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1 Glory x Deathbringer

Glory and Deathbringer are probably my single most favorite ship in all of Wings of Fire! They have such a cute dynamic, something that is a classic (bodyguard and royalty fall in love) with a new twist, it's just so fun to read about. And even though it might've been a lie from Darkstalker, they did have and AU daughter named Firefly. They're just so cute together, they will always be there for each other to lean on, and Darkstalker's nonstop love for her in endearing :)

Glory and Deathbringer are so awesome. I love how Deathbringer flirts with Glory. It's funny. And if you read Winglets #2, Assassins, suddenly Deathbringer helping Glory and not killing her becomes ten times sweeter because of him putting those he loved before his mission. One minor thing I don't like about Glorybringer is that Deathbringer is nearly twice Glory's age, as of now Glory is 7 and Deathbringer is 13, like WHAT they should've made Deathbringer at least like 3 or 4 years younger but other than that Glorybringer is AWESOME

I voted this one because they are absolutely PERFECT for each other. I mean the ship is literally cannon. The way they tease each other and the way Glory shoots him down is so cute. In book 5 (If you haven't read it don't read this comment further) it literally says he teases her just be shot down because he likes it! Glorybringer forever!

Top reasons why they should be together:
1. They totally love each other.
2. Deathbringer tries to protect Glory as much as possible.
3. As soon as she saw him, Glory was like "O my farting monkeys and talking flowers, that is the most handsomest dragon in the universe!"
4. They are going to have eggs for sure. If you go to and type Glory and Deathbringer you will find 'A Queen's Clutch' and it is the most romantic story ever!
Jupiter XWing

2 Qibli x Moonwatcher

Qibli and Moon are perfect for each other. They have gotten along for the whole second ark and third (even though its not in the spotlight)! I love them together and as individuals. I'd die for them both. I shipped them from the moment he realized she was nervous. winter was horrible to Moon and I can't see how people would want them together! don't even get me started on Quinter or Qwinterwacher. I love this pair and no one NO ONE will change my mind.

I thought they were so cute together, I feel as if Moon and Qibli will always understand and be there for each other. I did feel their relationship was a tad rushed, but all in all, I think they're cute together

People, you better vote for the best couple ever!( times a thousand) I will always be disgraced by people that vote for them with someone else. They deserve each other and first place!

These two obviously deserve each other. Qibli even says that he can’t live without her and shows that deeply in the book by flirting with her and helping her. In book six she shows her feelings by saying she likes both winter and qibli but by the end her love for qibli is deeper. They both like each other by the end and that is why they should be together.

3 Kinkajou x Turtle

I totally ship this. Turtle is sooooo in love with Kinkajou, and I love that. All that is needed is for Kinkajou to like him as much as he likes her. Plus they would probably be together without the love spell on Kinkajou. They are meant to be. The person who put Winter and Kinkajou together made me a bit mad, but that's what they saw fit so I will let it be. Just know it will never happen. Kinkajou and Turtle will be a couple and that's that.

My, oh, my, oh, my, oh, my! They just can't tell each other that they love each other more than anything, even though they do! They just have to say the simple words that I wish I had the guts to tell somebody, I love you more than anything.
Jupiter XWing

They are SO CUTE TOGETHER they always share their feelings together and turtle admitted that she had a love spell on her. Other people proably would have kept it a secret so then she would still feel like she loved them after the spell was taken off of her.

They are definitely going to end up together. Like, Turtle has a crush on Kinkajou and Anemone made A LOVE SPELL for Kinkajou! But I still think they are going to end up together WITHOUT the love spell.

4 Peril x Clay

One thing I have to say is simply Clay is probably the only other dragon Peril could ever be with. She's so scarred from her past and erratic, she needs a good foundation that Clay can help her build. I think they could both help each other, which they already have been doing. I think they would make a very adorable couple

While I was reading the first book I totally understand what peril did I mean if the guy I liked went off saving other girls I be hurt.
Peril xClay are perfect together Clay is a great guy and he could teach peril a lot of new things. And help her overcome her flaws and bring out the good in her. What more could you ask for?

