Top Ten Love Story Movies

The top ten movies that are so sweet and loving you'll need a box of tissues next to you when watching them.

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1 Titanic

A heartwarming story about the sinking ship titantic and the true love between two passenger. Starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet.

I cry every time I watch this movie. It's a really amazing and definitely the best love story ever told. It's Titanic!

I really love this movie since ever

Best movie ever watched

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2 A Walk to Remember

I don't care what anyone else thinks, Landon & Jamie have the most incredible love story ever, it's not one where two people just suddenly fall in love within a few hours, it's about two people who knew eachother their whole lives but never even talked to each other because of how different they were. It's so simple but complicated, & beautiful yet tragic at the same time. Oh yeah plus Shane West & Mandy Moore are two of the coolest people ever.

A beautiful story about the "cool" boy at school named Landon that gets in trouble very often and about how he falls in love with the "very christian" girl named Jamie that is made fun by all of his friends, even by Landon. Watch as the bad kid falls for the "Virgin Mary". A very sweet yet sad story that really changes your view on true love.

I absolutely love this movie. The love Landon and Jamie had was by far the best written ever. This movie brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes love doesn't need much time, or for the people to have things in common, love is just love and sometimes it happen with who you less expect it. The only thing that I didn't like was that Jamie passed away but at least she died happy. Too bad things don't go this way very often. Favorite movie though.

Yes I definitely agree with you.

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3 The Notebook

An elderly man reads a love story to his wife who has alzheimers. The story is about a a poor young man that falls in love with the rich new girl who's parents don't approve. This is the sweetest movies ever.

True love will last a life time. Here is to the few lucky folks who find their true soul mate.

Yesterday night I watch this movie, and I cried all night. I definitively I'm "In Love" with the girl (Rachel McAdams), cause she is so cute...

Must watch movie

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4 Dear John

This is a great movie totally enjoyed its d best one in the league of nicholas sparks movie collection & the famous dialogue " Just hearing your voice I might have changed my decision" was tottaly awesome

This should be at the top place
This movie is so heart warming and forms a lump in throat at last

How can some1 forget to add this movie in this list?
It's a great movie and defines all the relations 1 has in life totally awesome I had tears in eyes about its father son relationship

One of my all time favourite movie... ❤❤❤

5 The Vow

The best movie which made me understand LOVE

Amazingly Beautiful love story that touches your heart deeply!

The perfect love story that make my hearts so sotf

Amzing movie

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6 Romeo and Juliet

Beatifull, pure magic

Forget the Baz Luhrmann version, this is the only one to see. Timeless. - truckturner

7 One Day
8 Pride & Prejudice

I saw this movie all the way through for the first time 4 days ago. It is by far, my favorite love story! I can not believe that twilight is in front of this, honestly. Everyone that chose twilight over this, we can never be friends.

The 1995 BBC miniseries, starring Colin Firth.

YES! I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH! I must have watched it over a dozen times! My mom thinks I'm crazy but I know every line to this movie

Best love story movie ever!

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9 A Cinderella Story

An "unpopular" girl falls in love with the most "popular" boy at school where she meets him at a school dance, where she is in costume and he doesn't actually know who she is. Throughout the movie her true identity is almost very often, with a suprising ending. Starring Chad Micheal Murray and Hilary Duff.

My favourite movie of all times.

ITS AN awesome MOVIE!

Woow I like dis movie...

10 Atonement

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11 When Harry Met Sally...
12 Pretty Woman

A new twist to the cinderella story of love when at the end Julia Roberts's Vivian 'rescues' Richard Gere's Edward back...just love the film and Julia Roberts is a diva

13 Twilight

The very popular movies about a vampire and a human that risk everything in order to be together. Starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewert.

It's very great film I love it

This is really best movie... Shows true love is even not bounded to humanity, but spread far beyond the imaginations...

72reen movie h

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14 Love Story

Not a single movie can compete with this one. This is the most amazing love story ever made, and you could also say this is the movie that started to tell about romance

Very much romantic and real story!

One of the most beautiful love stories of all time never ever to be repeated

Best ever

15 Forrest Gump

I love this movie

16 Love Actually

Well for starts, this movie has Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant in it. Both of which, I love. So there's that. But this movie is a fun, love story, comedy. I laughed out loud several times. I don't regret watching it, and neither will do, promise. I will be adding this to me DVD arsenal soon!

Has a blend of several love stories, each one unique. Each of us can relate to at least one of the tales or appreciate them. Great movie to pull out when you are down and looking to enjoy some romance and humor.

This movie will make you laugh and make you cry. The best movie ever!

Love it so much... one of the greatest movies ever!

17 The Lion King

Very beautiful

Best love story ever


Best love story EVER! ~

18 The Fault In Our Stars

This movie is so great with the real observation what the real life is it's just not about two persons who fall in love & then separate because of some reasons & the problems which can be fix with their decision because the problems is created by their own decisions it's just not! This is about how two people have to live after knowing that their life is not for longtime & they can count the days on the fingers but still fall in love & accept what the life they have & the truth. I never cry after watching movies with sad ending l 've seen titanic, the notebook they both have sad ending but these two are unable to makes me cry but the Fault in our Stars l can't stop tears this is the greatest love story that I've ever seen better than notebook, titanic, a walk to remember or any other love story

The Fault In Our Stars is the only movie that really makes me cry. The unforgettable dialogues which we can assume by seeing our poor cancer patients. This is the movie that tells us about the pain that a cancer patient feel. It tells that not always the good things happen to a good human being and this is isn't truth we know. I cry for Gus fot losing his courage, I cry for Hazel because of Gus pre funeral and I cry for those who cry seeing this movie. And I totally recommend you all to see this movie for the your love...This movie really changed my ideas about love. - Ajmal5

When I read the book, I cried like baby. When I saw the movie, I literally sobbed. This is a movie I will never forget!

