Top Ten Loud House Season 2 Ideas

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1 Luan Loud Gets Roasted

This would be hilarious if one of those guys in the hood started roasting Luan like:
Luan: What did one plate say to another? Lunch is on me!
Random Guy: Boi, look at that hairline! It look like the Mcdonald's M! boh da bah ba ba!

2 Lynn Loud vs John Cena

People should start posting in this list again - PageEmperor

People need to post in this list again. - PageEmperor

John Cena hosted the KCA 2017, it's possible Nickelodeon could try and get him again... Just not like this.

Hell Naw - MrMonkey

3 Lynn x Clyde

This ship is terrible, it will never become canon.

I hate this ship, the majority do. Do not let this crap happen, Nick.

I like this ship

Makes more sense then Luaggie sense they've actually interacted with each other multiple times.

4 The 12th Child

The best idea ever. I wanna see the 12th child (if they had a forgotten long lost brother that is close to Lynn's Age, that would be awesome) - TLHFanBaseSucks

I always had a fanfiction of this a 12th child 14 name lars but he was I ever since season 1 episode 1 and instead of lincoln he was the main character I always had new episodes that involve around him like when he tells everyone he has a dream but someone said if he leaves the loud family they will all die

People should start posting on this list again. - PageEmperor

Nathan Loud Is The 12th Child.

5 Its a Quiet Quiet Quiet Quiet House
6 The Love Potion

If only there was a way to advertise lists on this site. - PageEmperor

7 Lincoln's Birthday
8 Lincoln Graduates to Middle School

This is actually going to happen in season 5

9 One Sponge in a Loud Loud Pineapple

Sorry, I Really Don't think this Idea will Work, Because Spongebob Characters Need Water, And The Loud Family Live on Land, so yeah - ChiefMudkip

Spongebob meets the louds the loud kids do everything spongebob does in his every day life and the next day spongebob will do everything the loud kids do in there every day life - epictoonsfan1


Yes totally!

10 The Series is Cancelled

I respect your opinion. But the fact here is Nickelodeon is doing a great job on this show. Like The Loud House is so successful now, they're doing great. (It's a fact not an opinion) - TLHFanBaseSucks

Terrible idea The Loud House is one of the few good cartoons on Nickelodeon that's actually good. - egnomac

Dang nick haters are wild

I wish this would happen - christangrant

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11 The Number 3
12 Platonic

It's a kind of episode that one of Lincoln's sisters are being nice to him. - TLHRules

13 Linclon Through Time

Linclon meets up with all his alternate selfs his snake self his future self his adventurous Self his medeivil self his cosmic self his pirate self and samurai self to stop a evil force from Destroying royal woods county - epictoonsfan1

Calm down. He can say Linclon if he wants to.


Nice list - ProPanda

14 The Slither House

An episode where the siblings turn into different animals could work. - PageEmperor

One of lisas failed experiments turns linclon into a snake and this changes him a lot - epictoonsfan1

15 The Loudest Daycare

This is an amazing idea I agree, I wish I New someone front nick to request this

One of lisas failed experiments turns all of the loud kids ecxept lisa and lori into babys the 2 of them have to take care of them and get them back to normal before mom and dad come back - epictoonsfan1

16 Lincoln and Ronnie Anne Reveal They Like Each Other and Start Dating
17 Popcorn with Butter

Chocolate with Nuts, anyone? - Cyri

Popcorn with butter would be cool, and Luan Loud can make popcorn, but the others say the butter is missing.

Linclon clyde and luan become door to door salespeople to afford things they desire - epictoonsfan1

18 The Video House

What about a Final Fantasy 7/ Loud House Crossover? That would be cool!

As long as its not a minecraft crossver this is okay - epictoonsfan1

19 The Loud House 2 The Loud House is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic suburban everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, to which he survives as the middle child and only son in a large family of eleven children. more.

Don't you mean, The Quiet House? - TLHFanBaseSucks

What I donr get it - epictoonsfan1

20 Lindsey vs Lola

I think it wold be good if lola and lindsey become freinds

21 The Loud House - The Musical

Already done in REALLY Loud Music

22 Who's the Worst Sister Ever

Who's the worst sister ever? Easy, it Lori.

