Top 10 Loud House Moments That Redeemed or Almost Redeemed an Episode

These are the moments from The Loud House that either redeemed an episode or came close to saving a bad episode.

The Top Ten

1 Lincoln Giving Up Going to Chandler's Party to Take Lori's Shift so She Can Go to the Dance - The Waiting Game

I really loved this moments, such a heartwarming moment Lincoln giving up what he wanted so Lori could go the dance that she really wanted to go after he uses her to get free stuff so he would get invited to Chandler's party. - egnomac

2 The Family Apologizing to Lincoln for Thinking He Was Unlucky - No Such Luck

But it still shows how horrible of a family the louds are

About the only positive thing I can say about this episode, the family finally realize after Lincoln attends Lynn's baseball game in disguise that he's not actually unlucky and apologize for how they acted but its still not nearly enough to save this awful episode. - egnomac

3 The Sisters Buying Lincoln His Cereal After Messing Things Up at the Grocery Store - Cereal Offender

The ending really redeems the episode after the sisters fighting gets them and Lincoln kicked out of the store as mom upset with Lincoln for not being able to handle the grocery's despite the fact that it wasn't even his fault and the sisters feel really bad about it that they buy his cereal for him to make up for them messing up at the store. - egnomac

4 The Family Get Back At Luan By Making Her Think They're Moving and Make Her Cry Then Revealing it to Be an April Fool's Prank - Fool Me Twice

Even though Luan didn't actually do any pranks on her family she still went out of her way to publicly humiliate them by using the stunt doubles they hired to take her pranks and have them embarrass the family while she forces them to watch trapped in the garage, and the ending where they make her believe that her embarrassing them has forced them to move making her cry then revealing all to be an April Fool's joke which was completely justified as Luan's mean cruel joke on them could have forced them to leave Royal Woods and I for one don't feel any sympathy for her. - egnomac

5 The Sisters Give Lincoln a Trophy for Most Improved Brother to Put in the Trophy Case - Making the Case

Lincoln ends up redeeming himself in the end by submitting a video of his most embarrassing moments for the contest instead of the one of his sisters, not only does he still lose the contest but he now becomes a laughing stock in front of his peers at school but his sisters accept his apology and even give him a small trophy as constellation to put in the family case which is all he really wanted. - egnomac

6 Leni's Friends Realizing How Selfishly They Acted and Go to Apologize to Her - Everybody Loves Leni

Most of this episode was really annoying seeing both sets of Leni's friends her high school friends Jackie and Mandee and her worker friends Fiona and Miguel acting like selfish brats wanting Leni to be friends with only them and of course things not going so well after Leni tries to bring them all together its only after they find out she decided not to go to the pop up sale as she didn't want to upset either of them and it's then they realize how selfishly they acted and go over to apologize for how they acted and join her to watch her favorite T.V. show while enjoying the friendship cake she made earlier and all actually becoming friends in the process. - egnomac

7 Luan Gets Her Comeuppance - Fool's Paradise

Looking to avoid Luan's April Fool's pranks they send her away to a clown camp then end up at a rundown and fall victim to her prank as she booby trapped the whole place as each Loud is taken down until Lincoln and Lynn Sr. are left who revealed that he was secretly helping her set up the whole thing in the first place including setting up the fake clown camp but the ending is well worth it seeing Luan get a taste of her own medicine as she is launched into the air by one of her own pranks - egnomac

8 Lincoln Makes Things Right with His Sisters and Takes Them All Out on a Limo Ride to The Burpin Burger - Out on a Limo

After acting like a spoiled brat and getting kicked out of his limo and left in a bad part of town and rejected by Tetherby Lincoln is able to apologize to Kirby the limo driver and get one more ride in the limo then apologizes to his sisters for his selfish behavior and takes them all out to the Burpin Burger like he originally promised and they forgive him. - egnomac

9 Lynn Sr. and Rita Do Away With The Well Rounded Idea and Let the Kids Have Fun - Future Tense

I get what both Lynn Sr. and Rita were trying to do wanting their kids to be more rounded like the Yates family so they can get ahead in life but realize what a mistake it really was seeing them be so miserable that they finally decide to stop with the well rounded time and tells them to just have fun and that they'll have plenty of time for their futures later on. - egnomac

10 Lincoln and the Gang Makes Things Right with Stella - Be Stella My Heart

Lincoln, Clyde, Rocky, Liam and Zach think that Stella likes one of them and after all going on what they thought were separate dates they start competing with each other and almost ruin their friendship so they confront Stella about the situation who informs them of the misunderstanding and that she wan't looking for a boyfriend but just wanted to be part of their circle of friends and the dates as they called them was her just trying to get to them each personally as when their all together they act weirdly towards her she realizes it was a mistake and brushes them off after which the guys apologize to her for how they acted and still want her to be in their circle of friends and she accepts their apology. - egnomac

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