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61 Five Alarm in the Loud House

When lynn sr gets fired from his office job he decides to become a fireman but his family worries about his health - epictoonsfan1

62 Mine, Mine, and Mine

The episode where all Leni wants is everything that belongs to Lincoln. And guess what happens. Leni REFUSES to share with Lincoln!

63 The Crying House

This episode is the equivalent of City of Frownsville from Powerpuff Girls. Everyone in the Loud House starts crying for no reason.

64 Lori Loud got served

Nope. Sounds like One Course Meal

65 What's So Scary About Dairy

There Is a new ride at dairy land called the spicy cauldron of fiery linclon and clyde arfaid to ride it - epictoonsfan1

66 Under the Loud of Night

This takes place in an alternative loud house universe linclon is a ninja in this universe trying to get vengence on the evil spirit that killed his sisters and parents his only emeber of his family left is walt will linclon get his revenge or will he go to the land oo where his family is - epictoonsfan1

67 Meet the Louds

The louds meet there future selfs - epictoonsfan1

68 Leni Loud the Board Game

In this episode, Leni and her 9 other sisters abuse Lincoln for no reason with a board game that Leni made.

Leni makes a board game has similar plot to patrick the game from spongebob mplus I love songebob - epictoonsfan1


69 Angry Louds V 1 Comment
70 Lily Meets the Paw Patrol V 2 Comments
71 The Racist House

Let me guess lori is racist or the louds turn black or linclons dad wont let him hang with clyde cause clydes black this is stupid - epictoonsfan1

V 1 Comment
72 Wizards and Lizards

There is a riot against wizard and lizard because lizard are very racist against wizard 100 lizard die 200 wizard die

Basically just dunces and dragon loud house editoin this time linclon is a wizard - epictoonsfan1

73 Lola's Good Side

Lola decides to put awyay her bad behavior and she has a more positive taste to the loud house - epictoonsfan1

74 Lincoln Trolls His Siblings
75 The Fart House V 2 Comments
76 Lily Dies 2 V 2 Comments
77 Lenis Birthday
78 The Squid House

Similer plot to the slither house but he turns into a squid and he likes it - epictoonsfan1

79 Killing Day

A sequal the smacking day but inclons snake and squid selfs are being hunted by the town even his family wants to kill him - epictoonsfan1

80 Play Card

Linclon starts compeiting in card games and wins tons of money he decides to go to the championship but he discovers his final oponant is the robot from a pal for lilly will Lincoln win or lose it all - epictoonsfan1

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