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101 The Old West House

Linclon gets sent to the old wild west and the only way to get back home is to take down the villain Snake he trains such as riding is steed (witch is an ostrich) lassoing stuff (wicth is a snake he found that agreed to help him) did I mention this will be a 2 part episode - epictoonsfan1

102 Lily Gets Her Feelings Hurt

Sounds boring but who would do that to a baby - epictoonsfan1

103 The Loud House Fire
104 Lily Dies 3
105 The End of Lily
106 Lily Gets Punched 100 Times
107 Lori's Diary

In this episode, Lincoln reads Lori's diary for no reason, and everyone participates in making fun of her, only to realize it actually WAS her diary, and Lincoln gets in serious trouble, and doesn't care what he did, until he begins to apologize to Lori, after he lost LITERALLY everything, and then steals ANOTHER one of Lori's diaries and laughs as the episode ends.

108 Lincoln Gets Punched 10000000000 Times
109 Lincoln Dies
110 Lincoln's Suicide
111 Breath of Fresh Lincoln
112 Someone's in the Kitchen with Lincoln
113 Schooling Buddies
114 Lincoln Gets His Feelings Hurt
115 Leni the Stupid Artiste

This IS a Leni's a bitch for no reason/Lincoln torture porn episode. In this episode, Leni creates a hideous looking thing that was later praised by everyone, especially around her, except for Lincoln, who's art was criticized for no reason. And when Leni finally gets in trouble, he tells Lincoln it was all HIS idea, and then his parents then punish him for no reason, by forcing him to do Leni's art with her.

116 Restraining 10 Sisters
117 Leni! the Game
118 Leni's Staycation
119 Are You Happy Now, Lincoln?
120 Loud House Face Freeze
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