Lola lol! - andrewteel


All of them - MrMonkey

23 Lola Loud Has a Crush

This could be pretty cool for a valintines special - epictoonsfan1

24 Loud and Clear

Luna trys to get a band formed together to play at the fun fair to impress and get a good grade in music will she be able to pull it of or will she fail - epictoonsfan1

25 Lincoln to the Bass

Does Lincoln start to have a hobby of fishing - epictoonsfan1

26 The Loud Boom

A boom fly from the Binding Of Isaac flies around the Loud House and will rig to explode. Will Lincoln stop it or will his house be destroyed? - TBOIsaac

27 Kissy Kissy Love You: Lola Loud and Osama Bin Laden Edition
28 Slueth or Consucences (Alternate Ending)

THANK YOU! Finally Someone Realizes That Ending is Horrible - ChiefMudkip

Do you mean Lucy?

Linclon tells dad that lola did it and everyone laughs at her and she gets grounded and linclon goes to the conventoin - epictoonsfan1

29 Dora Crossover

Lincoln plans to cancel Dora once and for all. - TBOIsaac

Yesmm I will love to see this - epictoonsfan1


Yes this will be great­čś║ Title

30 A Pal for Lincoln

In this episode, Lincoln's 10 sisters felt that Clyde isn't enough to be Lincoln's friend. So, for no reason, they steal a horrifying monster, and bring it home to Lincoln as a "new friend to play with", and then the monster tries to kill Lincoln for no reason. While this is going on, Lincoln's 10 sisters all believe that Lincoln is so disrespectful to his new monster friend, when in reality, he's actually scared of the monster that his 10 sisters brought home as a "friend". When 10 of Lincoln's sisters finally see the monster attacking Lincoln, they still blame and punish Lincoln for no reason, and when Lincoln saves his sisters, they hate him for no reason, and then they decided to torture Lincoln some more. Yeah, that doesn't sound like a rip-off of A Pal for Gary from SpongeBob, does it?

I could imagine the part where the sisters see the monster eating Lincoln and NO... reason blame him for it. It would make the loud sisters totally out of character and they should be a bit smarter and not be so gullible over his that would be terrible to sit through.

Lincoln gets bored of all his pets and goes to find a new one, but at the end, he gets a rabbit named Mel (What's up doc) - GumballWatterson

And the monster's name is "Cuddly Wuddly"? - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

31 Louds in Black

That Title Sounds Racist - ChiefMudkip

You're talking about a sci-fi parody of Men in Black

Linclon lana and lynn become spies to spy on their sibling's - epictoonsfan1

32 A Pal for Lily

This Should be Way Way WAY Better than A Pal For Gary - ChiefMudkip

Lisa invents robot plqy pal for her but the robot tries to kill her and the louds the robot gets lilly in truoble such as blaming lilly for eatin cookies before noon prank calling bobby and other things will lilly get the the truth out or will the bot win - epictoonsfan1

33 The Haunted Loud House

This besides my posted are the only good ideas on the list people keep addng lilly abuse mean spirited and gross ideas - epictoonsfan1

Probably wont happen becouse they already have a holloween specail confermed but I like it plus linclon should be a ghost or mummy and this has similar plot to one flu over the loud house - epictoonsfan1

It shows the Loud Family as monsters in a Halloween special. Here is what Monsters each one of them would be.

Lori - Lagoon Monster
Leni - Frankenstein
Luna - Zombie
Luan - Mummy
Lynn - Werewolf
Lincoln - Yeti
Lucy - Vampire
Lola and Lana - Medusas
Lisa - Cyclops
and Lily - Ghost

Credit to Deecat98 for the idea. - Fandomstuck

34 Every One Dies And The Show Ends

What stupid idiot put this on this list? This is a kids show and not one where everyone dies. - TBOIsaac

Please don't make this episode. This would be kinda harsh.

Stupid person put this on the list

This idea is just stupid. only fools would add this. - TLHFanBaseSucks

35 The Crying House

This episode is the equivalent of City of Frownsville from Powerpuff Girls. Everyone in the Loud House starts crying for no reason.

Okay, now THIS is a rip-off of City of Frownsville. Heck, I wouldn't even be surprised if Chris Savino incorporated THAT episode into his own show.

