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61 The Louds Go On The Battle Of The Families

The louds go on a game show called battle of the family's (parody of family feud) - MrMonkey

This is pretty good you have regained my respect - epictoonsfan1

Oh so now sanjay and craig ripoff eh? - adventurer

This also sound's like a sanjay and craig episode double dare were the patal family compets aginst the dicksons for a night in tufflips trailer - epictoonsfan1

62 Driven to Shears

This sounds like a Lincoln torture porn - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Huh?! - rjbarg042

Luan twerks to Whitney Shears' "All Time" dressing up as her.

63 Leni Loud meets Connor Banjoper.

They'll be boyfriend & girlfriend (as long has her parents approve of it). - ConnorBanjoper

Why are you

64 Justin Bieber In The House V 1 Comment
65 Thanksgiving with the Louds

The louds celebrate thanksgiving - epictoonsfan1

66 Five Alarm in the Loud House

When lynn sr gets fired from his office job he decides to become a fireman but his family worries about his health - epictoonsfan1

67 Lincoln Got Served

In this episode, Lincoln's 10 sisters hate him for no reason, that they found out about his greatest fear. Amusement park mascots. So, they had to dress up like amusement park mascots and scare the living hell out of Lincoln for no reason, especially when he isn't doing anything. This resulted in him being hated by the entire city, as well as being blamed for no reason. Lincoln's parents are the only ones in this episode that refuse to punish Lincoln in this episode, and believe that it was his sisters that did it. Lincoln attempts to commit suicide until he realizes that his 10 sisters were responsible for this mess, so he had to know their greatest fear ever. Which resulted in everyone, except for Lynn Sr. and Rita, to punish Lincoln and arrest him for no reason.


68 Mine, Mine, and Mine

The episode where all Leni wants is everything that belongs to Lincoln. And guess what happens. Leni REFUSES to share with Lincoln!

69 The Crying House

This episode is the equivalent of City of Frownsville from Powerpuff Girls. Everyone in the Loud House starts crying for no reason.

70 Lincoln's Public Speaking Disaster
71 Lego Loud House
72 Lori Loud got served

Nope. Sounds like One Course Meal

73 Under the Loud of Night

This takes place in an alternative loud house universe linclon is a ninja in this universe trying to get vengence on the evil spirit that killed his sisters and parents his only emeber of his family left is walt will linclon get his revenge or will he go to the land oo where his family is - epictoonsfan1

74 Meet the Louds

The louds meet there future selfs - epictoonsfan1

75 Angry Louds V 1 Comment
76 Lily Meets the Paw Patrol V 2 Comments
77 The Racist House

Let me guess lori is racist or the louds turn black or linclons dad wont let him hang with clyde cause clydes black this is stupid - epictoonsfan1

V 1 Comment
78 Wizards and Lizards

There is a riot against wizard and lizard because lizard are very racist against wizard 100 lizard die 200 wizard die

Basically just dunces and dragon loud house editoin this time linclon is a wizard - epictoonsfan1

79 Lola's Good Side

Lola decides to put awyay her bad behavior and she has a more positive taste to the loud house - epictoonsfan1

80 Lincoln Trolls His Siblings
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