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21 Who's the Worst Sister Ever

Who's the worst sister ever? Easy, it Lori.

All of them - MrMonkey

This ks better ff being a 7 mnute short or fans choose who it is if nick does a poll thks could work out - epictoonsfan1

22 Kissy Kissy Love You: Lola Loud and Osama Bin Laden Edition
23 Loud and Clear

Luna trys to get a band formed together to play at the fun fair to impress and get a good grade in music will she be able to pull it of or will she fail - epictoonsfan1

24 Lincoln and Ronnie Anne Reveal They Like Each Other and Start Dating
25 Slueth or Consucences (Alternate Ending)

THANK YOU! Finally Someone Realizes That Ending is Horrible - ChiefMudkip

Just like the alternate endings on the spongebob list stupid - rjbarg042

Do you mean Lucy?

Linclon tells dad that lola did it and everyone laughs at her and she gets grounded and linclon goes to the conventoin - epictoonsfan1

26 Dora Crossover

Lincoln plans to cancel Dora once and for all. - TBOIsaac

Yesmm I will love to see this - epictoonsfan1


Oh God No! - kcianciulli

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27 Good Siblings

In this episode, Lincoln spends the rest of his day off in peace, until his sisters come out of nowhere and totally ruin it for him, because they felt they're being good siblings. And whenever all 10 of his sisters do the wrong in the entire city, the entire city straight up blames Lincoln for their actions and ultimately punishes him.

Much like No Such Luck Alternate Universe. - TLHFanBaseSucks

Good negihbors ripoff - adventurer

28 Lindsey vs Lola
29 The Loud House - The Musical
30 Louds in Black

That Title Sounds Racist - ChiefMudkip

Linclon lana and lynn become spies to spy on their sibling's - epictoonsfan1

You're talking about a sci-fi parody of Men in Black

31 A Pal for Lily

This Should be Way Way WAY Better than A Pal For Gary - ChiefMudkip

This better not be like a pal for Gary - rjbarg042

Lisa invents robot plqy pal for her but the robot tries to kill her and the louds the robot gets lilly in truoble such as blaming lilly for eatin cookies before noon prank calling bobby and other things will lilly get the the truth out or will the bot win - epictoonsfan1

32 Every One Dies And The Show Ends

What stupid idiot put this on this list? This is a kids show and not one where everyone dies. - TBOIsaac

Please don't make this episode. This would be kinda harsh.

Stupid person put this on the list

This idea is just stupid. only fools would add this. - TLHFanBaseSucks

33 The Loud Boom

A boom fly from the Binding Of Isaac flies around the Loud House and will rig to explode. Will Lincoln stop it or will his house be destroyed? - TBOIsaac

34 They the Bleach

Are talking about Bleach the anime?

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35 Vip House
36 Vip House 2
37 8 Loud Years Later

This episode of the loud house takes place in the future we will check up on them how there doing - epictoonsfan1

Ths is acually being made maby but diffent title called future tense I don't If it's a future themed episode or they worry about the future lets hope more ideas come true - epictoonsfan1

38 The Diarrhea House

What kind of moron would vote for this I would like to know - rjbarg042

Stop adding disgusting stuff to this list. The everyone dying part one was thing but this is going way too far. - TBOIsaac

Who keeps adding this stop it please your taking up spce for good ideas - epictoonsfan1


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39 Lily Gets Hurt

Who wants to see a poor baby getting hurt?!? Not me! Whoever put this on the list must either hate Lily or babies in general. - TBOIsaac

You Keep Adding your own Ideas epictoonsfan1 - ChiefMudkip

Who keeps adding these lilly abuse ideas - epictoonsfan1

40 The SML House

I like super mario logan but how is he going to his without copyright issues since nick wil have to animate this but the only way hs can sort of be made if logan makes plushies of the louds and does a video but this has low chances of being made but not as low as linclon hits puberty - epictoonsfan1

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