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41 Harold and Maude

Unlikely love story that is brilliant!

42 Water for Elephants
43 Love Actually

Well for starts, this movie has Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant in it. Both of which, I love. So there's that. But this movie is a fun, love story, comedy. I laughed out loud several times. I don't regret watching it, and neither will do, promise. I will be adding this to me DVD arsenal soon!

Has a blend of several love stories, each one unique. Each of us can relate to at least one of the tales or appreciate them. Great movie to pull out when you are down and looking to enjoy some romance and humor.

This movie will make you laugh and make you cry. The best movie ever!

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44 Romeo and Juliet
45 Blue Lagoon: The Awakening

One of the cutest and best love stories I've ever seen, the movie left me shook in the end right before I was about to go to sleep, and I know a good movie when I see one of it leaves me shook, I guess the acting wasn't perfect, but the plot and the chemistry was beautiful, I really don't know why more people don't like this story, or why they believe it sucks, it truly is and always will be, in my opinion, one of the best love stories created.

46 Up Close & Personal
47 Ladyhawke
48 He's Just Not That Into You
49 Forrest Gump
50 The Bridges of Madison County

One of my favorites. Gets me crying every time.

51 Sommersby
52 Two Weeks Notice

Absolutely amazing! Hugh Grant, and Sandra Bullock do not disappoint in this one! Perfect. One of my favorite movies! This is movie that you will want to watch over and over again for years to come. Also, it has some hilarious lines!

53 One Fine Day
54 Brother Bear 2
55 Moulin Rouge
56 Eurotrip

It's really a splendid movie where the boy from america head towards Germany to find his love...

57 Maine Pyar Kiya

A gratest movie of 1989 starring debutant salman khan and become all time blockbuster. Music are very very heart touching performanace of cast are outstandig.

58 Fireproof
59 What Dreams May Come

Love that can break through hell.

60 Jane Eyre

Perfect love story! Just goes to show that true love never dies, no matter what obstacles you may face.

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