Top 10 Loud House Season 4 Episodes

Though its a bit early to do this list seeing as The Loud House currently as I'm writing this has 10 episodes and nearly all of them so far are centered on The Casagrandes, I'll be sure to add more as they come out but for now lets look at the top episodes from season 4.

The Top Ten Loud House Season 4 Episodes

Washed Up

This was a recent episode and the first episode of the season featuring the Louds as they rent a boat from Flip which already sounds like a bad idea while out in the lake they end up shipwrecked on an island as they try to make the best of things while waiting to be rescued, though a good episode I wish it had been a full 22 minute episode as they could have done a lot more if it were 22 minutes. - egnomac

This episode was so much better than I expected it to be, but it surprisingly wasn't rushed and every second of it was entertaining like the Louds going through the sink hole, the twins getting stuck in quick sand, and the sea monster Plessie - Spongehouse

Any Given Sundae

Great Lily centered episode as Lily after overhearing her parents talking about getting ice cream if the sibling behave and Lily does everything to insure they don't ruin it and the methods that she uses to keep them from ruining everything are pretty hilarious, they finally get their ice cream despite several obstacles preventing them from getting there before it closes though it was sad as Lily is about to eat her sundae when a bird swoops knocking her ice cream on the ground and she breaks down crying over all the hard work she went through to get that ice cream even worse the ice cream shop closed earlier meaning they can't order another one but it all does work out as they make Lily another sundae at Flips. - egnomac

does she really think that's what her family look's like? it kill's me I love it.

One of the funniest episodes of the show in my opinion and Lily's best episode! Lily was like a genius in this episode - Spongehouse

Present Tense

It was a great episode with funny scenes from Flip and it was entertaining watching the Loud Kids shopping in the mall for the perfect birthday gift for their dad - Spongehouse

Really love the ending.

I really like this one.

Last Loud on Earth

Lincoln and Clyde sneak out into Lisa's bunker so they can stay up late watching a zombie movie marathon when the marathon is over they find the entire neighborhood is deserted and everyone is gone which leads to the boys thinking that they're in an actual zombie apocalypse as they are pursued by zombies as they attempt to make it to the mall where their families are hiding out but as it as it turns out their is no zombie apocalypse and that because of a massive storm everyone was ordered to evacuate to the mall while Lynn Sr. and The McBrides were out looking for the boys. - egnomac

This episodes action, humor, and atmosphere is what makes it such a masterpiece - Spongehouse

Kings of the Con

Lincoln and Clyde look to be crowned the kings of the con by dressing up as both Ace Savy and One Eyed Jack and have the sisters dress as the Full Deck gang in hopes of winning and getting a part in the Ace Savy movie, things don't work out for them as the sisters get all the praise and attention leaving Lincoln and Clyde to be ignored in a desperate attempt to win over the judges by stealing the Kitty so they can then rescue it and get the spotlight back on them but things don't pan out for them as the Kitty escapes as the boys attempt to recapture the Kitty which fails leading to them get help from Lincoln's sisters to come to their rescue, though I enjoyed the episode it still feels like a huge missed opportunity and I really don't like both Lincoln and Clyde are just shoved to the side as the girls get all the attention. - egnomac

I loved the action in it - Spongehouse

Recipe For Disaster

I always enjoy the episodes with Lincoln and Clyde solving mysteries as Ace and Jack - Spongehouse

Lincoln and Clyde don their Ace Savy and One-Eyed Jack costumes to investigate when they discover a frozen food company is using Lynn Sr. recipes and in a surprise twist they find out the person using the recipes is actually Lynn Sr. home ec teacher Miss Scalise as they both created recipes and wrote their own recipe books. - egnomac

Face the Music with the Casagrandes

The whole family is getting ready for Hector's upcoming birthday as everyone of them is planning to perform however Ronnie Anne doesn't have an act as she is incredibly nervous when singing in public and gets Sid to help her overcome her fear, overall really great episode with the Casagrandes. - egnomac

The best episode out of the Casagrande arc in my opinion. It was just a enjoyable episode to watch - Spongehouse

Tails of Woe
A Grave Mistake

Lucy competes against her friend Haiku to become the new president of the young Mortician's club but when the votes are tied Lucy resorts to forcing Lincoln to join the club so he'll vote for her and she becomes the new president however the other club members can clearly see what she did having her brother join the club just so she would get the winning vote so they all end up leaving the club, things get worse while arranging Ricky the rooster the schools mascot's funeral which turns into a total disaster as Lucy apologizes to the club got her underhanded trick to become president and gets them to help her save Ricky's funeral. - egnomac

Friended! with the Casagrandes

The first episode of season that follows Ronnie Anne meeting Sid Chang and the two quickly become friends and finds out that her family is looking for a new apartment which happens to be in the same building she and her family live but when another family might get the new apartment Ronnie Anne with the help from Sid and her cousins resort to sabotage to insure the Changs get the apartment which works but gets her grandmother Rosa in trouble with the buildings owner Mr. Scully and she's force to confess everything but luckily despite everything The Changs still get the apartment and she and Sid still get to be friends, this episode does a great job setting up for the spin-off series The Casagrandes. - egnomac

What the hell, I didn't know we were on Season 4! - scienceLover10

I like sid. she funny.

