Top Ten Most Loved Wings of Fire Couples

The Top Ten Most Loved Wings of Fire Couples

1 Glory x Deathbringer

I am a huge fan of all of these I would like to vote for all but I can't. They are going to be able to keep peace to the Dragon world!

I think they make a perfect match. Plus I saw something that said their dragons name was Firefly, which I think I adorable

They are SO FREAKING cute! I love how Deathbringer playfully flirts with her, and Glory argues but kinda flirts back...just plain adorable.

They are the perfect fit they are both sarcastic that makes them perfect

2 Qibli x Moonwatcher

Yes. Definitely. ABSOLUTELY! I loved this ship since Moon Rising! I loved how much Qibli cared for her... it just made this ship even more adorable.

This is one of my favourites. I've seen a LOT of fans say that Moonbli was rushed and had no development but I don't think so! Moon actually had feelings for Qibli since book 6 when she wished she was brave to drum with him. Qibli always supported her since they met. While Winter and Moon had development in book 7, she and Qibli had quality time together at Possibility for a week! Did everyone actually forget about that? I believe so! Moonbli was well as developed and I don't think people were paying attention to this! As for Winter, he'll be better off with Lynx! - thrustmaster100

Qibli is smart and kind and will always help moon when she is stuck in the future or something. And Moon can help Qibli help Queen Thorn with the kingdom

YES. I knew she would pick him. Too be honest if I were Moon I would pick Qibli. He cares for her. Plus what does ship mean? People r watching too much Anima these days

3 Riptide x Tsunami

Riptide and Tsunami is the BEST! No one can EVER beat them. Honestly, I think they belong in first place... they really do! I love how Riptide looks out for Tsunami (sometimes) and how he taught Tsunami how to speak Aquatic. He was pretty helpful! Well... Tsunami is my favourite character, so... that's why I like these two! GO, RIPTIDE AND TSUNAMI! (Chants)

Riptide can help Tsunami rule the sea kingdom (if she does challenge Coral) but he also can tell her when she can attack people. She can help Riptide lead the talons of peace if she needs to. Their dragon nets will grow up strong and smart.

I was gonna actually ship Tsunami with Webs until I learned that he was a lot older than her, so now I ship Riptide and Tsunami

1.Moto moto memes
2. Riptide would make a good king and Tsunami would be a GREAT queen
3. They both have fearsome names. (Did anyone else notice that!)

4 Kinkajou x Turtle

Shipped them since turtle has feelings for her
Winter would never love her like turtle does

Glory : Turtle do you take Kinkajou as your wife? Turtle: I do.Glory: Kinkajou do you take Turtle as your husband? Kinkajou: I do. Glory: then you may kiss the bride!

I have loved this ship ever silence I herd turtles loving thoughts of her

This ship made me want to explode of happiness! Turtle's feelings toward Kinkajou was soooooo perfect. As well as they are so cute together!

5 Fathom x Indigo

Probably the only Seawing ship AT ALL that I like. I loved Fathom's love to Indigo, always wanting her to come along.

Yep, definitely the best. I love their dragonets, they remind me of my brothers (especially clearpool)

They just warm my heart when I found out they had dragon nets

They were meant for each other...

6 Peril x Clay

As told in Book 8, Escaping Peril, Peril has liked Clay for a long time. Whether he likes her, I've yet to find out, but I think that would be a good ship.

Peril is totally falling for Clay and clay better like her back!

I love the interesting, cute relationship! Fire plays such an important part in their whole story, and I love it.

When Clay and Peril met, Peril was so caring. Clay enjoyed it and then the whole love thing started.

7 Clearsight x Darkstalker

Darkstalker, if I remember correctly, loved Clearsight very much. I love that. I find it amazingly sweet.

I was kinda sad when Clearsight trapped Darkstalker under the mountain in the end...
They never had Dragonets!

They were amazing. I was so sad when stalky went all psycho and stuff.

Clearsight: Life is worst at times but you should not be angry at it. Sometimes I am angry at life to because my husband is mad and I am at the bottom.

