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181 The Death of Lucy Loud
182 Commando Loud

Lincoln is sent to destroy an Japanese airfield on the Pacific - GumballWatterson

183 Orphan's Picnic (Ft. SpongeBob)

SpongeBob and Lincoln take orphans to a picnic, but Lincoln has troubles with the orphan's - GumballWatterson

184 Lincoln Gets Drafted

Lincoln gets drafted to the US army to fight in the North Korea war - GumballWatterson

185 Toy Tinkers

Lincoln is decorating his house, but Clyde and the other one with red hair get hold of the toys, and soon it becomes a chaos - GumballWatterson

186 Lincoln's Better Self

Lincoln wakes up to go to school, but Lincoln's devil forces him to smoke and to go fish, can Lincoln's angel save him - GumballWatterson

187 The Spirit of 18

Lincoln has to decide, wasting money on Ace Savvy comics or pay taxes to defeat the North Korean - GumballWatterson

188 Mr. Loud Steps Out

Lincoln has a date with Ronnie Anne, but his nephews totally get hold of him - GumballWatterson

189 Lincoln Loud and the Gorilla

A gorilla named Ajax terrorizes Lincoln and his nephews - GumballWatterson

190 Loud Pimples

Lincoln reads a book and the characters come out of it - GumballWatterson

191 Lincoln's Dream Voice

Thinking his voice is lame to Ronnie Anne, Lincoln gets a pill that makes him have the sexiest voice possible - GumballWatterson

192 Bee on Guard

Buzz-Buzz the bee is responsible for protecting the hive against Lincoln's honey harvesting - GumballWatterson

193 Lincoln's Tire Problem

While speeding on the road, Lincoln runs over a nail on a horseshoe causing it to pop his tire ("Good luck �" BAH! " the Loud gripes), necessitating its replacement with the car's heavily-patched spare. - GumballWatterson

194 Old Macdonald Loud

Farmer Lincoln goes through his farmer day until a fly causes him to lose control while milking a cow - GumballWatterson

195 Chloe Park vs Lisa Loud

Both of them fight to death - GumballWatterson

196 Lincoln Loud Tortures His Sisters (Except Luna, Lana and Lily)

And leninof course

197 Lincoln Loud x Donald Duck

They change their lifes for a day - GumballWatterson

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