Best Love Live! School Idol Project Characters

The Top Ten

1 Maki Nishikino

Maki is super hot and talented. I love tsunderes, and she makes number on each POP on this list. Despite being negative, she's super sweet and is very kind to Honoka and the others.

Everything she does is just so cute!

Everything about Maki is great and I can relate to her a lot.

Maki is best girl. And shes so cute!

2 Nico Yazawa

Nico's such a queen. Even if she's not number one on this list, she's number one in my heart!

Nico nico nii

She so very underrated

Nico-nico-nii... - PerfectImpulseX

3 Nozomi Toujou

Obviously better than that Mari character whose craftiness hasn't been given boundaries nor has a decent backstory.

I love her,She’s got a better personality than annoying nico! And better! She has tarot cards and a great voice

Nico has an annoying voice with her cringe catchphrase

Screw that trap!

4 Eli Ayase

Best Russian Idol

I love her


Her voice make me so... :3

5 Rin Hoshizora

She's a tomboy, has a lovely singing voice, and is so underrated.

Rin is best girl

Best cat girl

She is pretty as heck!

6 Hanayo Koizumi


I love you sweetie~

Rice, Rice~ Best girl⚝ - idol7734


7 Umi Sonoda

I love her! She so cute

She is my favourite anime idol.

I would uhhh die for her

8 Kotori Minami

Love her so so pretty I love her hair

I wanna marry kotori and have 16 babies with kotori

Hands down best girl.

She is a beauty

9 Honoka Kousaka

Underrated, which is surprising. Cutest, funniest and most attractive character.

Honoka is one of the best honoka can join my harem.

Honoka is so underrated she should be up higher

She is cute and energetic and she nerver give up! JUST HONOKA

10 Yoshiko Tsushima

She is a major queen.

I love my edgelord daughter

Yoshiko janai kute, Yohane!

Oof just ues

The Contenders

11 Karin Asaka
12 Alisa Ayase
13 Mari Ohara

IT'S JOKE! - PerfectImpulseX

Best character by far :3

14 Hanamaru Kunikida

I love her with all my heart so floofin' much. shes literally my everything and it will always stay that way. shes okay on the popularity list but for me she'll always be number 1! maru fans, reunite zura!

15 Dia Kurosawa

Best girl, she's hella talented and is a good character in love live

16 Kurosawa Ruby

She is very shy but cute at the same time

17 Kanan Matsuura
18 Riko Sakurauchi

Riko is worst girl, I despise her, no offense to you guys who like her- this is just my opinion, but I do not like her one bit.

She is super adorable.


19 Chika Takami

Chika is also a cute character! Just like Honoka. - WilsonAsmara


20 You Watanabe

the best

21 Rina Tennoji
22 Setsuna Yuki
23 Yukiho Kousaka
24 Leah Kazuno

She is pretty underrated.

25 Tsubasa Kira
26 Emma Verde
27 Ai Miyashita
28 Ayumu Uehara
29 Kanata Konoe
30 Shizuku Osaka
31 Kasumi Nakasu
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