Best the Loud House Season 1 Episodes


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1 Space Invader Space Invader

This one and cover girls are my favorite season 1 episodes

2 Cover Girls Cover Girls

My favorite episode of season 1 - Spongehouse

3 For Bros About to Rock For Bros About to Rock

My favourite - Gangem

4 Undie Pressure Undie Pressure

One my favorite episodes from season 1 has a lot of very funny moments. - egnomac

Lola looks like the Joker. - egnomac

5 One Flu Over the Loud House One Flu Over the Loud House
6 Driving Miss Hazy Driving Miss Hazy

Loved this episode Leni is my all time favorite.

7 Changing The Baby Changing The Baby
8 Left in the Dark Left in the Dark
9 Get The Message Get The Message

I don't like this episode. This episode is EXACTLY why I now hate Lori Loud. I didn't even watch the whole thing because it was just bizarre. Lori DESERVES to be cursed at on the phone.

I liked this episode but I hate lori - Spongehouse

10 Heavy Meddle Heavy Meddle

The Contenders

11 Save The Date Save The Date
12 The Loudest Yard The Loudest Yard
13 Dance, Dance, Resolution Dance, Dance, Resolution
14 No Guts, No Glori No Guts, No Glori
15 Roughin' It
16 Toads and Tiaras Toads and Tiaras
17 Along Came a Sister
18 In Tents Debate In Tents Debate

Looks weird with the sisters with cow hat things and rubbing Lincoln's back

19 Linc or Swim Linc or Swim

One of the first episodes I have seen - Spongehouse

20 The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect
21 Overnight Success Overnight Success

Underrated as hell!

22 A Novel Idea
23 Homespun
24 A Tattler's Tale A Tattler's Tale
25 Picture Perfect Picture Perfect
26 The Green House The Green House

This episode is complete garbage in my opinion - Spongehouse

27 Come Sale Away Come Sale Away
28 Study Muffin Study Muffin
29 Sleuth or Consequences
30 Ties that Bind
31 Making the Case Making the Case
32 The Sweet Spot The Sweet Spot
33 A Tale Of Two Tables A Tale Of Two Tables
34 One of The Boys One of The Boys
35 Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru
36 Attention Deficit
37 Out on a Limo Out on a Limo
38 Hand me Downer
39 Project Loud House Project Loud House
40 The Price of Admission
41 Sound of Silence Sound of Silence
42 Chore and Peace Chore and Peace
43 It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House
44 Two Boys And A Baby
45 House Music
46 April Fools Rules April Fools Rules
47 Cereal Offender Cereal Offender
48 Funny Business
49 The Waiting Game The Waiting Game
50 A Fair to Remember A Fair to Remember
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1. Cover Girls
2. Space Invader
3. Changing The Baby
1. For Bros About to Rock
2. Left in the Dark
3. Get The Message
1. Undie Pressure
2. For Bros About to Rock
3. Space Invader


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