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81 Angry Louds V 1 Comment
82 The Racist House

Let me guess lori is racist or the louds turn black or linclons dad wont let him hang with clyde cause clydes black this is stupid - epictoonsfan1

V 1 Comment
83 Wizards and Lizards

There is a riot against wizard and lizard because lizard are very racist against wizard 100 lizard die 200 wizard die

Basically just dunces and dragon loud house editoin this time linclon is a wizard - epictoonsfan1

84 Lola's Good Side

Lola decides to put awyay her bad behavior and she has a more positive taste to the loud house - epictoonsfan1

85 Lincoln Trolls His Siblings
86 The Fart House V 2 Comments
87 Lily Dies 2

Leave the baby alone! - TBOIsaac


A sequal to a bad episode not ganna happen - epictoonsfan1

88 Lenis Birthday

Wouldn't she turn 17? - TBOIsaac

89 The Squid House

Similer plot to the slither house but he turns into a squid and he likes it - epictoonsfan1

90 Killing Day

A sequal the smacking day but inclons snake and squid selfs are being hunted by the town even his family wants to kill him - epictoonsfan1

91 Play Card

Linclon starts compeiting in card games and wins tons of money he decides to go to the championship but he discovers his final oponant is the robot from a pal for lilly will Lincoln win or lose it all - epictoonsfan1

92 Spicy Peppers V 1 Comment
93 Louds in White

Stop ripping me off mr monkey plus whats the plot if you want to make it diffrent from louds in black - epictoonsfan1

94 One Coarse Meal V 2 Comments
95 For the Pirate King

Linclon and clyde play pirate similer to the episode of spongebob arrgh

96 Loudbusters V 1 Comment
97 The Foxy Grandpa Hat Kills Luna Loud

It's a terrible idea credit to a guest user - epictoonsfan1

98 Luan The Ghost

Luan dies and becomes a ghost. That would be a good idea.

NO This Will Be Bad - rjbarg042

99 HaLuanween

Luan goes trick-or-treating with the younger siblings.

100 Timmy, Gumball, Homer, Mario, And Sonic Kill Lincoln Along With Spongebob, Red, And Steve Plus The Show Ends As Well

This should be a real episode. - PhantomMilitia

I know there 5th grade rjbarg042 but don't toll my lists - epictoonsfan1

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