Top 10 Best Loud House Season 2 and 3 Episodes

This list will be looking at the Best Loud House episodes from the second and third seasons.

The Top Ten Best Loud House Season 2 and 3 Episodes

1 Tripped

This was one I watched recently the family finally save enough money to go on vacation and as they drive to location just like out of National Lampoons vacation things just go hilariously bad for them like when they lose Vanzilla and have to perform at ac club and do a performance to earn money for the bus and accidentally board a bus to a prison and another really funny moment is when Lori farts in the van and the smell covers the whole van and everyone is just grossed out and they roll down the windows in relief and they even try use a broken down plane to fly there and end up getting back Vanzilla after they lose it, it was exactly what you would expect an road trip episode with the Loud House family would play out. - egnomac

2 Tricked

The first and best Halloween special of the Loud House with so many funny and memorable moments like with Lynn Sr. being scared of the Halloween season, Lincoln and Clyde trying to get the candy back from the two bullies and possibly the best moment Luna performing "You got ticked" with the family terrifying the bullies in Lucy's corn maze. - egnomac

I am I the only person that does not like this episode? - Gangem

I LOVE the song

3 Head Poet's Anxiety

I really loved this episode as Luan helps Lucy to perform better with her poetry and then Lucy ends up performing so well that she is chosen to perform at a theater that Luan dreamed of performing at which devastate her that she begins to resent Lucy and when Lincoln tells Lucy that is was Luan's dream to be the youngest to perform at that theater then Lucy decides not to do the performance and Luan convinces her to do the performance and not pass up such an opportunity then apologizes to her for being so jealous, Lucy performs her poem and dedicates it to Luan for helping her with performance. - egnomac


4 Racing Hearts

Just saw this episode it was well worth the two year wait as we finally got the long awaited Luna and Sam episode. - egnomac

Loved this episode.

5 11 Louds A Leapin'
6 L is For Love

My favorite episode. Luna is bisexual. I hope they explore this in later episodes.

7 White Hare

Another great episode from season 3 where we actually get to see how the Loud House was originally planned, the episode opens with Lincoln looking like the Fonz trying to impress the new girl at school and is stopped by his sisters and as he tries to get away fearing that they would ruin his chance to impress the new girl he sees a rabbit a as Warren Rabbit and his 25 sisters and wonders how that would be like and hits his head and has a hallucination of himself as a rabbit named Warren with the same scenario as his and his sisters end up interfering in his attempts to impress the new girl which goes horribly wrong, but possibly one of the best moments in the episode is when Lincoln realizes that he does need his sisters help and they all tell him that he's perfectly fine just the way he is and he doesn't need to change himself for anyone. - egnomac

Good but a bit boring - Gangem

8 Roadie to Nowhere

This was a great episode to kick off the third season its about Luna getting ready to prepare for the school royal rumble performance then learning that Chunk, who was completely absent for all of season two was just like her back in high school with dreams of making it as a major rock star but never really made it and worries that she won't be able to make it as a rock star and gives up music and tries looking for a new career choice but nothing works out for her until she learns from Chunk to do what she loves wither or not she truly makes it big, as the episode ends Luna performs at the royal rumble along with Chunk which is such a great moment. - egnomac

9 Fandom Pains
10 The Loudest Thanksgiving

The Contenders

11 Friend or Faux?
12 Snow Way Down
13 Net Gains
14 Suite and Sour

This was a great concept for an episode with the Loud family taking a trip to a luxury hotel and of course the kids end up getting into all sorts of trouble and it's so entertaining to watch the family in another environment other than in Royal Woods. - egnomac

15 Yes Man

COOL! - leepee

16 Insta-gran

Pop Pop brings in a new girlfriend and everyone instantly loves her but when she shows up the next day unannounced and begins smothering them making them making them feel uncomfortable around her and decide to break her and Pop Pop up but learn that the reason that she never got married and had a family and is now trying to make up for lost time which explains why she was smothering them so much. - egnomac

17 Rita Her Rights
18 Middle Men

Really good episode as Lincoln, Clyde an their class go on a tour of Middle Schhol Lynn attempts to show them how to survive but ends up giving them horrible advice that gets them in trouble with several of the students who challenge them to a fight and in a surprising turn of events Lynn reveals that she had a horrible first day and wanted to keep them from suffering the same fate but it all works out in the end. - egnomac

Now I understand why Lynn Jr is like that

19 Shop Girl
20 Really Loud Music

I really like this episode although the first part of the episode does feel like filler and a little weak but the episode is really strong in the second part as Luna enters her song for America's Next Hit Maker and makes it as a finalist however though the two producers Michelle and Doug like her song they don't like her rock star looks and give her a drastic makeover and basically turn her into Lady Gaga complete with a pink wig and they also want to change her name to Lulu, though she doesn't like the new look she willing goes through with the changes but soon realize that she just wants go back to being her true self the real Luna Loud but the producers make it clear to her either she performs as Lulu or they won't let her perform at all and they also want her to lip sync instead of letting her actually sing, in the end Luna realizes she's much happier being her true self and defies the producers and performs for the crowd. - egnomac

21 Snow Way Out
22 Anti-Social
23 Pulp Friction
24 Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
25 Back in Black
26 Friendzy
27 Cooked!
28 City Slickers
29 Lock N' Loud
30 No Spoilers
31 A Fridge Too Far
32 Scales of Justice
33 Home of the Fave
34 Deal Me Out

Such an underappreciated episode.

35 Everybody Loves Leni
36 The Spies Who Loved Me

Love this episode hope to see more of Los Cadagrandes. - egnomac

37 The Old and the Restless
38 Driving Ambition
39 Stage Plight
40 Mall of Duty
41 Crimes of Fashion
42 Missed Connection
43 Sitting Bull
44 The Write Stuff
45 Back Out There
46 Future Tense
47 Fool Me Twice
48 The Mad Scientist
49 Gown and Out
50 Kick The Bucket
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