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21 Funny Business

Funny Business is probably my favorite episode. It shows more development on Luan, who usually doesn't get a lot of attention in episodes. This episode is also really funny, and has a good ending

Easily the best Luan episode - Spongehouse

22 The Loudest Yard

This episode was decent... Until the ending which easily killed everything good about it. Bad episode.

I actually like this one because Lynn is my favorite character and plus it had a "Peanuts" reference - Spongehouse

I don't, like it Lincoln is lazy even lazer than patrick in ths one it gets a 4.9 out of 10 - epictoonsfan1

23 Brawl in the Family

This episode is terrible. They fight for a dumb reason! If they had same dress, why don't they just share instead of fighting? - TLHFanBaseSucks

This Episode Sucks. It was Dumb and Mean Spirited.

Why is this episode so high it should be in last - Spongehouse

Worst episode ever.

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24 April Fools Rules V 2 Comments
25 Frog Wild

This is a great episode that focuses on not only the lesson to help animals but on Lana's relationship with Hopps. I really love it, not enough to stop eating bacon, but almost. - JosiahDBoss

Why is Save The Date (the worst), The Loudest Mission, and Dance Dance Revation on here!?! Anyways, Frog Wild is the best episode.

26 L is For Love L is For Love

Already on the list, although I do like that this one has an image - Gangem

27 Along Came a Sister
28 Changing The Baby

I swear this episode airs way to much - ChiefMudkip

29 Back Out There
30 Project Loud House
31 Tricked Tricked

One of the best Halloween episodes in years and that song "You got tricked" amazing. - egnomac

My grandmother, who is not too much a laugher, was laughing during this episode, I kid you not.

Sucked - Gangem

It’s awesome. The reason my favorite loud house character is my favorite. Not Luna sadly.

32 Sound of Silence
33 Picture Perfect
34 Linc or Swim

The first episode from this series I watched - RedAce66

Mine too

35 Party Down

This is my favorite episode! It's extremely funny, had very memorable lines, and a very heartwarming ending. It showed a lot of character development for Lori, and shows that deep down, she isn't the bossy, one-dimensional sister she appears to be. My love for her grew after watching this episode. It's a breath of fresh air for those who dislike Lori. It also had hilairious moments I'll never forget. Lincoln pretending to be a Russian foreign exchange student, Lori trying to host a sophisticated party, and in my opinion, the funniest moment of all, Leni calling Lori "constipated". I personally think this episode deserves to be #1, it's a very enjoyable episode that I really recommend.

36 Sleuth or Consequences

This is my fave - Wudzer

Worst season 1 episode

No just no - epictoonsfan1

Gold that Ending -_- - ChiefMudkip

37 Homespun

This episode will be released around September 22, 2016. The episode looked good though.

It Is Good - ChiefMudkip

11/10 and this ks creepy it revolves arund a storm and when this aired there was a flood in my city Virginia beach and school was canceled that day same with a tatlers tale - epictoonsfan1

38 The Crying Dame
39 Ties That Bind

This episodes was really funny - Spongehouse


40 Hand-Me-Downer
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