have had her sent to an insane asylum.

Luan is my favorite loud, so I what the family did to her was awful. If I could control the episode I would make Luan win (because that would be good)

She deserved this punishment!

7 Two Boys and a Baby

Unlike most people I really enjoy this episode, while it's not the best episode I did think it was funny and entertaining, but if there was one thing I didn't like it would easily be the ending. In the episode Lincoln wants to watch Lily so he won't have to go to his aunt Ruth's house. So him and Clyde watch Lily and every time something unfortunate happens to him he says it is worth it as long as he doesn't have to go to his aunt Ruths and then at the end of the episode after all that trouble he ends up having to go to his Aunts. So this was just another good episode with a bad ending in my opinion!

Funny episode, just the ending sucked.

8 Snow Bored

This episode is one of my personal favorites of the first season but I will Never and I mean NEVER understand this confusing ending! I also didn't like that in the end of the episode it was revealed that everything Lisa did was just an act to make her family hate snow days

Great episode, just it was mean of Lisa to spoil everyone's fun just to force them to go to school.

9 In Tents Debate

Lincoln wasn't forced to serve his sisters he made the decision himself to serve them so they all won't get mad at him and they would have a good time even if he wasn't.

I thought this episode was ok for the most part but then the ending came and ruined everything for me!

What did you not like about the ending?

10 Chore and Peace

The loud kids are greedy, enough said.

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11 One Flu Over the Loud House

Actually, the ending wasn't too bad, neither was the episode. Its basically a clever adaption of a zombie apocalypse.

Good episode and funny ending in my opinion.

The ending sucks because no one got cured.

This entire episode is garbage.

12 Kings of the Con

This episode was bad throughout. There were many ways that everyone could have gotten what they wanted however the writers instead ruined the ending by giving Lincoln and Clyde a bad off-screen role while the sister participate in the movie

loud sisters dislike everything ace savvy, yet they come to the convention only to win a chance in the movie. You think after Pulp Friction, the girls would take a liking to ace savvy, but no. The boys get parts as pooper scoopers, while the girls star in the movie as heroes. The people who came up with the plot for this episode needs to get their head examined.

Not only was the episode bad but it killed a future episode with all of them filming a movie

13 A Tale of Two Tables

I loved this episode and it would have been perfect if it wasn't for the stupid ending! When all the Loud siblings even the oldest who is 17 start acting like children!

You completely missed the point of the ending. You make it sound like it's bad to be a kid at heart. Not everyone enjoys being a grown up.

Um, why is it bad to be a kid at heart. Learn to have fun, sophisticants!

14 Friendzy
15 The Mad Scientist

I liked the episode but the ending just feels like a cop out where she basically uses her time machine to go back in time undoing everything making the whole episode pointless.

16 Project Loud House

Am I the only one who thinks this episode has a bad ending? I just despise this ending because luan made Lincoln's a+ Into an a- for dumping water on his teacher! It would've been a good episode if it wasn't for that ending.

17 The Green House

Dumb episode and cruel ending.

The ending was bad.

18 Vantastic Voyage

I agree with this one. The father gets a new van after the old van breaks down, and then lets no one drive or ride in it. They act as if the only two options are either dad keeping the new van and letting nobody use it or getting the old van back. This episode ended with dad getting the old van back because the new van was making him treat his family unfairly, when it should have ended with him letting his family use the new van. So basically their van breaks down, he gets a new van, lets no one use it, and then gets the old van back because he eventually sees how unfair he's acting letting no one use the van. I'm sorry, but if you realize how unfairly you're treating everyone by not letting them use the van, then the logical thing will be to let them use the van, not get the old van back so that you will be okay with them using it, you just made it so that now they can never use the new van ever, and they treat it as if the father learned a lesson and did the right thing. What kind ...more

Vantastic voyage was basically stupid. The van barely works, they convince Lynn loud sr to buy a new van, when they buy it Lynn loud sr hogs it because he loves it. Then relises that what he did was wrong. so they get the van back before it gets crushed. Then the parents decide to force the kids to push the van from now on. Basically stupid episode with stupid ending.

19 Save The Date

I don't know why Lincoln would want to sit next to his immature and hypocritical classmates at lunch and even consider them as friends.

20 Cover Girls

The episode was pretty good until the end. As usual, the mom decides to cruelly punish the kids as she usually does. This time the mom decides to humiliate the kids by telling them to do their activities dressed as each other. This impacts their activities, most of which the sisters won't be able to do.

Lincoln has to cover for all his sisters to avoid them from getting into trouble. When the parents find out, they force there kids to stay in the clothes their wearing for the rest of the day. In the end Lincoln gets cyber bullied by his class mates and the sister aren't able to do their activities, some very important.

21 No Bus No Fuss

I disagree with this one because it ends well, Lincoln and his friends defeat the bullies and end up heroes. I didn´t like the begining with Lynn and others teasing poor Lincoln, but never the less, it ends I repeat just well.

22 Legends
23 L is For Love

People used to hate this episode because they weren't used to gay couples. Luckily they are now :) also I hope Luna and Sam have a kiss

24 Get the Message
25 Fool's Paradise

This is my favourite episode. Except for the garbage ending.

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