8 Sunny x Starflight

A sweet, and cute ship, these two make for a ship. With Sunny's happy, bubbly personality and Starflight's more reserved personality, it makes it cute and sweet.

Obviously people get it right! Fate speaker does not deserve star

Starflight loves Sunny a lot. Even though Sunny loves him as a brother, it still would be cute. Fatespeaker came in one day and is trying to get Starflight. Strflight deserves Sunny because they known each other longer.

They are so cute. Also Fatespeaker x Starflight was never a thing and never will be!

9 Fatespeaker x Starflight

Fate speaker and Star flight are perfect because fate speaker will help star flight get around. Star flight will tell fate speaker when she is in the future

CUTE! Fate cares for Star when he is blind and she reads him stories. Anyways, sunny is better single.


The are so cute. Even though people may think Starflight and sunny mix the DON'T. Sunny can't protect Starfight as good a Fatespeaker. Fateflight/Starspeaker for life! Sunny is really better single.

10 Anemone x Tamarin

There's another ship that has two of the same gender as well:
Sundew x Willow - ArcticWolf

I squealed for like, five whole minutes after I read that they were a couple, plus, I am a lesbian too, so, yaaay! :)

OBVIOUSLY this is the best ship! Gay pride, am I right? Plus, who doesn't love a GAY PRINCESS?!

Guys this isn't gay this is: Lesbian. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

The Contenders

11 Blue x Cricket

Why is this not in the top seven? At least? It's like they both like the other but are too scared to tell! This is what should happen: When they get to Pyrrhia Blue finds a book about "reading monkeys" and gives it to Cricket and she gets so happy and tells him that she loves him. And he says that she shouldn't and admits that he loves her then they are a couple. That really should happen. And Cricket will grow up to be a scientist who studies scavengers and Blue will help her. And by the way these are my favorite characters. I love the lost continent books and Sundew and Willow is my second favorite couple. And if say that you hate this, I will find you and destroy you.

They belong together. Please have them end up together. Omg I need them to end up together

This is good. And these are my favorite characters. And I already wrote a reply but I'm voting this everyday until it is top seven. If you hate this I hate you. BYE

Blue's seriousness and Cricket's sweet sense of humor just matches perfectly together, at least in my opinion.

12 Blaze x Glacier

Queen glacier care about blaze and you can see that glacier is very regal with blaze

13 Moonwatcher x Winter

Yes I know winter was mean to moon but he seemed to develop feelings for her...

Winter has a lot of feeling for her
But Qibli deserves her more, winter hurt them to much

Winter deserves Moonwatcher. He had a crush on her since the moment they met. He still thinks back to! He is worthy of Moonwatcher. NOT LYNX! I don't ship him with Lynx. Winterwatcher for life!


14 Sundew x Willow

They are really cute. They were meant to be together. So sundews mom should stop being a butt.

They are cute together and they are just the perfect fit,plus sundew is not angry at willow

I love their secret relationship means they truly love each other

Awww they are cute because one: FINALLY the same gender loves the same gender. And two: ITS SECRET LOVE! Eh? Anyone? Come on!

15 Luna x Swordtail

They are soul mates. And deserve each other. Luna is courageous and Swordtail is brave. They now it too. They will tear the world apart literally. If any one tries to keep them apart

This is...cute...I guess. Sword definitely cares for Luna but it just feels awkward. Too...fake.

They want to be back together so much. This is great!


16 Whiteout x Thoughtful

Really cute! I wish I could have seen what happened to them after the events of Darkstalker.

Definitely together for ever

Love it why say anything else

I bet they were a cute couple

17 Peril x Turtle

Peril do have feelings for turtle and it is true that in darkness of dragons it says that peril likes turtle or then she would not be excited to be in the same winglet as turtle

They spent a basically WHOLE BOOK JUST TOGETHER! They’re also proving opposites attract

Interestingly cute, but how the hell could she have babies with him if she can't even touch him?! (biologically)

SO CUTE! Why must peril start falling for turtle then forces herself to love clay? LET YOUR HEART DECIDE! And anyways, fire x water? It’s like they were made for each other!

