Best Love Live! School Idol Project Characters


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1 Maki Nishikino

Just Maki

2 Nico Yazawa

Nico-nico-nii... - PerfectImpulseX

I absolutely love Nico! I feel like she's mainly overlooked as a bratty himedere, but she's so sweet and caring!

Nico's not number one? She's iconic and y'all know it.

She is cute

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3 Nozomi Toujou

Higher.. please - Brxtney


4 Kotori Minami

Love her so so pretty I love her hair

5 Umi Sonoda

She is my favourite anime idol.

6 Eli Ayase

Best Russian Idol


7 Alisa Ayase
8 Hanayo Koizumi

Rice, Rice~ Best girl⚝ - idol7734

9 Honoka Kousaka

Underrated, which is surprising. Cutest, funniest and most attractive character.

She is cute and energetic and she nerver give up! JUST HONOKA

Such a bright young lady. She's the one who started it all; the one who taught her friends and everyone watching to never give up and chase their dreams. She's enthusiastic, energetic, and would be a super friend to have if she existed irl X3

I may be biased in this because I cosplay as Honoka, but I believe she has the best personality. Even through just the Anime, when she, Umi, and Kotori went on stage to perform START:DASH! and nobody was there, Honoka just smiled through it and had hope. Through the whole series, she was the character who was trying to make everyone happy, which in fact is an amazing trait to have. That's why I think Honoka should be placed up higher is all.

10 Rin Hoshizora

The Contenders

11 Yukiho Kousaka
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