Top Ten Loud House Season 2 Ideas

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1 Luan Loud Gets Roasted

Or This. Luan: What Did one plate say to the other? LUNCH IS ON ME!
Squidward (I don't know why): check on eBay and find a life cause I have none

This would be hilarious if one of those guys in the hood started roasting Luan like:
Luan: What did one plate say to another? Lunch is on me!
Random Guy: Boi, look at that hairline! It look like the Mcdonald's M! boh da bah ba ba!

2 Lynn Loud vs John Cena

John Cena hosted the KCA 2017, it's possible Nickelodeon could try and get him again... Just not like this.

People should start posting in this list again

People need to post in this list again.

Why aren’t people posting in this list again?

3 Lynn x Clyde

This ship is terrible, it will never become canon.

I hate this ship, the majority do. Do not let this crap happen, Nick.

I like this ship

Makes more sense then Luaggie sense they've actually interacted with each other multiple times.

4 The 12th Child

The best idea ever. I wanna see the 12th child (if they had a forgotten long lost brother that is close to Lynn's Age, that would be awesome)

I always had a fanfiction of this a 12th child 14 name lars but he was I ever since season 1 episode 1 and instead of lincoln he was the main character I always had new episodes that involve around him like when he tells everyone he has a dream but someone said if he leaves the loud family they will all die

People should start posting on this list again.

Nathan Loud Is The 12th Child.

5 Its a Quiet Quiet Quiet Quiet House
6 The Love Potion

If only there was a way to advertise lists on this site.

7 Lincoln's Birthday
8 Lincoln Graduates to Middle School

This is actually going to happen in season 5

9 One Sponge in a Loud Loud Pineapple

Sorry, I Really Don't think this Idea will Work, Because Spongebob Characters Need Water, And The Loud Family Live on Land, so yeah

Spongebob meets the louds the loud kids do everything spongebob does in his every day life and the next day spongebob will do everything the loud kids do in there every day life


Yes totally!

10 The Series is Cancelled

I respect your opinion. But the fact here is Nickelodeon is doing a great job on this show. Like The Loud House is so successful now, they're doing great. (It's a fact not an opinion)

Terrible idea The Loud House is one of the few good cartoons on Nickelodeon that's actually good.

Dang nick haters are wild

I wish this would happen

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11 The Number 3
12 Linclon Through Time

Linclon meets up with all his alternate selfs his snake self his future self his adventurous Self his medeivil self his cosmic self his pirate self and samurai self to stop a evil force from Destroying royal woods county

Calm down. He can say Linclon if he wants to.


Nice list

13 Platonic

It's a kind of episode that one of Lincoln's sisters are being nice to him.

14 The Slither House

An episode where the siblings turn into different animals could work.

One of lisas failed experiments turns linclon into a snake and this changes him a lot

15 Lincoln and Ronnie Anne Reveal They Like Each Other and Start Dating
16 The Loudest Daycare

This is an amazing idea I agree, I wish I New someone front nick to request this

One of lisas failed experiments turns all of the loud kids ecxept lisa and lori into babys the 2 of them have to take care of them and get them back to normal before mom and dad come back

17 Popcorn with Butter

Chocolate with Nuts, anyone?

Popcorn with butter would be cool, and Luan Loud can make popcorn, but the others say the butter is missing.

Linclon clyde and luan become door to door salespeople to afford things they desire

18 The Video House

What about a Final Fantasy 7/ Loud House Crossover? That would be cool!

As long as its not a minecraft crossver this is okay

19 The Loud House 2 The Loud House is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic suburban everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, to which he survives as the middle child and only son in a large family of eleven children. more.

Don't you mean, The Quiet House?

What I donr get it

20 Lindsey vs Lola

I think it wold be good if lola and lindsey become freinds

21 The Loud House - The Musical

Already done in REALLY Loud Music

22 Who's the Worst Sister Ever

Who's the worst sister ever? Easy, it Lori.

Lola lol!


All of them

23 Lola Loud Has a Crush

This could be pretty cool for a valintines special

24 Loud and Clear

Luna trys to get a band formed together to play at the fun fair to impress and get a good grade in music will she be able to pull it of or will she fail

25 Lincoln to the Bass

Does Lincoln start to have a hobby of fishing

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