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Glory x Deathbringer

Glory and Deathbringer are so awesome. I love how Deathbringer flirts with Glory. It's funny. And if you read Winglets #2, Assassins, suddenly Deathbringer helping Glory and not killing her becomes ten times sweeter because of him putting those he loved before his mission. One minor thing I don't like about Glorybringer is that Deathbringer is nearly twice Glory's age, as of now Glory is 7 and Deathbringer is 13, like WHAT they should've made Deathbringer at least like 3 or 4 years younger but other than that Glorybringer is AWESOME

Deathbringer helped Clay find glory, and that proves his love for her. also, he spared her life and instead tried to take Blaze's. He lied to his tribe for glory, and he actually flirts with her.

This ship is so adorable. Deathbringer is clearly the type of dragon who likes to be shot down (clearly stated by sunny) and so this obviously works out. Also, In Glory’s book she mentions that he was handsome (not directly but it was suggestive) so she clearly likes him back. The best ship!

Duh! HELLO, they are like THE CUTEST THING EVER! I don't even need to go into details!... But I will. I LOVE it when they're arguing, especially in Winter Turning, and I always go CRAZY when I hear about Firefly, I mean, she HAS to happen. She HAS to. Just like: " 'The WHOLE POINT of a top-secret invisible guard,' Deathbringer said severly, 'is for them to be INVISIBLE and SECRET. Therefore it is EXTREMELY UNHELPFUL for CERTAIN QUEENS to go pointing them out and discussing them loudly with the entire rainforest!"
Need I say more? He's just so hilarious, and he cares about Glory's safety so much, he was ready to die for her!

Qibli x Moonwatcher

They are so cute together and its canon! its amazing how much Qibli cares for Moon and how she loves him, she made the rigt choice cause really if you had to choose would you choose a guy is rude a lot and can SOMETIMES be nice and is handsome or choose a funny handsome cute guy who cares about you? They are just SOOOOO CUTE! <3

OMG I LOVE THESE TWO! Some people ship Winter and Moon, but Winter doesn’t deserve the kind, loving Moon. I really like Moon, as you can tell. Also, Qibli has a HUGE crush on her in the books, but Moon is stuck between him and Winter, but then she finally chooses Qibli which I think is a good move because Winter is sort of mean to her, and some people think he only likes her because she is pretty.

Ok, I literally love Qibli. I couldn't care less who is with moon but I do like this ship enough to count it. Moon and winter make sense too but I prefer this.

So cute! Tui T. Sutherland has done a very amazing job on writing about a love triangle. I ship Moonbli more than Winterwatcher, even though I like Winter too. Qibli deserves a place in Moonwatcher’s heart. With him by her side, Moon can always feel how Qibli is caring, brave, intelligent, and warm (literally!).

Kinkajou x Turtle

Kinkajou and Turtle is so cute! Sorry second person but Kinkajou didn't exactly say that she loved Turtle, but I really hope she does because I like Turtlejou better than Moonbli or Winterwatcher, Winter doesn't respect Moon a lot and Moonbli felt slightly rushed seeing as Moon's book is the first in the arc and Qibli's is the last in the arc, but Turtlejou felt well-paced and I REALLY hope it becomes canon.

I love this ship! Especially because they both deserve each other and they are both kind to each other, unlike winter and moon (but I actually sorta like winterwatcher) but I love how they are so sweet and thoughtful and this ship is actually REALISTIC. (No hate)

I ship them because they are so cute together and because Turtle is kind, thoughtful, and patient. Kinkajou is like that, without the patience when it comes to-well everything or almost everything.

While I was reading Talons of Power, I found out that Turtle is my favourite character in the Jade Winglet. When Anemone casted the love spell on Kinkajou, she said “... to make Kinkajou love Turtle as much as he loves her”. This means that if Turtle loves Kinkajou very much, Kinkajou would love him very much as well. But if Turtle only loves her a little bit, then she would love him back the same amount. At the end of the book, Kinkajou told Turtle that she loves him, which confirmed the fact that Turtle loves her too. That is so adorable!

Blue x Cricket

Blicket forever! Blue is so sweet and kind and actually so is Cricket but anyway they're perfect for each other. They really have to admit their feelings for each other cause as far as I know neither knows the other is in love with them.

They are so cute together! I love how they have absolutely no idea that the other dragon loves each other. they were made for each other. This couple should be #1 in my opinion. With Blue's sweet, understanding love for Cricket and Cricket's adoring, undying, passion for Blue, they are simply meant to be.

