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Glory x Deathbringer

Duh! HELLO, they are like THE CUTEST THING EVER! I don't even need to go into details!... But I will. I LOVE it when they're arguing, especially in Winter Turning, and I always go CRAZY when I hear about Firefly, I mean, she HAS to happen. She HAS to. Just like: " 'The WHOLE POINT of a top-secret invisible guard,' Deathbringer said severly, 'is for them to be INVISIBLE and SECRET. Therefore it is EXTREMELY UNHELPFUL for CERTAIN QUEENS to go pointing them out and discussing them loudly with the entire rainforest!"
Need I say more? He's just so hilarious, and he cares about Glory's safety so much, he was ready to die for her!

Every time Glory and Deathbringer appear together in the books is epic! Their conversations are always filled with jokes, teasing, and sarcasm. These two are just the most outstanding couple in the whole franchise.

pretty sure their there made for each other also in winter turning she shows rare affection by brushing her tale with his so, so cute!

THIS is the funniest ship ever, which is why it works. Anyone who ships glory or deathbringer with someone else should die

Qibli x Moonwatcher

Qibli is way nicer to Moon then winter. And tries to stand up for moon when Winter is mean

Yes. Definitely. ABSOLUTELY! I loved this ship since Moon Rising! I loved how much Qibli cared for her... it just made this ship even more adorable.

In my opinion, they should be first. Throughout the whole series Qibli likes Moon and she is torn between him and Winter. She FINALLY comes around to him after so long. It's just adorable!

This is one of my favourites. I've seen a LOT of fans say that Moonbli was rushed and had no development but I don't think so! Moon actually had feelings for Qibli since book 6 when she wished she was brave to drum with him. Qibli always supported her since they met. While Winter and Moon had development in book 7, she and Qibli had quality time together at Possibility for a week! Did everyone actually forget about that? I believe so! Moonbli was well as developed and I don't think people were paying attention to this! As for Winter, he'll be better off with Lynx!

Kinkajou x Turtle

Turtle has had a crush on Kinkajou since the day he saw her, he finally admits it but she can't tell if she feels the same, so she says they should wait and see. I hope they end up together!

Turtle is a great character in my opinion, but he's really background-ish. Kinkajou is the ball of sunshine he needs to be the best Turtle he can be!

I think its cute because turtle has had a crush on her for sooo long!

Glory : Turtle do you take Kinkajou as your wife? Turtle: I do.Glory: Kinkajou do you take Turtle as your husband? Kinkajou: I do. Glory: then you may kiss the bride!

Blue x Cricket

Why is this not in the top seven? At least? It's like they both like the other but are too scared to tell! This is what should happen: When they get to Pyrrhia Blue finds a book about "reading monkeys" and gives it to Cricket and she gets so happy and tells him that she loves him. And he says that she shouldn't and admits that he loves her then they are a couple. That really should happen. And Cricket will grow up to be a scientist who studies scavengers and Blue will help her. And by the way these are my favorite characters. I love the lost continent books and Sundew and Willow is my second favorite couple. And if say that you hate this, I will find you and destroy you.

They both love each other! And they're just to embarrassed to admit it! I legit cried at the end of book 13. My family thought I was going insane

ok I honestly forgot a lot about this book but I did think they were cute honestly I didn't see this but I think blue and sundew should be together

I think this should be in the top ten! I read every book and I was a little bummed to see them in the 11 place, but they are so cute. Cricket stayed with blue no matter what. So CUTE!

Peril x Clay

Peril needs love and deserves it. She is hilarious, strong and bold. However, she does not want to hurt or kill anyone with her firescales anymore. Clay is one of the few dragons willing to be her friend and gives her a second chance. He even hugs her even though he knows his scales will burn. This couple is just awesome.

Definitely! The way peril loves clay is super cute! And without clay, peril would still loving killing dragons and probably will kill all of the dragonets of Destiny

You can really tell how much Clay cares for Peril, when not many others do.

When I was almost the end of the book 1 it was like they were made for each other because clay is one of the few that can touch her.

Riptide x Tsunami

Riptide and Tsunami is the BEST! No one can EVER beat them. Honestly, I think they belong in first place... they really do! I love how Riptide looks out for Tsunami (sometimes) and how he taught Tsunami how to speak Aquatic. He was pretty helpful! Well... Tsunami is my favourite character, so... that's why I like these two! GO, RIPTIDE AND TSUNAMI! (Chants)

Love this couple! They're so frivolous around each other... THIS SHOULD BE TOP 5 NOT 6

I loved their awkward (More violent) meeting. And how she still loved him even though Webs was his father

Riptide and Tsunami were made for each other they both want to be loyal to there tribe and they both love seeing each other I hope we meet their dragonets!