It would be just that crying scene from Pets Peeved Over and over.City of Frownsville is bad too

36 Leni Loud, Patrick Star, Donald Trump, and Kanye West Presidential Debate

Seems legit. - Cyri

37 8 Loud Years Later

This episode of the loud house takes place in the future we will check up on them how there doing - epictoonsfan1

Not bad idea but not as an episode. Maybe as a quick ending to one. - PageEmperor

Ths is acually being made maby but diffent title called future tense I don't If it's a future themed episode or they worry about the future lets hope more ideas come true - epictoonsfan1

38 The Diarrhea House

Stop adding disgusting stuff to this list. The everyone dying part one was thing but this is going way too far. - TBOIsaac

Who keeps adding this stop it please your taking up spce for good ideas - epictoonsfan1

Rjbarg042 is very racist to morons


39 Lily Gets Hurt

Who wants to see a poor baby getting hurt?!? Not me! Whoever put this on the list must either hate Lily or babies in general. - TBOIsaac

You Keep Adding your own Ideas epictoonsfan1 - ChiefMudkip

Who keeps adding these lilly abuse ideas - epictoonsfan1

40 Lily Gets A Beating

Ha! How about "Haters gets a beating"


MRMonk3y I thought you were testing fans and would stop please stop with te lilly abuse - epictoonsfan1

41 The SML House

Sml crossover


I like super mario logan but how is he going to his without copyright issues since nick wil have to animate this but the only way hs can sort of be made if logan makes plushies of the louds and does a video but this has low chances of being made but not as low as linclon hits puberty - epictoonsfan1

42 Babysitter Leni

I'm not sure. Remember in Spongebob when Patrick threatened Gary with a flamethrower if he didn't take a bath? I wonder if Leni would do the same thing to her siblings? - TBOIsaac

Lol that's funny.

Lori: Leni take a bath or will throw a flamethrower at you!

Leni: Okay okay I'll take a bath! - andrewteel

This better be better than pet sitter pat I don't want leni to go down the route patrick went in4 that episode she would be hated by the fanbase - epictoonsfan1

Wait a minute! Lori is the oldest so can't she be in charged. Oh yeah because of her unfair rules. - TBOIsaac

Pet sitter pat ripoff - adventurer

43 Outside the Loudness

This episoide will focus on the other loud house minor characters like the everyday life of lilly El Diablos lunch time and much more and this wont focus on linclon - epictoonsfan1

44 Llilly and Lanas Poop Contest vs SpongeBob and Patricks Poop Contest

Same plot as spongebob and patricks poop contest but the competition Is more stiff - epictoonsfan1

No thank you, but the title sounds FUNNY!

Uh What? - ChiefMudkip

45 What's So Scary About Dairy

Seems like a ripoff of the spongebob episode roller cowards

There Is a new ride at dairy land called the spicy cauldron of fiery linclon and clyde arfaid to ride it - epictoonsfan1

46 Lily Dies

What?!? This is going far enough. First the Lily gets hurt part and now this. Why does this guy hate poor Lily so much. Her adorable self did nothing . - TBOIsaac

How can Lily die? She's so adorable! - Fandomstuck

MrMonkey probably just hates lilly plus I think he posted spongebob kills lily loud on the spongbob season 10 list - epictoonsfan1

Mrmonkey can you delete this since you just wanted to test fans on ideas like this also did yoj post lilly dies 2? - epictoonsfan1

47 Spice It Up

This could be a cynco de mayo specail or linclon meets his snake self from the slither house or linclon burns his tounge off with hot sauce and almost dies and he loses his sense of taste will you choose the plot - epictoonsfan1

48 Extreme Blood And Guts

Happy tree friends parody but I would call it Happy Loud Friends - TBOIsaac

Epictoonsfan you misspelled so edit it

Nice idea.

I offixally lost it with you mrmonkey ths is a kids show guts would not be shown - epictoonsfan1

49 Lincoln Hits Puberty

Lincoln wakes up with mild to moderate acne, a lower voice, and smelly armpits. He has a terrible reaction to it and tells his parents what happened. The parents responded "Lincoln, you are now going through puberty." Lincoln asks what puberty is and the parents respond "Puberty is a time of life where a kid slowly transforms to a young man/woman." They begin to tell him the time when Lori, Leni and Luna have been going through puberty. Lincoln begins using acne cream and deodorant. Clyde has a shocking reaction to Lincoln's lower voice when he saw him at school.

This was actually a Loud House parody animation. IT REAL. No joke at all. - TBOIsaac

This is a ripoff of the YouTube video "The Puberty House".

This episode is CANCEROUS

50 A House Divided

Mr. And Mrs. Loud get a divorce. Five of Lincoln's sisters stay with his mom, while five stay with his dad. Which one of his parents will Lincoln choose?

This would actually be a great series finale. - TBOIsaac

This is actually really good and he ending should be rita and Lynn seinor get bac, together - epictoonsfan1

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