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1 Space Invader

The one thing that surprised me was the Dutch Oven scene. Nickelodeon ACTUALLY made a funny fart joke, that was something I thought was impossible.

I like this episode because Lynn is really funny in this episode and it reminds me of the 70s when space invaders was the rage.

Not to mention they did a funny fart joke. Let me repeat, Nickelodeon did a FUNNY fart joke. The episode deserves an emmy just for that. - GreninjaGuy

How this is only 13 I will never know

DUTCH OVEN! And the funniest balls joke!? I ' peed my pants.

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2 For Bros About to Rock

This is probably the best episode quality wise because of all the character development as well as the origins of Luna Loud...if only they did this more with the other characters - SapphireDragon95

Best TLH Episode

3 Undie Pressure

This is the only one that made me laugh mainly because it is about Lincoln making a bet with his sister who could stay the longest without doing there favorite things and if you think about it that is ridiculous

The 2nd episode I ever saw of the loud house when I first met it

This episode is HILARIOUS mostly because whenever they get eliminated from the comp thing... a giant ex went on there face and made a loud honk thingy sound... this was amazing all the episodes are!

I was mistaken
This was the best quality episode
It shows how much Lola cares about Lincoln, despite being so mean, it has the best jokes, it FEELS like an MLP episode, etc. It also has a good moral in that be who you are and don't let others affect you as well as always do what YOU want, not what others want...don't fall into "peer pressure" so to speak...also, great family values at the end saying what's better than spending time doing what you love with the ones that you love - SapphireDragon95

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4 Save The Date

Of course it was great! We got to see Lincoln kiss Ronny-Anne on-screen! I actually wanted to see that! If anyone agrees, say I!

I love this episode - Spongehouse


5 11 Louds A Leapin'

I don't understand why people hate this episode. This was a very heartwarming episode of loud house. This episode was character development for mr. Grouse, all characters even the bratty ones at their best, and the song at the end was so sweet that it brought tears to my eyes. This is my favorite season 2 episode of loud house.

The part where Lori kissed Clyde under the mistletoe.

An awesome Christmas special and one of the best episodes - Spongehouse

So many characters were at their best in this episode

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6 Butterfly Effect

Ha. This episode is so funny.

7 Shell Shock
8 Left in the Dark

I liked the SB Cameo

I'm one of the few people who like Luan's jokes.

First Episode in The Loud House w/ SB Cameo. (not the first episode I've watched) - TLHRules

9 Dance Dance Resolution
10 "L" is for Love

I LOVE this episode. At first, I thought this episode was gonna focus more on the rest of the sisters, but as the episode went on, it began to focus more on Luna, and her anxiety towards her crush Sam. I, (like many other people) thought that Sam was a guy, but at the end of the episode, the HUGE plot twist hit me like a wrecking ball (in a good way though). I soon realized that the episode was focusing on the issue of sexuality, and they did it PERFECTLY. I hope that Luna and Sam's relationship grows in future episodes. I would LOVE to see them together. This episode also had hilarious and classic jokes, such as Lola wearing a brown wig, and Lynn flinging her lucky jock into her crush's face. I am so happy that now bisexual fans of this show have a character to relate to. This episode DEFINITELY deserves to be #1. #BisexualPride #LunaxSam #ILoveThisEpisode #SoManyHashtags

Love the plot twist. Luna likes girls? They handled it perfectly though.

Everything about this episode is so adorable!

I am actually not a fan of this episode - Spongehouse

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? Yes Man
? Room with a Feud

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11 Cover Girls

This is my favorite season 1 episode by far - Spongehouse

12 Toads and Tiaras

My favorite one. - Anonymousxcxc

This episode is awesome! - Svampbob164

13 Heavy Meddle

I Love This Episode's Relatability, This Should be #1 - ChiefMudkip

I love this one so much😄 - Spongehouse

14 One Flu Over the Loud House

If you think this episode is gross I can understand. But this episode rules. It has a good story and it was cool to see who would survive longer. At the end it wasn't the best but I love this episode

An awesome sickness/zombie episode of the loud house (#3 on my best loud house episodes)

This episode is similar to the episode called "The Joy" from The Amazing World of Gumball. - TLHFanBaseSucks

I love this the flu zombies

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15 Fool's Paradise

It's like Saw but funnier because in real Saw you see people get cut and mangled and bloody. - bulldogbeast

Nick's apology for April Fool's Rules. Apology accepted!

This is my favorite episode, it's a New one - PeeledBanana

A Great Parody of Saw
Has a Great Climax
Here's All The References To Saw
1. Luan Comes Back To Torture or Prank The Family
2. She Has A Lair
3. It Has Traps or Pranks
4. She Has An Inside Man Who Is Lynn Sr Similar To Amanda At The End of Saw II and All of Saw III
5. She Gets Revenge

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16 Driving Miss Hazy

OM GOSH I LOVE THIS EPISODE! "One Flu Over the Loud House" is awesome but they all turn into zombies...

Don't even get me started! Best episode EVER!

I just really like Leni. She’s very sweet, but not the brightest. A whole episode about her? Sweet! (or as Luna would say “rocking’! )

17 Get The Message

Lincolns attempt to delete the message was funny - Spongehouse

Very entertainig - Gangem

18 The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

I like the good message about people with down syndrome in this one - cadespencer

19 Funny Business

Funny Business is probably my favorite episode. It shows more development on Luan, who usually doesn't get a lot of attention in episodes. This episode is also really funny, and has a good ending

20 Mall of Duty

This is my favorite episode - Spongehouse

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