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101 The 4th of July at the Loud House

The louds celebrate the 4th of July - epictoonsfan1

102 The Loudest Yard 2

Instead of linclon the whole family needs to get active so lynn puts signs the family up for family soccer competition - epictoonsfan1

103 Lincoln the Explorer

Linclon imatates Dora the Explorers adventures he even has his own talking backpack and map - epictoonsfan1

104 Love Is In the Air V 1 Comment
105 Aunt Ruth Returns

This could be good as long as its not a sequel to two boys and a baby - epictoonsfan1

106 Demon Possesive

Thismcould work out as a halloween episode were one of te louds get possessed by a demon so this is pretty good - epictoonsfan1

107 The Ghost House

The louds find out there house and neighborhood was built on a burial ground and ghost start coming back to haunt them - epictoonsfan1

108 Turkey Hunt

Liclon tries to prove the legend of the great turkey and ties to find it out in the forest - epictoonsfan1

109 Once Upon a Loud House

The louds parody fairy tales such as the 3 little pigs little red Riding Hood mand jack and the beanstalk - epictoonsfan1

110 The Flaming Adventure of Lynn Loud

The annual chillie festival comes to royal woods and lynn is a judge for the cook off but when she tastes one of the entrys by a mysterious figure she goes into a dream world and is inforemd by a blue goat the she must get out of the world before its to late - epictoonsfan1

111 The Old West House

Linclon gets sent to the old wild west and the only way to get back home is to take down the villain Snake he trains such as riding is steed (witch is an ostrich) lassoing stuff (wicth is a snake he found that agreed to help him) did I mention this will be a 2 part episode - epictoonsfan1

112 Lily Gets Her Feelings Hurt

Sounds boring but who would do that to a baby - epictoonsfan1

113 The Loud House Fire
114 Lily Dies 3

Yo. What is up with this Lily dies stuff. - TBOIsaac

115 The End of Lily

No! How the beginning of Lily! - TBOIsaac

How about - TBOIsaac

116 Lily Gets Punched 100 Times

Why do you hate Lily so much? - TBOIsaac

117 Lori's Diary

In this episode, Lincoln reads Lori's diary for no reason, and everyone participates in making fun of her, only to realize it actually WAS her diary, and Lincoln gets in serious trouble, and doesn't care what he did, until he begins to apologize to Lori, after he lost LITERALLY everything, and then steals ANOTHER one of Lori's diaries and laughs as the episode ends.

Sounds like a rip-off of Little Yellow Book. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

118 Lincoln Gets Punched 10000000000 Times
119 Lincoln Dies

Oh no. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

120 Lincoln's Suicide
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