They both should admit they love each other. They both love each other for what's on the inside, not the outside. They both a re sweet, kind, caring, and thoughtful.

Why is this not in the top seven? At least? It's like they both like the other but are too scared to tell! This is what should happen: When they get to Pyrrhia Blue finds a book about "reading monkeys" and gives it to Cricket and she gets so happy and tells him that she loves him. And he says that she shouldn't and admits that he loves her then they are a couple. That really should happen. And Cricket will grow up to be a scientist who studies scavengers and Blue will help her. And by the way these are my favorite characters. I love the lost continent books and Sundew and Willow is my second favorite couple. And if say that you hate this, I will find you and destroy you.

Peril x Clay

The best! I hate all the haters. Peril and Turtle are clearly just friends, so WHAT if they went on an adventure together? Clay, Sunny, Starflight, Tsunami, and Glory have been doing adventures together for the longest time and all of them have different ships then Intermingling with each other. Plus, Clay is the only one who can touch Peril, and he is the first to believe in her.

No one can ever say that these 2 are not perfect for each other. Clay saved Peril's live and Peril killed the dragon that loved Peril all those years (I mean Scarlet), Peril quit the habit of killing other dragons. Clay was the only one who believed in her

Clay is one of the only dragons who saw Peril for who she really was, not some bloodthirsty killer. Clay (and Sunny, but mostly Clay) was able to turn Peril around. Also, Clay is one of the only people who can touch Peril, so that kind of seals the deal.

Peril needs love and deserves it. She is hilarious, strong and bold. However, she does not want to hurt or kill anyone with her firescales anymore. Clay is one of the few dragons willing to be her friend and gives her a second chance. He even hugs her even though he knows his scales will burn. This couple is just awesome.

Riptide x Tsunami

Why is this so low down? Riptide clearly cares about Tsunami so much. He may have lied, but that was because he wanted her to like him. And Tsunami described him as being very handsome the moment she saw him. And she forgave him at the end of the arc, showing she definitely likes him back. Riptide even teaches Tsunami Aquatic.
I also like the fact that they chose another SeaWing, no offence but there are a LOT of ships that will result in hybrids (Glory X Deathbringer, Moon X Qibli, Turtle X Kinkajou, Peril X Clay). Thank you for reading, I know some of you will disagree with me. Have a good day. :)

OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE and they are the perfect pair. They also love each other.
I can't really do one right now for dark sight, because I have to go to sleep and ONE MORE THING! Riptide might have kept secrets from Tsunami, but he thought of her a lot. I think if he has the thought of not being with her, he can't breathe.

I know a lot of people say Riptide hasn't done a lot to win Tsunami's affection, but come on! Riptide clearly cares about Tsunami so much!

Riptide and Tsunami are awesome. Riptide taught Tsunami how to speak Aquatic, and Tsunami wanted to free Riptide and Webs from the prison. So yeah they are perfect for each other.

Clearsight x Darkstalker

Even though they didn't end together, all the time they spent with each other proved they care deeply for the other. Clearsight always wanted to make sure that nothing happened to Darkstalker and he did the same

I think the fact that they're complete opposites makes them an even better ship, because clearsight loves Darkstalker enough that she didn't stop loving him even when he wasnt himself anymore, but she also didn't just bow down to the new darkstalker, it hurt her but she was still able to stop him, I think that in a way that really shows her love for him

In my opinion this is really the best couple. They have huge chemistry and are 100% soulmates. They are so perfect for eachother and could have had a perfect life in some alternate universe

Clearsight and Darkstalker complete each other. Darkstalker was so sad when he saw the painting of clearsight because he loved her. :’(

Fathom x Indigo

Yes, Fathom and Indigo is awesome! I hated how Darkstalker was basically trying to manipulate Fathom's feelings by trying to make him forget about Indigo and then trapping her in the carving when it didn't work, like SERIOUSLY DARKSTALKER. I'm sorry for all Darkstalker sympathizers, but Darkstalker did have evil qualities and I completely support him turning into Peacemaker at the end of DOD. Fathigo is an awesome ship and I love how they were BFFs from the time they were dragonets.

