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41 One Coarse Meal

This isn't even a loud house episode it's a spongebob episode

This is an episode of Spongebob and it sucks.

I hate this episode. Mr. Krabs discovers that Plankton is afraid of whales and scares him in a Pearl costume. Then he gets so scared by it and literally attempts to commit suicide! And Mr. Krabs is HAPPY by that! He is one cruel crab! Does this sound anything like The Loud House? No! Because it's a Spongebob episode!

42 House Music V 1 Comment
43 The Sweet Spot

I like the sweet spot because I love the details

44 A Tale Of Two Tables

Noo! - Gangem

45 Spell It Out
46 Chore and Peace

Kinda of an Unfair episode, But it's still Decent - ChiefMudkip


47 Attention Deficit
48 A Fair to Remember
49 Raw Deal
50 Study Muffin
51 Patching Things Up
52 No Such Luck

No, this episode sucks and feels like a modern spongebob squidward torture porn

Am I the only one who likes this episode

53 Fed Up
54 Change of Heart
55 One of the Boys

I actually liked this episode however I was a little disappointed with it as they could have done more with it if were 22 minutes instead o 11. - egnomac

How was this not already here? They got the legendary Rob Paulsen! - 445956

56 Out in a Limo

Hey who a added this its horrible linclons a prick in this one but at leats irs better than your is mine and mine - epictoonsfan1

57 Come Sale Away
58 Roughin' It
59 The Waiting Game

The relationship between Lincoln & Lori is heartwarming. Best big sister/little brother, & better relationship than the one shown in " Save The Date".

The only part I liked about it was the scene with Lori and Lincoln after he gives up going to Chandler's party so he can take Lori's place so she can go to the party. - egnomac

I love the part when Lincoln was being cute!

This is a very Sweet episode - ChiefMudkip

60 A Tattler's Tale

This should be WAY Higher - ChiefMudkip

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