18 Smolder x Palm

A prince fell in love with a sweet nobody and formed an adorable relationship!

They were right to get kind of married and get a dragonet named Onyx

They care for each other and have strong feelings. Also they are, like, the same age.

I live this ship cause they love each other and under no surkumstances will I ever ship smolder and thorn (I do however ship thorn and Stonemover)

19 Tsunami x Clay

When I first read the book The Dragonet Prophecy, I thought Clay and Tsunami was a thing because Tsunami saved Clay from Kestrel.

Nice, I get to see this ship again! - ArcticWolf

Its romantic how they care for each other

They have known each other for like ever

20 Queen Coral x Gill

Poor Gill got killed by his own daughter, but I didn’t like how he yelled at Turtle in Talons of Power

They were already married but Coral seemed to really care about him

An amazing couple that rule a kingdom together!

Meant for each other the reason to be married

21 Smolder x Thorn

Smolder is awesome and he like thorn and they do have feelings for each other it was sectioned in darkness of dragons that thorn was worried about smolder

Smolder can help Thorn rule the kingdom because Smolder was The brother of three sisters who were all “Queen” for a little while.

They are just meant to be

Very cute

22 Lynx x Winter

Winter and lynx must have feelings. In Winter Turning Winter said that lynx was the only one that was kind to him, and then in Darkness of Dragons winter save lynx from Fearless

Winter needs a ship that isn't Winterwatcher or Qinter. Winterwatcher wouldn't be a great match and Qinter has BROmance! Lynxter is more superior - thrustmaster100

the only dragon winter deserves is lynx. moon is way too good for him

Very cute, better than Winter x Moon I hope it happens

23 Sixclaws and Thorn

1 I think Thorn and Sixclaws should be a couple because they r so cute near eachother. THORNCLAWS FOREVER

They seem awesome together

Cool and cute


24 Anemone x Pike

Pike is always looking out for Anemone in ways that no one else does. Pike is also always on guard and makes EVERYONE respect her. Anemone deserves a guy like him.

This would be great, kinda like Glory Deathbringer where one protects the other

Pike is so in love with her but Anemone doesn't seem to like him back :(

Pike cares for Anemone too much to deny this ship.

25 Sunny x Clay

I do like this one better than Sunny x Starflight, and Clay x Peril, because the two share a deep friendship I don't think the other Dragonets of Destiny have.

Thy are both so caring but sunny should be careful so the cow doesn't take her place

I Think Sunny and Clay Clay always looks after sunny.

I still ship Ceril but the affection with a Sunny and Clay is adorable! Its like a brother-best friend-relatshinship bye.

26 Morrowseer x Secretkeeper

I was so surprised that Moon was actually related to Morrowseer! Like, Moon is the kindest Nightwing ever, when Morrowseer was full of lies!

Morrowseer has been hinted to still be alive it would be cute to see them reunite!

They were a thing before Morrowseer died to the volcano

Kinda maybe
But they made Moon, so they must love each other

27 Qibli x Winter

OMIGAWD SO CUTE TOGETHER! Why be with Moon, a dull, bland, op NightWing, when you can be with edgy boi/ pun boi? Mah favorite ship. THE CUTEST THING EVAH

Has no one seen how they act around one another I mean LOOK AT THEM. I feel like Half the time Qibli is flirting with Winter on stuff.

Would be intersting due to the fact they are allways fighting for moonwacher and it might work with some theories.

YES PLEASE. It's just- such a cute IDEA at least. - Speedyscout

28 Snowflake x Snowfox

Oh I didn't even noticed another LGBT ship. - ArcticWolf

They are so cute! Snowflake derserves bwtter than Arctic, and Snowfox is so much better

They are adorable together. first LGBT IceWings, and they are so smart together. they totally deserve each other

29 Umber x Qibli

Qibli twined his tail around Umber's when things got tough. They are nice, loyal, and loving to one another!

