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1 Net Gains

This episode helped me realize that maybe Lynn did change after all.

My fifth favorite episode of the whole show. - Spongehouse

I forgot season 3 existed - PeeledBanana

2 Tripped

Even though all the specials in this show are great this one is the best in my opinion - Spongehouse

This is the best episode of Loud House in my opinion

New favourite special, sorry 11 Louds a Leapin - Gangem

3 Insta-gran

This and Middle Men are the only good episodes on Season 3. - SanicWantsHisSandwich

This episode was awesome and I was happy to see Albert again - Spongehouse

4 White Hare

This is My Favorite Episode Overall of the loud house! I like this plot when lincoln or Warren, has like a bagilliion sisters! - Polaris_Doggo_

I find it interesting to see what the show would have been like if Savino made it a family of 26 rabbit children. - AliciaMae

:lily: you tincoln youd

5 Middle Men

I love this episode! ITS ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES EVER! in my opinion - Spongehouse

6 A Fridge Too Far

This episode was so ENTERTAINING, especially when they were fighting over the food in the fridge - Spongehouse

My favourite episodes in this season are friendzy and this one

7 Roadie to Nowhere

A great way to open the third season as Luna worries that her dreams of being a rock star won't be possible and tries to find a new career path. - egnomac

8 Tea Tale Heart

Lola is so funny! This might be the funiest episode of this season in my opinion - Spongehouse

9 The Loudest Thanksgiving

It was so funny seing the two families fighting with each other in my opinion - Spongehouse

10 Scales of Justice

It's a Lana episode so of course it'll be good! - Spongehouse

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11 Selfie Improvement

So awesome and funny, should be higher! - Spongehouse

12 Fandom Pains

I don't like this one. AT ALL! - Spongehouse

Awesome - Gangem

13 Fool Me Twice

I wish I could un-invent this horrible episode!

Even though this by far my least favorite episode of this season it is still not terrible. It is just ok in my opinion - Spongehouse

Luan is lucky her family didn't have her sent to a mental institution after what she did. - egnomac

Luan finally got what she deserved - Spongehouse

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14 Pipe Dreams

This episode may be gross but it is one of the funniest episodes of the whole show in my opinion - Spongehouse

A pretty funny episode with Lynn Sr. and Rita desperately trying to build their own personal bathroom and then try to keep the kids from finding out about it. - egnomac

15 City Slickers

Great episode seeing Lincoln and Ronnie Anne Reunite. - egnomac

16 Really Loud Music

I like 2 song
1. song of silence
and 2. what have I done

It’s a good luna based episode

17 Friendzy

This episode is more than amazing

This episode is just EPIC! The ending was also very funny - Spongehouse

The Ending Of This Episode Is Horrible

18 No Place Like Homeschool

It was a pretty meh episode in my opinion, the other kids decide they want to be homeschooled like Lola thinking that they won't have to do any actual work. - egnomac

I liked the gag with Mr. Grouse - Spongehouse

19 Be Stella My Heart

So funny, and I hope Stella will make more appearances in the show - Spongehouse

20 Head Poet's Anxiety

A perfect balance of Luan and Lucy stories that is just wholesome, adorable, understandable, and for me at least, relatable in it's message of struggling and being beaten by others at something. It's an episode that's pretty much flawless in my eyes, and is arguably, my favorite episode of the show.

It was overrated, but still great I guess - Gangem

I loved Lucy's poem at the end - Spongehouse

Should be number 1

21 Game Boys

Has the best title card in the whole series! in my opinion - Spongehouse

22 What Wood Lincoln Do?

Hilarious and also very entertaining in my opinion. One of the best of this season! - Spongehouse

23 Deal Me Out

Enjoyable but very predictable. Still a nice episode though - Gangem

The flashbacks were nice - Spongehouse

24 Missed Connection
25 House of Lies

Nah, this episode sucks. - Drawbox

love it.

26 Teachers' Union

Hilarious - Spongehouse

27 The Mad Scientist

This episode made me hate Lisa more than I already did.

Should defiantly be higher! - Spongehouse

28 Ruthless People

No this episode majorly sucked! The only bad episode of this season in my opinion - Spongehouse

No. - Drawbox

29 Breaking Dad

Funny scenes with Grouse babysitting Lily - Spongehouse

30 Gown and Out

Overrated episode. I don't care for this one - Spongehouse

31 Absent Minded

One of my favorite in S3

32 The Spies Who Loved Me

It would of been better if the whole casagrande family didn't get involved - Spongehouse

33 Rita Her Rights
34 Pasture Bedtime
35 Shop Girl
36 Crimes of Fashion
37 Sitting Bull

I found this one to be very funny and entertaining - Spongehouse

38 Everybody Loves Leni

I liked the episode but Leni's friend were total jerks trying to force her to choose between the two set of them when all Leni wanted was for all of them to be friends together. - egnomac

I actually don't like this episode - Spongehouse

39 Jeers for Fears
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