Top 10 Best the Loud House Season 2 Episodes


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1 Mall of Duty Mall of Duty

I like the part when lincoln tries to rescue lily when she was on the train

2 11 Louds A Leapin' 11 Louds A Leapin'

The Loud House first holiday episode and very heartwarming and we finally get to see the parents faces revealed. - egnomac

I see you got the idea of me and my season 1 list - Gangem

This was great! - Adventurur2

3 Tricked Tricked

Another really good holiday episode I love seeing all the characters in their costumes and seeing the two bullies getting their comeuppance after Lincoln and Clyde lure them into Lucy's haunted maze and lets not forget that awesome song "You Got Tricked". - egnomac

Creative, well-paced, funny, and a catchy song to go along with it all! Awesome episode! - AlexZedKawa

4 L is For Love L is For Love

A really great episode that more focuses on Luna dealing with her crush on Sam who surprisingly turns out to be a girl making Luna bisexual we also get to see how Lynn Sr. and Rita first got together. - egnomac

5 Suite and Sour Suite and Sour
6 The Whole Picture The Whole Picture
7 The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos
8 Yes Man Yes Man

One of the best endings to a Loud House episode after Lincoln is unable to get money from his parents to go to a special SMOOCH concert after his sisters guilt trip him into helping them get money from them they hold a special concert of them own while singing about how great a brother he is not only that but they even convince SMOOCH to play with them. - egnomac

9 The Crying Dame The Crying Dame

My 2nd favorite episode, this episode is just adorable! - Datguyisweird666

10 Not a Loud Not a Loud

To be honest I don't like not aloud

Another really great epiosde that finally put an end to the myth about Lincoln being adopted as we learn he was actually born in the president's limo and delivered by The First Lady, this would also be the last episode that aired before Chris Savino was fired from Nickelodeon. - egnomac

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11 Fool's Paradise Fool's Paradise

A huge improvement over the last April Fool's episode with Luan this time trapping the family in a motel with dealty traps the episode feels a lot like Saw II and it was satisfying to see Luan get her comeuppings. - egnomac

12 Potty Mouth Potty Mouth

A really funny episode as the Loud siblings try everything to keep Lily using a swear word. - egnomac

13 Anti-Social Anti-Social
14 Pulp Friction Pulp Friction
15 Health Kicked Health Kicked

Why is this lower than BITF and NSL - Spongehouse

16 Legends Legends
17 Brawl in the Family Brawl in the Family
18 No Such Luck No Such Luck
19 Cheater by the Dozen Cheater by the Dozen
20 Lynner Takes All Lynner Takes All
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1. 11 Louds A Leapin'
2. Tricked
3. L is For Love
1. L is For Love
2. Potty Mouth
3. Not a Loud
1. Mall of Duty
2. The Crying Dame
3. 11 Louds A Leapin'



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