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41 Babysitter Leni

I'm not sure. Remember in Spongebob when Patrick threatened Gary with a flamethrower if he didn't take a bath? I wonder if Leni would do the same thing to her siblings? - TBOIsaac

This better be better than pet sitter pat I don't want leni to go down the route patrick went in4 that episode she would be hated by the fanbase - epictoonsfan1

Wait a minute! Lori is the oldest so can't she be in charged. Oh yeah because of her unfair rules. - TBOIsaac

Pet sitter pat ripoff - adventurer

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42 A Pal for Lincoln

In this episode, Lincoln's 10 sisters felt that Clyde isn't enough to be Lincoln's friend. So, for no reason, they steal a horrifying monster, and bring it home to Lincoln as a "new friend to play with", and then the monster tries to kill Lincoln for no reason. While this is going on, Lincoln's 10 sisters all believe that Lincoln is so disrespectful to his new monster friend, when in reality, he's actually scared of the monster that his 10 sisters brought home as a "friend". When 10 of Lincoln's sisters finally see the monster attacking Lincoln, they still blame and punish Lincoln for no reason, and when Lincoln saves his sisters, they hate him for no reason, and then they decided to torture Lincoln some more. Yeah, that doesn't sound like a rip-off of A Pal for Gary from SpongeBob, does it?

And the monster's name is "Cuddly Wuddly"? - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Who Would Write THIS Episode, Jacob Sartorius?

43 Outside the Loudness

This episoide will focus on the other loud house minor characters like the everyday life of lilly El Diablos lunch time and much more and this wont focus on linclon - epictoonsfan1

44 Llilly and Lanas Poop Contest vs SpongeBob and Patricks Poop Contest

Same plot as spongebob and patricks poop contest but the competition Is more stiff - epictoonsfan1

No thank you, but the title sounds FUNNY!

Uh What? - ChiefMudkip

45 Lily Dies

What?!? This is going far enough. First the Lily gets hurt part and now this. Why does this guy hate poor Lily so much. Her adorable self did nothing . - TBOIsaac

How can Lily die? She's so adorable! - Fandomstuck

MrMonkey probably just hates lilly plus I think he posted spongebob kills lily loud on the spongbob season 10 list - epictoonsfan1

Lily is an ugly baby! If I gave birth to this ugly sin, I would kill her.

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46 The Haunted Loud House

I don't watch it, but this would probably be good - micahisthebest

This besides my posted are the only good ideas on the list people keep addng lilly abuse mean spirited and gross ideas - epictoonsfan1

Probably wont happen becouse they already have a holloween specail confermed but I like it plus linclon should be a ghost or mummy and this has similar plot to one flu over the loud house - epictoonsfan1

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47 Spice It Up

This could be a cynco de mayo specail or linclon meets his snake self from the slither house or linclon burns his tounge off with hot sauce and almost dies and he loses his sense of taste will you choose the plot - epictoonsfan1

48 Lily Gets A Beating

Here's An Idea STOP With The Lily Abuse - rjbarg042


MRMonk3y I thought you were testing fans and would stop please stop with te lilly abuse - epictoonsfan1

49 Extreme Blood And Guts

Happy tree friends parody but I would call it Happy Loud Friends - TBOIsaac

Epictoonsfan you misspelled so edit it

Nice idea.

I offixally lost it with you mrmonkey ths is a kids show guts would not be shown - epictoonsfan1

50 Lincoln Hits Puberty

Lincoln wakes up with mild to moderate acne, a lower voice, and smelly armpits. He has a terrible reaction to it and tells his parents what happened. The parents responded "Lincoln, you are now going through puberty." Lincoln asks what puberty is and the parents respond "Puberty is a time of life where a kid slowly transforms to a young man/woman." They begin to tell him the time when Lori, Leni and Luna have been going through puberty. Lincoln begins using acne cream and deodorant. Clyde has a shocking reaction to Lincoln's lower voice when he saw him at school.

This was actually a Loud House parody animation. IT REAL. No joke at all. - TBOIsaac

This is a ripoff of the YouTube video "The Puberty House".

EpicToonsFan1 -> This was all just a joke. I really think Lincoln Hits Puberty is a bad idea. I created this for fun.

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51 A House Divided

Mr. And Mrs. Loud get a divorce. Five of Lincoln's sisters stay with his mom, while five stay with his dad. Which one of his parents will Lincoln choose?

This would actually be a great series finale. - TBOIsaac

This is actually really good and he ending should be rita and Lynn seinor get bac, together - epictoonsfan1

52 The Crying House

This episode is the equivalent of City of Frownsville from Powerpuff Girls. Everyone in the Loud House starts crying for no reason.

Okay, now THIS is a rip-off of City of Frownsville. Heck, I wouldn't even be surprised if Chris Savino incorporated THAT episode into his own show.

53 Rock and Roll Ruins Lincoln

Similar to Smoothe Jazz in Bikini Bottom, except it's where Lincoln got tickets to his new rock concert, until Leni eats his tickets, and Clyde orders tickets and backstage passes for Lincoln. When Lincoln and Clyde finally go to the concert, Leni, and Lincoln's 9 other sisters, come out of nowhere, and ruin Lincoln's best moment. Leni eats two backstage passes: Lincoln's and Clyde's, and doesn't care what she does. Leni orders food on stage, and everyone loves her, and 9 of Lincoln's other sisters torture Lincoln for no reason. And when Lincoln's favorite band say that Lincoln is terrible at everything, Lincoln gets kicked out of the concert, but his 10 sisters and Clyde get to be on stage. Lincoln, in the end, gets arrested for no reason.

No more stupid ripoffs! - adventurer

54 Stary Night

Plot: Lincoln looks through a telescope that he won from a contest and asks Clyde to spend the night and his house so that they could see it together. The boys were having fun looking at the planets and stars. Suddenly Lincoln has to use the bathroom. 2 minutes later, Lincoln goes back outside to join with Clyde but he notices that Clyde looked shocked in a bad way. Lincoln asks Clyde what's wrong and then Clyde tells him to look through the telescope. Lincoln nervously does it but he saw scared him. He saw Planet X hurdling towards Earth. To be continued... by the way I don't believe in Planet X. It's a internet hoax. - TBOIsaac

The louds go stargazing a the local observatory - epictoonsfan1

55 What's So Scary About Dairy

There Is a new ride at dairy land called the spicy cauldron of fiery linclon and clyde arfaid to ride it - epictoonsfan1

56 Leni Loud the Board Game

In this episode, Leni and her 9 other sisters abuse Lincoln for no reason with a board game that Leni made.

Stop with the spongbob ripoffs - adventurer

Leni makes a board game has similar plot to patrick the game from spongebob mplus I love songebob - epictoonsfan1


57 Lily Meets the Paw Patrol

It needs more Louds than one


this sucks

58 Dog

Boi, they already have a dog. - TBOIsaac


Just...Dog? hm :/ - ChiefMudkip

59 Smacking Day

Lincoln is once again turned into a snake but he is being hunted by the entire city since he has been wanted for 3 years and there is a $5000 reward - epictoonsfan1

Basically like whacking day from the simpsons but even his sisters are after him for the money and just want to join the town - epictoonsfan1

I don't think this will happen because fox could sue nick - rjbarg042

60 The Loudest Kids in the West V 1 Comment
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