I like this ship but qibli also makes a good ship with moon

Nobody ever thought about it?


30 Katydid x Malachite

They risked everything for each other. Did nobody hear their story? (If you can't find it, look in book 12 when lady Scarab is talking)

Crickets parents

It's just SO CUTE!

31 Icicle x Carnelian

evil x evil

easy. they are both perfectly evil hey deserve each other.


32 Winter x Kinkajou

There cute together.

Yes and no but mostly... Yes

I think they'd be perfect for each other!

Yes! I love it!

33 Sunny x Smolder

Wait why did I vote this?
Smolder old and Sunny young

SandWings and so AWESOME!

They r so adorable!


34 Quibili x Ostrich

I ship them so Winter and Moon can be together..

Not likely. They're more of a brother and sister kind of relationship - thrustmaster100

Only so moon could get winter


35 Glory x Clay

Clay and glory are in love it shows that in the graphic novel book one

They were suppose to be a boyfriend and girlfriend but they chose Peril to be Clay's girlfriend/crush instead - ArcticWolf

It wasnt on here so I put it...there! Plus they were cute in the first book-ish?

36 Burnet x Silverspot

This is seriously underrated, I think the two together is so cute!

Blue and his two moms in WoF Lost continent! Has no one else seen this?

:) love it

37 Flame x Fate Speaker

Flame might not like Fatespeaker to much, but I could clearly picture them having dragonets and being happy as mates for life. GO FLAMESPEAKER!

I’m pretty sure Fatespeaker loves Starflight, but Starflight loves Sunny and Sunny just confessed she loved him too. Fatespeaker and Flame should become a thing. GO FLATESPEAKER!

I say flame should be with his mom but oh well

38 Clearsight x Maple

Please stop being homophobic.


39 Flame x Viper

Even though Viper gave an awful scar to Flame, they seem like a good ship. To bad Viper died! They would of been perfect for each other. The scar was accident!

40 Moon x Kinkajou

I know it's not canon, and will never be canon, but gosh darn they're so cute!

Totally adorable

41 Anemone x Ostrich

That's what she said.

Thry’re Roommates, why can’t they have a little fun?

42 Turtle x Tamarin

First person, a few things,
1. Tamarin is not an animus and you are far enough in the series to know that
2. Turtle likes Kinkajou, not Tamarin
Omg, do you really read the books?

YES I LOVE THIS I'm ONLY ON WINTER TURNING 12/19/19 BUT I STILL THINK THEY WOULD BE CUTE TOGETHER I only on winter turning but I think turtle and tamarin are both animuses

43 Tamarin x Kinkajou

Fern of the RainWings: They Inspired me to do what I never thought I could do! P.S. I am blind.

They're good friends - ArcticWolf

44 Sundew x Swordtail

To cute! I just think the gay ships are weird, like, these are dragons! they aren't humans!

In book twelve Sundew showed that she liked Swordtail.

Almost as cute as sundew x willow

45 Tamarin x Pike

he cares for her when she almost gets blown up

Pike is funny - ArcticWolf

46 Darkstalker x Listener

Sssssooooooo much better than clear sight and dark stalker

Why can’t they be a couple

47 Kinkajou x Qibli
48 Darkstalker x Fathom

Don't ask.

49 Morrowseer x Blister

They get along so yeah that's a ship I know but I hate Morrowseer - ArcticWolf

Ok they both evil they both cool

but they hate each other.


I think that because they’re both evil and are willing to kill people just to get what they want, they’re a good couple

Unironically the best ship of all time

50 Mangrove x Orchid

They are all ready mates, but they are really cute together and love each other and look out for each other like, crazy! Orchidgrove is awesome.

Mangrove worked sooo hard to get her back. They were sooo happy to be together again! NightWings suck to take Orchid away!

I agree! Mangrove was so happy when he found Orchid again, they definitely belong together! - DragonFire1o

Mango of the RainWings: My mommy and daddy are so protective fa may an I fink dis is da weson! I may get captured by cweepy NightWings!

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