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Undie Pressure

It's nice to see that they all have annoying habits, although I blame Lincoln, Lisa and Leni for having the most annoying ones. Leni's is talking in that typical teenage sort of talking. Lincoln's is reading comics in his underwear. Lisa's is studying poop. Lori's is chatting with Bobby (her boyfriend) all the time. Lola's is looking at the mirror all the time. Lily's is crying non-stop (I don't blame her. She's a baby.). I forgot some of them. I THINK that Luna's is writing annoying songs and singing them and I THINK that Lucy's is reciting horrible gothic poems that she wrote (Personally, I like those poems.). I also THINK that Luan's is telling horrible jokes (Personally, I like those jokes too.).But the point is, that episode was cool!

I was mistaken
This was the best quality episode
It shows how much Lola cares about Lincoln, despite being so mean, it has the best jokes, it FEELS like an MLP episode, etc. It also has a good moral in that be who you are and don't let others affect you as well as always do what YOU want, not what others want...don't fall into "peer pressure" so to speak...also, great family values at the end saying what's better than spending time doing what you love with the ones that you love

Defiantly one of the best episodes in my opinion. The contest thing was entertaining and resulted in a bunch of funny moments. Plus this is the first episode to give Lola development

This episode is HILARIOUS mostly because whenever they get eliminated from the comp thing... a giant ex went on there face and made a loud honk thingy sound... this was amazing all the episodes are!

"L" is for Love

This is my new favorite episode. It was just beautiful. The kids find a letter addressed to L. Loud and they try to figure out who it is. (I won't spoil who it is) The kids each try to impress their crushes. This episode was cool because we got to find out who each of the kids' crushes are. It was a funny episode. The end is the best part. Luna is revealed to have a crush on a girl named Sam and gives her a love note. It's a great representation of LGBT in kids' cartoons.

The only bad part is the continuity. Lucy is seen crushing on another boy even though she was already dating Rocky. Also, Lincoln likes a girl named Paige even though he is dating Ronnie Anne.

I LOVE this episode. At first, I thought this episode was gonna focus more on the rest of the sisters, but as the episode went on, it began to focus more on Luna, and her anxiety towards her crush Sam. I, (like many other people) thought that Sam was a guy, but at the end of the episode, the HUGE plot twist hit me like a wrecking ball (in a good way though). I soon realized that the episode was focusing on the issue of sexuality, and they did it PERFECTLY. I hope that Luna and Sam's relationship grows in future episodes. I would LOVE to see them together. This episode also had hilarious and classic jokes, such as Lola wearing a brown wig, and Lynn flinging her lucky jock into her crush's face. I am so happy that now bisexual fans of this show have a character to relate to. This episode DEFINITELY deserves to be #1. #BisexualPride #LunaxSam #ILoveThisEpisode #SoManyHashtags

This episode gave me the biggest respect towards not only gay people, but LGBT+ people. Before I first saw this episode, I thought being gay/lesbian was very weird and I thought those two words were curse words. When I saw the episode, my respect turned from barely respectful at all towards supportive of LGBT+ people. Luna is also one of my favorite characters. I was also one of those people who thought Sam was a guy. I also loved how they portrayed the end in a subtle and friendly way. "L" is for Love is a great episode and should be higher.

Worst Episode EVER

I am a Christian and proud and tired of this left-wing crap being shoved down my throat.

Go hate on me it, it will only make me stronger.

Worst then No Such Luck and Brawl in the Family, yeah I don't think so.

For Bros About to Rock

This is probably the best episode quality wise because of all the character development as well as the origins of Luna Loud...if only they did this more with the other characters

This is the most overrated episode of the whole show in my opinion. Though I still like it

One of the best episodes, got me into the show. Been hooked and a fan ever since.

One of the best Luna Loud moments ever!

11 Louds A Leapin'

I don't understand why people hate this episode. This was a very heartwarming episode of loud house. This episode was character development for mr. Grouse, all characters even the bratty ones at their best, and the song at the end was so sweet that it brought tears to my eyes. This is my favorite season 2 episode of loud house.

This should be number 1 by far. The best moral, the best visuals, the best theme and atmosphere, the best comedy, the best entertainment, the most heartwarming, everything you want apin an episode.

I like that episode because it shows the parents faces and it's a christmas. I think it should be number 1.

I love Loud House I Love Christmas Put them in one episode and you got the perfect episode!

Save The Date

Great episode. I love how Ronnie Anne wanted to stick up for Lincoln by having the boys think that she hates Lincoln

Of course it was great! We got to see Lincoln kiss Ronny-Anne on-screen! I actually wanted to see that! If anyone agrees, say I!

Although this episode has a few problems it is still one of my favorite episodes of season 1

I. Love. This. Episode. I obsessively fangirl about Lincoln and Ronnie Anne, and this episode is just so cute!

Space Invader

This episode is awful. I hate that Lincoln is the one to suffer for no absolute reason other than him just bragging that he has more space. For no reason Lincoln is forced to sleep in the bath tub, get beat up, given a Dutch oven (which was a pretty funny joke) and kept up all night. It doesn’t seem that fair to me that he should be going through this. What would have been better is if they showed Lynn and Lucy have a hard time without each other and then apologize instead of them get in a fight when Lincoln tries to get them to make up. Easily a very bad episode.