Yes Fathom and Indigo are made to be,I Hate Darkstalker for trying to get rid of Indigo.
Ever since the beginning of the book Darkstalker legend I just new Fathom and Indigo were perfect for each other.
They made me so happy when they had their dragnets (in the last chapter). I am not going to lie but I read the the chapter with their dragonets in it About 5 times it was just so CUTE. FATHOM AND INDIGO ARE THE BEST SHIP EVER ! — Stingray of Seawings

Fathom and Indigo BELONG together. I was livid at Darkstalker for trying to get them apart. It's actually been some time since I read Darkstalker Legends but one thing I remember for sure is that Fathom and Indigo were perfect for each other. And you can't forget Blob.

like I said on my clearsight x darkstalker comment they are a great ship and I am very glad they were able to live together and have kids and be happy! <3

Sundew x Willow

UHMM... HELLO? Best. Ship. EVER! I love how Willow is kind, loving and patient, whereas Sundew is reckless, strong and very impatient. They have such different personality's, yet they fit SO WELL together!

I love it. They're perfect for each other. They're willing to put opinions and peer pressure aside for each other, and even meet each other when they're not supposed to.

I know lots of people think lesbians are gross, but Sundew and Willow are absolutely PERFECT for each other. Haters are gonna hate, but those two don’t care. Go Will-dew!

They weird me out. I don’t know why but I don’t think that two female dragons should be together. They are cute though. Does this technically mean they are from two different tribes even though there the same dragon?

Sunny x Starflight

O.K, seriously, no. If Sunny died, Starflight would be nothing. But Sunny alive would be too much of a distraction. So, how, how, how?


It was so sad to see Starflight get rejected by Sunny the first time. Then the other nightwing came. ( I forgot her name sorry ) and sunny got all jealous and I want to scream until I faint - Star

Starflight confessed that he loved her BUT WHAT DID SHE DO, she told him she didn't love him in that way then got jealous when Fatespeaker came around...

I don't think this ship is cute at all. Starflight is too obsessed with Sunny. He is always thinking about her, and doesn't even care about his other friends because of Sunny. Sunny didn't even love him in that way.

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Fatespeaker x Starflight

I have no idea why people disagree with this when Sunny, Fatespeaker, and Starflight all shred their opinions on it. Sunny specifically said she didn't like him that way, Fatespeaker expressed that she liked Starflight like that, and Starflight stopped being obsessed with Sunny. - Warriors of Fire

They do love each other though. Sunny didn't love Starflight the way Fatespeaker loved Starflight. They are the perfect match and are the perfect ones for each other.

This is way better than Sunny X Starflight. Fatespeaker cares about Starflight so much, and they even have a dragonet in the future. They aren’t obsessed with each other like Starflight was with Sunny. This is such a great ship.

I feel like Fatespeaker is good for him and keeps his spirits up, I used to like him with sunny but now I see that these two are better!

Anemone x Tamarin

#SOCUTE. Anemone tried to cure Tamarin of being blind, and I think that she tried on bazillion times. also, they both are the exact same

Yay! This got pretty high on the list! This is my favorite ship in the whole series, it's just so CUTE! I just wish Tamarin would notice Anemone... -Periwinkle The RainWing

these two would be really cool if we got to see it more! I hope we see it in book 14! anyway these two are really cute and I hope you agree and vote!-Ivy of the Leafwings

More lesbian the best my friends head almost exploded when she begged me to tell her this ship.

Moonwatcher x Winter

No really, Qibli flirts more with Winter than he does with Moon (not even!). Winter also didn' know how to act with Moon, so he ended up being rather short with her, and Moon stuck with him. Winterwatcher was developing steadily and Moonbli was hinted at the start and was sorta rushed in DoD. Plus, Winter had a tragic life. He was shunned by his family and his parents hated him because of the whole Hailstorm thing. He deserves Moon more than Qibli. When Moon rejected him, his heart broke

I know that Winter has a crush on Moon and that Moon has a crush on winter but doesn't know it. It's a love triangle. the people in the triangle were Qibli, winter, and moon.

Gawd, Moon, have better judgment. you clearly need help RECONCIDERING. Moonbli sounds awful and awkward, but Winterwatcher is for life. U^U I mean, I think Black x Blue is better than Black x Yellow, I mean, bleh. Sorry for y'all Moonbli fans, but I really hate Qubli. Winter in my opinon, had much of a more devastating and sad past than Qubli, and YAH YAH, Qubli had a bad past as well, but think about like this, Winter was ROYALTY. He was hatch, innocent and all, but Icewings all showered attention to Hailstorm. He tries SO hard, and technically gave up EVERYTHING, and all he wanted was Moon. Tui really messed up this one. ;-; I never liked Moon from the beginning, but now, I HATE her. She should've chosen Winter instead of stoopid Qubli. I was ready to rip Moon's throat when I read the epilogue of DoD.

