Most Loved Geometry Dash Players

The Top Ten Most Loved Geometry Dash Players


Riot is a skilled GG player, but If I really look at it, I see there's a sneaky secret about him (my opinion of course...

2 zNymo98

Best guy ever

I love Cyclic!

3 Funnygame

He made one of the most, probably the most revolutionary level ever

4 Virus CB
5 Niko22
6 Shaggy23

Shaggy23 is basicly the worlds best gd player

7 AlexPain

This Boi Is A GD PRO

8 Zobros

Basically he started the biggest trend in GD history (Nine circles) Without him Sonic Wave, Fear me, Problematic, Down Bass, Paracosm Circles, Jawbreaker, Infinite Circles and a lot more levels wouldn't exist. Without him GD history would have been a lot different.

Made the most popular level, nine circles

9 Cyclic

Maybe he's a hacker, but he was a very revolutionary player and although he hacks, he's still very skilled.

The comment above is amazing.

If you see on Google there is a huge fan base and actually only haters that does not
even state their reason hate him. Very few people know this. He verified
The Hell Zone without hacking but he was not able to post that. Some people say
he verified Sonic Wave without hacking later. I fully agree with them.

10 Rlol

The Contenders

11 XMarioAdvZ
12 Viprin
13 Dancingmonkey
14 CreepyDash
15 Souls Trk
16 Serponge

The guy is awesome, he has some great levels and has great icons.

17 Zenthicalpha
18 Powerbomb
19 TheGeoStorm
20 Jo2000
21 GironDavid
22 JonathanGD

He's a super good creator... He created for example butiti 2 and future funk I LOVE THAT LEVEL

23 OmegaFalcon
24 Partition Zion



25 EraeL
26 Sorry-Not Sorry

His fame is for saying"sorry-not sorry" whenever he wins a level and"not sorry-sorry" whenever he loses.

27 TriTron

He’s black

28 Stormfly
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