The one thing that surprised me was the Dutch Oven scene. Nickelodeon ACTUALLY made a funny fart joke, that was something I thought was impossible.

This episode is the definition of awful. This episode made me not like the loud house and I had to watch something like l is for love to restore its trust.

I like this episode because Lynn is really funny in this episode and it reminds me of the 70s when space invaders was the rage.

Not to mention they did a funny fart joke. Let me repeat, Nickelodeon did a FUNNY fart joke. The episode deserves an emmy just for that.

Butterfly Effect

The moral is to tell your sister what happened.

Why do people hate this episode again?

Ha. This episode is so funny.


Racing Hearts

One of the best episodes of season 3 and I really love the story and it sends a postive message to all couples out there about not focusing so much on weither either have in common but embracing what the other bring to the table or something like that, and people can say all they want about it weither they love it or hate it its still a great episode and really worth all the waiting just to see Luna and Sam's relationship develop further.

I found this episode to be pretty bad. The incredibly awkward moments between Luna and Sam ruined the whole episode for me. Plus it's incredibly overrated like L is for Love.

I liked it and it was good to see Luna and Sam get together.

Great episode well worth the near 2 year wait.

Driving Miss Hazy

This episode is ALMOST perfect (the only negative thing about it is Lori) in my opinion. I can also relate to Leni in this episode because when I first started driving I was horrific. Though not quite as bad as her

This should be higher than Save the Date

I just really like Leni. She’s very sweet, but not the brightest. A whole episode about her? Sweet! (or as Luna would say “rocking’! )

OM GOSH I LOVE THIS EPISODE! "One Flu Over the Loud House" is awesome but they all turn into zombies...

Cover Girls

This is my favorite season 1 episode

The funniest episode

it ok I don't love it but I don't hate it

The Newcomers

? Ghosted!

This was another epic Halloween special along with Tricked

? Kernel of Truth

Looking to spend more time together at school Lincoln and the gang attempt to revive the school's news program and while it doesn't go well at first they stumble upon a mystery involving stolen popcorn and the group attempt to solve it

This entire epsiode was hilarious in my opinion

The Contenders

Toads and Tiaras

I like how the episode name parodies that crappy show on TLC that I don't dare speak of

Is too funny to have tools in her dress what is it supposed to snow tonight

One of Lana's best in my opinion

This episode is awesome!

Left in the Dark

An amazing start to an amazing show. I also really liked the way the animation looked and the Spongebob cameo on their T.V.

First Episode in The Loud House w/ SB Cameo. (not the first episode I've watched)

I love the Spongebob cameo

First episode good episode

Dance Dance Resolution

This is my personal favorite Ronnie anne episode so far

This one has a lot of dates for Lincoln.

Shell Shock

This Copied Shell Shocked From Spongebob Squarepants well the name cause Shell Shock and Shell Shocked Don't Make A Difference

It was just ok in my opinion

How is this so high?

What comes next? The Big Hunt? Hahahaha! JK it’s a joke. A episode from my favorite cartoon has two episodes together called “Shell Shock” and “The Big Hunt”.

Along Came a Sister

I hope the exterminator comes back because he is my favorite antagonist in the show

Funny when Leni reacts to the spider in front of her! It's hilarious!

I like this one good bye

No Guts, No Glori

This was the first episode of the show without Lori being a jerk

I love Lori with a whistle around her neck.

One Flu Over the Loud House

Its kind of a shame that this episode has been recently banned due to the episodes theme mirroring the events of COVID 19 Pandemic not to mention its sister episode "Price of Admission" also being banned as well

If you think this episode is gross I can understand. But this episode rules. It has a good story and it was cool to see who would survive longer. At the end it wasn't the best but I love this episode

This episode was amazing and cool in my opinion, but they could of made the ending better by having Leni and Lincoln get out of the house without getting sick. It feels so wrong seeing this episode so low on the list

A perfect episode about how to cope with sickness, and sometimes, you can't even get away from it.

City Slickers

Ronnie Anne's first appearance in season 3, by the way I find this episode very forgettable

The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

I like the good message about people with down syndrome in this one

I find this episode boring and annoying

This is one of the few episodes of the show that I like and it’s my favorite. But to be honest, this is one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen in any cartoon. 10/10

Get The Message

This episode is very funny and fastpaced. The only bad thing about this episode is Lori

Luna was in the cage

This episode should be called “ Ventastic Voyage.”

Very entertainig

Heavy Meddle

I love this one so much😄

I Love This Episode's Relatability, This Should be #1

Changing the Baby

Very interesting. It's especially funny when Leni is stuck in Lily's crib, calling it a baby prison, and crying like a baby, she's so dimwitted, let me tell you.

Way better than Horrid Henry changes a Nappy

I swear this episode airs way to much

My first episode!

Funny Business

Funny Business is probably my favorite episode. It shows more development on Luan, who usually doesn't get a lot of attention in episodes. This episode is also really funny, and has a good ending

Easily the best Luan episode

Friend or Faux

This should defiantly be much higher! It gives Lisa a lot of character development

It's great to see a positive portrayal of autism

This should’ve been number one.

Linc or Swim

Have to vote for something until my troll item gets approved so don't take this seriously.

A perfect episode to watch during the hot summer days

The first episode from this series I watched

Another episode that gets me sexually aroused.

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