The Newcomers

? Don't You Fore-get About Me
? Tough Cookies

The Contenders

Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes

In the episode Ronnie Anne really wants to watch a wrestling match featuring her favorite female wrestler La Tormenta the problem the match is going to take place on the same day and time as her uncle Carlos is giving his award speech and all the whole family except for her mom who is working a double shift at the hospital so she fakes being sick so she can stay home and watch the match along with Sid however this proves to be very difficult as she is constantly getting interrupted with her father calling to check in on her and several people from the neighborhood stopping by to check on her and even her grandmother Rosa rushes home to take care of her, despite all this she does get to see the match until she overhears a conversation between Rosa and her Uncle Carlos about her being unable to make it back to the award ceremony with Carlos going on about how she never missed any of his big days and really needing her support and despite really wanting to be there she explains that ...more - egnomac

I loved this episode. - Linkaloud

No Show with The Casagrandes

Another great episode Ronnie Anne really doesn't like her families T.V. novela but when she after she ends up watching it she becomes a huge fan but doesn't want them to find out as she tries to watch it in secret but in the end they find out anyway thanks to Hector's gossiping and they all watch the final episode together. - egnomac

Leader of the Rack

Another great Leni centered episode that sees Leni being promoted to part time manager at her job and looks to be a good boss while remaining good friends with her co workers Miguel and Fiona. - egnomac

this one is so good. it show's that it's ok to ask for help.

Store Wars with the Casagrandes

A new store opens up in their neighborhood and threatens to put the Bodega out of business so Bobby with the help of the family to help out and save the Bodega by adding their own thing to being in customers but when Bobby tires to keep the place open 24/7 everything falls apart with the family depraved of sleep and end up messing up everything, in the end Bobby decides to abandon everything saying they don't need to be like the other store as they have one thing that other stores don't have which is knowing their customers better then anyone else. - egnomac

Can't Hardly Wait

A good Lori centered episode.

Power Play with the Casagrandes

This episode succeeds where "The Green House" fails, in the episode the high electric bill threatens Hector and Rosa's anniversary trip so Ronnie Anne convinces the family to help to lower the amount of electricity they use to keep the bill down. - egnomac

Much better than "The Green House" that's for sure! - Spongehouse

Rocket Men
A Pimple Plan

Luan gets a pimple right before her date with Benny as her siblings do everything they can to hide it. - egnomac

Purrfect Gig

Luna is hired to watch the McBride's cats while they're out for the day but is quickly overwhelmed by the responsibilities that she calls Sam to help her take care of the cats. - egnomac

This episode was simply purrfect.

Brave the Last Dance

Great Clyde episode as he works up the courage to ask a girl Emma to the Valentine's day dance however to his shock she turns him down but in the end Clyde finds a girl Chloe who likes the same things he likes and shares a dance with her. - egnomac

Clyde and Chloe make such a cute couple.

Roll Model with The Casagrandes

After Carl sees Ronnie Anne saving a dog at the park he starts to see her as a hero and starts following her around doing everything that she does which annoys her until she finds out from her father that she was the same way with Bobby when she was little.' - egnomac

Stall Monitor
Write and Wrong

I really love the song by the kids.

Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes
Game Off
Community Disservice

Lola volunteers to help a new classmate Meli Ramos fit in with the others but does a pretty poor job in doing so and ends up ditching her when the class goes on a field trip to Dairy Land to go to a pageant though Lola does feel guilty about Meli having a miserable time alone and quits the pageant and goes to Dairy Land to make things right with Meli. - egnomac

that little girl meli is such a little cuttie pie.

Pranks for the Memories with the Cadsagrandes

This is the worst episode of the Casagrande arc in my opinion - Spongehouse

Though the weakest of the Casagrande arc I still enjoyed the whole plot about Ronnie Anne trying to bond with her older cousin Carlota even though in the first Casagrande arc episode "The Loudest Mission: Retaliative Chaos" it was Carlota who was trying to bond with Ronnie Anne and be a big sister to her. - egnomac

Ronnie Anne attempts to bond with her cousin Carlota by getting back at her younger cousins C.J. Carl and Carlitos for pranking her as they attempt to prank them back only for their pranks to backfire on them until they find out that Bobby has been secretly helping them and they do eventually get them all back in the end. - egnomac

Sister Act

Lola and Lana trade places to avoid doing things they don't like which also includes seeing the doctor and the dentist which leads to trouble for the pair. - egnomac

Funny Lana and Lola centered episode.

A Mutt Above

The episode is similar to Toads and Tiaras in which Lana enters Charles into a dog show in order to show up Lacey St. Claire and her dog. - egnomac

Good Sports

I really like this one. and lynn made a cute.

Love Birds
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