Clearsight x Darkstalker

I don't know why some people don't like this, its like my favorite ship

Even thought Darkstalker is a MAJOR jerk, the way Clearsight still loves him, even at the end is just amazing.

Darkstalker, if I remember correctly, loved Clearsight very much. I love that. I find it amazingly sweet.

In my opinion this is really the best couple. They have huge chemistry and are 100% soulmates. They are so perfect for eachother and could have had a perfect life in some alternate universe

Fathom x Indigo

They just love each other and are always there for each other so much!

Honestly just really like how it was concluded and tied together for us with a bow.

They are like one of my 3 favorites behind Sundew and Willow! I love the way she teases him! - Ivy of the leafwings

these two are just make me so happy, I loved it when the had dragnets. it just was so cute! Indigo a very confident and brave dragon put with a nervous and self loathing dragon such a good pair.- Ivy of the Leawings

Sundew x Willow

Love it. But people make such big of a deal when a female likes another female, but its perfectly normal.

Love this! Funniest meeting ever! I love that they meet even though they are not supposed to also the fact its lesbian.

This is BEAUTIFUL! Their backstory was so cute and it really enhanced Sundew's perspective!

They are really cute. They were meant to be together. So sundews mom should stop being a butt.

Sunny x Starflight

I don't think this ship is cute at all. Starflight is too obsessed with Sunny. He is always thinking about her, and doesn't even care about his other friends because of Sunny. Sunny didn't even love him in that way.

A sweet, and cute ship, these two make for a ship. With Sunny's happy, bubbly personality and Starflight's more reserved personality, it makes it cute and sweet.

Obviously people get it right! Fate speaker does not deserve star

Starflight loves Sunny a lot. Even though Sunny loves him as a brother, it still would be cute. Fatespeaker came in one day and is trying to get Starflight. Strflight deserves Sunny because they known each other longer.

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Fatespeaker x Starflight

They are way better together than Starflight and Sunny are. It is a healthy relationship, and Starflight isn't over obsessed with Fatespeaker like he was with Sunny.

Felt bad that starflight had to choose between them but Fatespeaker loves him more.

I don't know... I feel like Sunny and Starflight is a better match.

Fate speaker and Star flight are perfect because fate speaker will help star flight get around. Star flight will tell fate speaker when she is in the future

Anemone x Tamarin

these two would be really cool if we got to see it more! I hope we see it in book 14! anyway these two are really cute and I hope you agree and vote!-Ivy of the Leafwings

More lesbian the best my friends head almost exploded when she begged me to tell her this ship.

like I said in my other comments I love gay dragons - Ivy of the Leafwings

Yay! This got pretty high on the list! This is my favorite ship in the whole series, it's just so CUTE! I just wish Tamarin would notice Anemone... -Periwinkle The RainWing

Moonwatcher x Winter

I think this was how it should have ended. I almost cried for Winter when he figured out Moon didn't love him as much as Qibli. He only went back for Moon!

Yes I know winter was mean to moon but he seemed to develop feelings for her...

Winter has a lot of feeling for her
But Qibli deserves her more, winter hurt them to much

Winter deserves Moonwatcher. He had a crush on her since the moment they met. He still thinks back to! He is worthy of Moonwatcher. NOT LYNX! I don't ship him with Lynx. Winterwatcher for life!

Blaze x Glacier

I DON'T ship this because Glacier already has a husband, I know this because Glacier has a daughter named Snowfall. and Glacier doesn't want Blaze to die because Blaze promised Glacier more land if Blaze was made queen.

Glacier was always so kind and helpful to Blaze, it's hard NOT to ship this. -Nightstalker the NightWing

Queen glacier care about blaze and you can see that glacier is very regal with blaze

They worked together and Glacier really cares about Blaze. Glacier is very protective of her too! There has to be something between them... just a feeling...
~ Duskfall the Nightwing

Tsunami x Clay

I do NOT think this is a good couple because Tsunami loves RIPTIDE NOT CLAY and Clay loves PERIL NOT TSUNAMI.

Clay basically admitted that Tsunami was beautiful, he describes Tsunami as a dragon made out of sapphires and also describes Tsunami as a beautiful overgrown fish

When I first read the book The Dragonet Prophecy, I thought Clay and Tsunami was a thing because Tsunami saved Clay from Kestrel.

Tsunami saved Clay's life and Clay saved Tsunami's life soo...yeah

Whiteout x Thoughtful

I thought they were made for each other even before clear sights vision

I wish we could see the "hardships" Clearsight saw in their future. Super cute together! Whiteout deserves the best and she gets it.

They're both very expressive and mysterious! They deserve the best life! I hope Listener isn't too mad a Whiteout. :)

Really cute! I wish I could have seen what happened to them after the events of Darkstalker.