~Ravenfrost the Nightwing/Icewing

Okay, I know it didn't happen, BUT WHY? There was such a good build-up, and Winter left the Ice Kingdom FOR HER! (And because the other option was death, but ehhhh) And the relationship WAS NOT TOXIC, I'll tell you that. Winter was keeping her safe from IceWings, we all know what would happen if they found out about Winter loving a NightWing! And even though Winter had that whole episode after the explosion, DIDN'T QIBLI ACT CRAZY TOO? And: THAT WAS WHEN WINTER THOUGHT HE HAD A CRUSH ON A MURDERER! So don't ever tell me that Winterwatcher is bad; it was perfect.

Tsunami x Clay

I really thought this was a thing while reading the first book. Clay said that Tsunami is beautiful and Tsunami saved him from Kestrel. Later on Clay saved Tsunami too. And then Riptide... and Ripnami... I still kind of ship Claynami.
~ Duskfall the Nightwing

When I first read the book The Dragonet Prophecy, I thought Clay and Tsunami was a thing because Tsunami saved Clay from Kestrel.

Clay basically admitted that Tsunami was beautiful, he describes Tsunami as a dragon made out of sapphires and also describes Tsunami as a beautiful overgrown fish

It was in the graphic novel book 1 so yeah deal with it even though Tsunami and Riptide are cute and meant for each other, hate me if u want!

Blaze x Glacier

I DON'T ship this because Glacier already has a husband, I know this because Glacier has a daughter named Snowfall. and Glacier doesn't want Blaze to die because Blaze promised Glacier more land if Blaze was made queen.

They worked together and Glacier really cares about Blaze. Glacier is very protective of her too! There has to be something between them... just a feeling...
~ Duskfall the Nightwing

yeah! I get how they get shipped with each other: blaze said that glaicer one time ripped off the wings of the dragon who tryed to hurt blaze. kinda like a protective boyfriend type of deal! GO BLACIER!

No way! The only reason Glacier protects Blaze is because Blaze is giving Glacier a bunch of land.

Luna x Swordtail

They are the exact same and the opposites of each other. Luna and Swordtail love each other, and Swordtail said that when Luna was going for her metamorphosis. it was in the part where the hovering said that she was late for her metamorphosis.

Luna and Swordtail care for each other a LOT. Swordtail would do anything for Luna and he is constantly breaking the rules and he snuck away from work to be there for her Metamorphmosis. Also, if they weren't together, they'd have nobody.

I want to know why this amazing ship is behind four terrible ships that don’t exist and will never exist (like seriously, blaze and glacier? Clay and tsunami?) come on people

Does anyone else have a headcannon that Luna will become queen of the SilkWings? And that Swordtail will be king? I can't wait until they get to reunite! Which won't be soon, cause Swordtail is being mind controlled

Whiteout x Thoughtful

Listener wasn't good enough for Thoughtful. Thoughtful and Whiteout have a lot in common. unlike Listener, Whiteout knew about that book she was explaining about in the book with Darkstalker.

Whiteout and Thoughtful are great. The way they understood each other in their mysterious language is so awesome. (Plus without them Sunny might not exist!)

I wish we could see the "hardships" Clearsight saw in their future. Super cute together! Whiteout deserves the best and she gets it.

I love how weird and kind whiteout is! she reminds me of me! { people have told me I am weird like ever day!} So go Thoughtout ! -Ivy of the Leafwings

Peril x Turtle

This is underrated perils relationship with clay is more like and unhealthy addiction FORGET ABOUT CLAY AND GO BE WITH TURTLE!

God, no. These two suck, this was clearly just voted by people halfway through book 8. SO WHAT IF THEY GO ON A JOURNEY TOGETHER? How many times does the word "friend" appear describing their relationship? MANY. And Peril wil never stop loving Clay.

I prefer Pertle over Turtlejou. Even though a Pertle isn't canon (and probably will never be canon) I still like it. They are cute together, but Ilike them as friends too.
~ Duskfall the Nightwing

Peril and Turtle are opposites but they are also perfect! Turtle doesn't really see her as bad and Peril has learned a lot from that. It is also put out there that she wants him to support her because when she leaves she wants Turtle to stop her. I think they are so cute but Peril really loves Clay so...