Loved it... Words can't describe the love shown in this story

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19 The Girl Next Door

I love it on how the guy sacrifice all the things, the consequences that he accept just to get that girl that he wanted for the rest of his life.

20 Sleepless in Seattle

Now we can see actually tom hank can be romantic sometimes. This movies should be in top ten.

21 50 First Dates

Very unconventional, totally heartbreaking at first and heartwarming in the end. Highly recommended. One of my all time favorites!

I cried while watching this movie.Her short term memory loss makes her forget everything she did after she wakes up the next day. Her family and friends do what they can to keep her happy, even though she will forget everything the next day.

This movie is so great, its very touching

Best movie ever

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22 Mulan

Who said this is a love story? It's just a girls struggle to prove that girls are equal to boys

Proves that not all girls are weak and fragile. Some are also brave.

23 You've Got Mail

I never felt this good watching another movie... It has its flaws but you LIKE because you LOVE despite...

A lovely story

24 Never Been Kissed

A cute, teenage movie with Drew Barrymore and Micheal Vartan. A young reporter goes back to high school and relive her horrible life as a "nerd" each day all over again. Until one newspaper story proves to her that her fake "english teahcer" really is her truw love.

25 The Proposal

I so love this movie.. I have watched it for the nth time.. laugh out loud

I would rate this movie a 10/10. :) Watched it nearly a million times

Great movie :) love the story

26 Step Up

Beautiful movie with amazing dances

27 Wild Child
28 The Lover

A love that cannot be, so heart-wrenching. I watched it many times.

Brilliant performances.

I love this movie


29 Serendipity

The movie that I watch more than 5 times, because it's so romantic and destiny will find your true love...

Plus sixty two eight one three four two two one seven two three eight...wa - FerdyKho

Indeed this is the best adventure love story ever... I love the end scene when she found him lying on the skating pond... Jonathan(John Cusack) get up and their eyes meet, Kate hit it and bring it with the fullfilness of a true love... Iam in love for them...

30 The Lucky One

Not really awesome but a nice story line n different love stry from others

31 Veer Zaara

The most amazing love story. A little far-fetched, but nothing compares to the melody of emotions it leaves you in.

Just awesome...

It's the most stupid Hindi movie you can see. With the overrated shah rukh dumb khan!

I literally cried my eyes out.. it was so beautiful

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32 P.S. I Love You

Oh good God. This movie is perfect! If you haven't seen it, I would definitely recommend watching it. It will make you cry, and you will love every second of it. My brother even loves this movie, makes him cry as well. Hilary Swank, and Gerard Butler are a great match, and Gerard has an accent all the way through, which just makes it that much better. Enjoy!

Should be on top 10 on list

A supabb love story dt vl make you cry finest sweet lil tragic love story but very close to my heart. I wonder y its nt much highlighted but for me its d best of all.
P.S. I love you

Best love story ever..! Gerard butler..! my favorite... watched it over 10 times.. and still ready to watch it again.. the perfect couple relation.. and very heart touching too this goes write on top of my list..! ohh the songs... I love them till the end..!

33 Before Sunrise

The most romantic movie ever made. The only way anyone will disagree is if they haven't seen it.

This is without a doubt the most romantic movie of all time. I guarantee if you watch it you will nor regret it! Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy have a truly magical chemistry that touches the heart... By the way this is a viewpoint from a guy!

34 The Lake House

Love This movie! In my top 10! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO WATCH! The story line is brilliant :) You will not regret watching this movie!

This movie makes me cry, every time. I would also like to add, that I am not a crier. Just give this movie a go, you won't regret it.

Totally love this story. A Love that will beat anything including TIME. Sandra and Keanu has a great chemistry.

35 The Best of Me

The best ever


36 Made of Honor
37 Working Girl

Boring and annoying to watch!

38 The Other Side of Heaven
39 Notting Hill
40 A Man & A Woman
41 Blue Lagoon: The Awakening

One of the cutest and best love stories I've ever seen, the movie left me shook in the end right before I was about to go to sleep, and I know a good movie when I see one of it leaves me shook, I guess the acting wasn't perfect, but the plot and the chemistry was beautiful, I really don't know why more people don't like this story, or why they believe it sucks, it truly is and always will be, in my opinion, one of the best love stories created.

42 Love and Basketball

Amazing. period. Love Love Loce

43 The Wedding Planner
44 Punch-Drunk Love
45 Harold and Maude

Unlikely love story that is brilliant!

46 Up Close & Personal
47 Ladyhawke

One of my favorite movies!

48 He's Just Not That Into You
49 Water for Elephants
50 The Bridges of Madison County

I watched this movie a dozen times and it never fails to touch me deeply

One of my favorites. Gets me crying every time.

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