Best The Loud House Season 3 Episodes


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1 Net Gains

My favorite episode of the whole show - Spongehouse

2 Insta-gran
3 Selfie Improvement
4 Roadie to Nowhere

A great way to open the third season as Luna worries that her dreams of being a rock star won't be possible and tries to find a new career path. - egnomac

5 White Hare

This is My Favorite Episode Overall of the loud house! I like this plot when lincoln or Warren, has like a bagilliion sisters! - Polaris_Doggo_

6 A Fridge Too Far
7 Pipe Dreams

A pretty funny episode with Lynn Sr. and Rita desperately trying to build their own personal bathroom and then try to keep the kids from finding out about it. - egnomac

8 No Place Like Homeschool

It was a pretty meh episode in my opinion, the other kids decide they want to be homeschooled like Lola thinking that they won't have to do any actual work. - egnomac

9 City Slickers

Great episode seeing Lincoln and Ronnie Anne Reunite. - egnomac

10 Fool Me Twice

I wish I could un-invent this horrible episode!

Luan finally got what she deserved - Spongehouse

I think this was a really good episode becaise we finally got to see luan CRYYY wow... Id like to be as smart as a computer...

The Contenders

11 Fandom Pains

Awesome - Gangem

12 Teachers' Union

Hilarious - Spongehouse

13 Rita Her Rights
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1. Net Gains
2. Selfie Improvement
3. Insta-gran
1. Insta-gran
2. A Fridge Too Far
3. White Hare
1. White Hare
2. Fool Me Twice
3. Selfie Improvement

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