I Just Can't Stop Loving You - Michael Jackson


It's a song from heavens, you can never hear to a song like this ever again in your life, Michael Jackson is the King of Music, no one on earth can make songs like he made, He is a true Legend, the BEST forever... I Love you MICHAEL and so do millions and billions of people all around the world and we always pray that may your soul always rests in peace.

Well this is the only song I've heard of on this list. It is also very romantic I think. Well almost every song that has the word love in it usually means it's romantic, right?

This song is the MOST ROMANTIC and LOVING song I've EVER heard in my entire life and I cry almost every time I hear it on the radio. I love this song with all my heart!

Of course Michael Jackson holds this spot... His songs (especially this one) truly express his feelings and his love! GO MICHAEL JACKSON! He must have had some special sweetheart

I LOVE Michael JACKSON! He is the best singer of all time. I was so sad when he died that I went to my room and cried for like 2 hours!

Michael is THE BEST. So many great songs... This is as good as any of them. Incredibly beautiful sung (by Michael) in English, Spanish and French.

MJ is just my hero. He is the most amazing artist and entertainer ever. No matter what genre he did, he was always the best. RIP, you will always be the king of pop.

Micheal jackson is the best of everything with music and this song is so beautiful song and he nailed it... I love you micheal - mjj4ever

A very perfect love song. Even I play it several times, I keep getting goosebumps when I hear Michael sing his part.

If course I'm gonna pick a Michael Jackson song... He is the king of not only pop but music! Another great song of many.

Michael sings this beutiful love song like he is singing for the first time to the love of his life... full of love and emotion... xo - love4mjj

Michael all the way you can't get any better! Miss and love him! (; no one will ever compare or even come close to him

I am a Rock guy, but I think this is the most beautiful song ever written and sung too.

I really love hi voice, Michael us still the greatest performer until now! Rest in peace Michael

That is super awesome! I sang that to my crush and she French kissed me! How great is that. Thanks!

What can I say... Michael was love and he knew how to sing the song... perfect... love xo MJ - love4mjj

Michael your heart still lives on, give them a show in heaven like you gave us here on earth..

Absolutely adore this song and that's why it's my ringtone on my phone! A true love song. - Luvumore4evaMJ

I sang this 2 my GF yesterday and after that we had a 10 minute Make out. (it really works) - SmoothCriminal

Keep voting, get this song to No. 1.. its a brilliant song with so much love, and emotion - xMJxLoverx

Michael is simply the greatest song writer/singer of all time

every time I listen it it seems like he is singing it to me - iluvmjacksonore

Micheal was so sweet singing this song... it was from his heart... xoxo - love4mjj

love MJ's voice in this song.
great love song!!!
keep voting ppl. - Lola7Pepa

michael takes my breath away with this song, oh god I love you michael!