Top Ten Most Loved Wings of Fire Couples


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1 Fathom x Indigo


2 Glory x Deathbringer

MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST MATCH...but how come Winter x Moon are above Qibli? Seriously! Winter is a JERK. The only reason people like that match is because of Moon Rising and THAT'S ALL. Just a couple hints at feelings and BAM. People are so obsessed with that match.

3 Kinkajou x Turtle

These are my two favorite characters in the series! They should totally be together! - superchubbell

Again, awesome couple! - superchubbell

4 Clearsight x Darkstalker
5 Sunny x Starflight

I like this - Lunala

6 Qibli x Moonwatcher

These two actually get together! Not Winter! - superchubbell

7 Fatespeaker x Starflight
8 Peril x Clay

This one is good - Lunala

Clay has so fallen for her! But I don’t like Peril, really because she just makes glory look bad and glory should always be a part of the prophecy

9 Moonwatcher x Winter

Yes. They r so cute and nobody likes Qibli because he just protects Moon to much, and moon can take care of herself. Winter at least let’s her do things. But winter is protective. They r so CUTEE

10 Riptide x Tsunami

I like this pair - Lunala

Best couple EVER! But I wish that Tsunami would just DEFINE THE RELATIONSHIP ALREADY!

The Contenders

11 Queen Coral x Gill
12 Morrowseer x Blister

Who added this? No one actually thinks they should be together. Right? - superchubbell

13 Mangrove x Orchid
14 Winter x Kinkajou
15 Sunny x Smolder
16 Smolder x Palm
17 Anemone x Tamarin
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1. Glory x Deathbringer
2. Sunny x Starflight
3. Fathom x Indigo
1. Kinkajou x Turtle
2. Fathom x Indigo
3. Clearsight x Darkstalker


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