Qibli x Winter

QINTER FOR LIFEEE I love these two so much! Qibli loves Winter as you can see when he flirts, and Winter is always in a better mood with him, they are happy together and care a lot about eachother, I don't treally like ethier of them with moon but I still like her! Also I named my gecko after Qibli XD

OMGosh YASSSSS! Qinter (or Wibli, however you prefer it) is mah favorite ship of all time! Most of the time I believe Qibli tries and hardcore flirts with Winter and look at how they act around each other in the 10th book in the second section

They are so cute together! Moon can be single (I knid of like Winterwatcher, but this is better!). The way that Qibli befriended Winter in Moon Rising... There is a feeling between them... or maybe not...
~ Duskfall the Nightwing

OMIGAWD SO CUTE TOGETHER! Why be with Moon, a dull, bland, op NightWing, when you can be with edgy boi/ pun boi? Mah favorite ship. THE CUTEST THING EVAH

Smolder x Thorn

I love these two! Smolder is perhaps one of the best characters and is severely underrated. They both obviously love each other so I do ship these two.

I only ship this because Thorn would need to marry him to make more sandwings support her because Smolder's from the royal line. Smolder is super cowardly though, so Thorn deserves better.

I think these two should be together because Thorn is accepting Smolder (spoiler for book 5) even though he locks her and her daughter Sunny up in the library while waiting for Burn, and even after that she forgave him and still let him in.

I know he loved Palm and that was cute but that is over and now Thorn caught Smolders eye so I hope they end up together for a king for the sandwings and siblings for Sunny. (And because Thorn deserves a kind guy and good king and sunny needs a better dad, and because they're cute together.)

Lynx x Winter

WHY IS THIS NOT FIRST PLACE! seriously,this should be #1 winter literally says that he likes lynx and it actually also says in bk.10 (spoiler alert) that winter swoops out of the sky and frost breaths fearlesses wing so she hits the mountain - the mist wing

Winter mentioned that Lynx was nice! She also looks like Moon, for all those depressed Winterwatcher shippers! She also trained with him, so it shows they have a friendship! It might be one of the few not love at first sight ships!

I am an Ultimate Moonbli shipper so that leaves winter alone but hima and lynx would be soooooo cute he said that he liked her before he met moon in Book 7 and he saves her in book 10 and honestly I would be the happiest person if they became canon! <3

I love this! It has proof too! (See Winter Turning: book 7) I hope this happens because if he steals Kinkajou from Turtle I swear I will cry for weeks! (Spoiler Alert!) Moon already chose Qibli so he better choose Lynx!

Queen Coral x Gill

I think these two are good because you can see that when Tsunami gets back from the Sky Kingdom and tells her that they were in the Sky Kingdom Queen Coral freaks out and asks if she saw Gill. Even though we never saw them together except for in Turtle’s book when he remembers the night he lost his sister, when Coral finds out Gill comforts her.

They were already married but Coral seemed to really care about him

An amazing couple that rule a kingdom together!

Meant for each other the reason to be married

Smolder x Palm

Now we’re talking! It’s so sad that Smolder thinks Palm is dead. Until that one thing happened. They are perfecto together! - Star

He is a prince and she is a ordinary girl. It is very dramatic and I love their story. It’s so beautiful I can’t stop thinking about it. They are really cute together.

I live this ship cause they love each other and under no surkumstances will I ever ship smolder and thorn (I do however ship thorn and Stonemover)

They care for each other and have strong feelings. Also they are, like, the same age.

Sixclaws and Thorn

This will NOT happen Sixclaws is with Kindle and they have a daughter Ostrich.Spoiler for a bit of book 10; Thorn likes Smolder and Smolder likes Thorn.

This is nice. I like Thornclaws I ship them way more than Smolder x Thorn. In my opinion Thornclaws is just better. Six-claws is very loyal to Thorn. They should be a couple and... why is this ship so underrated?!
~ Duskfall the Nightwing

I like this one, although they both have there own children, and thorn already has (or had) stonemover, if these were out of the way, then I would really like this one

They seem awesome together

Sunny x Clay

I do like this one better than Sunny x Starflight, and Clay x Peril, because the two share a deep friendship I don't think the other Dragonets of Destiny have.

I think it's a cute couple. Though I think Sunny might not what to be burned to death by Peril. I like both of the couples.

Thy are both so caring but sunny should be careful so the cow doesn't take her place

I still ship Ceril but the affection with a Sunny and Clay is adorable! Its like a brother-best friend-relatshinship bye.

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