Luna x Swordtail

I think these two are a awesome couple because if they are not together, who would they be with? Also, when Luna goes missing, Swordtail freaks out and does not stop thinking about her.

When Luna gets lost Swordtail loses his mind He was also risking going into the storm to find her

Swordtail was so devastated when Luna disappeared. They were made for each other.

Does anyone else have a headcannon that Luna will become queen of the SilkWings? And that Swordtail will be king? I can't wait until they get to reunite! Which won't be soon, cause Swordtail is being mind controlled

Peril x Turtle

God, no. These two suck, this was clearly just voted by people halfway through book 8. SO WHAT IF THEY GO ON A JOURNEY TOGETHER? How many times does the word "friend" appear describing their relationship? MANY. And Peril wil never stop loving Clay.

Peril do have feelings for turtle and it is true that in darkness of dragons it says that peril likes turtle or then she would not be excited to be in the same winglet as turtle

They spent a basically WHOLE BOOK JUST TOGETHER! They’re also proving opposites attract

SO CUTE! Why must peril start falling for turtle then forces herself to love clay? LET YOUR HEART DECIDE! And anyways, fire x water? It’s like they were made for each other!

Lynx x Winter

Winter mentioned that Lynx was nice! She also looks like Moon, for all those depressed Winterwatcher shippers! She also trained with him, so it shows they have a friendship! It might be one of the few not love at first sight ships!

Winter and Lynx must have feelings. In Winter Turning, Winter said that Lynx was the only one that was kind to him, and then in Darkness of Dragons winter save Lynx from Fearless

I love this! It has proof too! (See Winter Turning: book 7) I hope this happens because if he steals Kinkajou from Turtle I swear I will cry for weeks! (Spoiler Alert!) Moon already chose Qibli so he better choose Lynx!

much better than winterwatcher that for sure! - nightmare king

Smolder x Thorn

I think these two should be together because Thorn is accepting Smolder (spoiler for book 5) even though he locks her and her daughter Sunny up in the library while waiting for Burn, and even after that she forgave him and still let him in.

It's like Thorn is giving Smolder a second chance. I don't really ship him and Palm ( No offense) because they aren't really together much. Although the whole running away thing is really cute.

I know he loved Palm and that was cute but that is over and now Thorn caught Smolders eye so I hope they end up together for a king for the sandwings and siblings for Sunny. (And because Thorn deserves a kind guy and good king and sunny needs a better dad, and because they're cute together.)

Smolder is awesome and he like thorn and they do have feelings for each other it was sectioned in darkness of dragons that thorn was worried about smolder

Qibli x Winter

As much as I like Moon x Qibli, Quinter is way better. They both like each other so much.

OMIGAWD SO CUTE TOGETHER! Why be with Moon, a dull, bland, op NightWing, when you can be with edgy boi/ pun boi? Mah favorite ship. THE CUTEST THING EVAH

They are so cute together! Moon can be single (I knid of like Winterwatcher, but this is better!). The way that Qibli befriended Winter in Moon Rising... There is a feeling between them... or maybe not...
~ Duskfall the Nightwing

Has no one seen how they act around one another I mean LOOK AT THEM. I feel like Half the time Qibli is flirting with Winter on stuff.

Smolder x Palm

if you haven't read deserter you wouldn't know that smolder got his hopes up that palm was alive and he wailed

A prince fell in love with a sweet nobody and formed an adorable relationship!

They were right to get kind of married and get a dragonet named Onyx

They care for each other and have strong feelings. Also they are, like, the same age.

Queen Coral x Gill

I think these two are good because you can see that when Tsunami gets back from the Sky Kingdom and tells her that they were in the Sky Kingdom Queen Coral freaks out and asks if she saw Gill. Even though we never saw them together except for in Turtle’s book when he remembers the night he lost his sister, when Coral finds out Gill comforts her.

Poor Gill got killed by his own daughter, but I didn’t like how he yelled at Turtle in Talons of Power

They were already married but Coral seemed to really care about him

An amazing couple that rule a kingdom together!

Sixclaws and Thorn

This is nice. I like Thornclaws I ship them way more than Smolder x Thorn. In my opinion Thornclaws is just better. Six-claws is very loyal to Thorn. They should be a couple and... why is this ship so underrated?!
~ Duskfall the Nightwing

1 I think Thorn and Sixclaws should be a couple because they r so cute near eachother. THORNCLAWS FOREVER

yep if sixclaws and his wife didn't work out

They seem awesome together

Anemone x Pike

YES! I don't like the gay or lesbian ships and I think 100 percent they should be together not anemone and tamarin

Pike is always looking out for Anemone in ways that no one else does. Pike is also always on guard and makes EVERYONE respect her. Anemone deserves a guy like him.

This would be great, kinda like Glory Deathbringer where one protects the other

Pike is so in love with her but Anemone doesn't seem to like him back :(

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