Clay is the only one who sees the good in her that even she can't see. Peril kills anyone who hurts Clay. Even though I'm pretty sure Clay's friends aren't happy with Sutherland for saying that their canon. BY THE WAY Cleril haters, when the mastermind of these couples say one is canon do NOT disagree with her!
Jupiter XWING

Peril has a crush on Clay. Peril helps Clay escape. Clay hides Peril under his wing so nobody sees her. (Actually because Peril promised him to tell him where Sunny is but she didn't.) -Isabella the dragon guardian.

5 Clearsight x Darkstalker

Clearsight and Darkstalker were meant for each other! This is all Clearsight's fault that they didn't end up with each other because SHE BETRAYED HIM! I also believe that she made Darkstalker turn evil when she betrayed him.

Nope. Never gonna happen people. Darkstalker doesn't deserve Clearsight. Get that through your head. Sorry for all y'all people who ship this, but I hate it. Darkstalker completely deserved to get turned into Peacemaker. DIE, CLEARSTALKER.

Clearsight was crying when Darkstalker was put asleep when other dragons would have been happy that they saved the world.

It was sad that Clearsight had to leave and betray Darkstalker, but she had to stuff him in a mountain. Anyway, Clearsight and Shimmer dragon(Sunstreak) together is cool.

Obsidian the NightwingSandwing

6 Blue x Cricket

Blue and Cricket are PERFECT! Immediately as I was reading the newest books in the series, I was already falling for Blue x Cricket. The fact both of them are so shy but bring out the best in each other, the fact they are always there for each other, and they both are in love but it's sweet and innocent. I can't wait to see where the 14th book brings their relationship!

Oh my gosh they are the best! I nearly lost it when Blue and Cricket were separated at the end of book 13. There is no couple better for each other than these two. I couldn't imagine two dragons more perfect for each other, which I kinda already said in the last sentence, but who cares? I will vote as often as possible until they are #1 on this list. BLICKET FOR ALL OF ETERNITY!

Blicket should be the vice president to first place. They fell in love the very first time they met. Blue states that he can't say good-bye to Cricket. I bet it nearly kills him to be separated from her. I hope that he gets to her and they mate!
Jupiter XWING

I like this one, but I'm torn between Blicket and Blundew. Sundew doesn't like yelling at Blue, and he is obviously her favourite out of all her friends. (Not including Willow) But Blue loves Cricket, and Sundew loves Willow. I'm so torn!

7 Riptide x Tsunami

They both would immeaditely say that they love each other if they said who they loved. Tsunami just ask him to marry you! Riptide you love Tsunami more than anything, just ask her! Come on guys, help me out! KEEP VOTTING FOR THEM! And Tsunami, when you finally ask him to marry you, please don't tell him that he is so ugly that his mom was an angler fish and his dad a fat eel who's expression says 'Hey Gulper Face. How About a nice cup of soap for your skin that smells like a decaying fish mixed with rotten clams!
Jupiter XWing

Why is this so low down? Riptide clearly cares about Tsunami so much. He may have lied, but that was because he wanted her to like him. And Tsunami described him as being very handsome the moment she saw him. And she forgave him at the end of the arc, showing she definitely likes him back. Riptide even teaches Tsunami Aquatic.
I also like the fact that they chose another SeaWing, no offence but there are a LOT of ships that will result in hybrids (Glory X Deathbringer, Moon X Qibli, Turtle X Kinkajou, Peril X Clay). Thank you for reading, I know some of you will disagree with me. Have a good day. :)

OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE and they are the perfect pair. They also love each other.
I can't really do one right now for dark sight, because I have to go to sleep and ONE MORE THING! Riptide might have kept secrets from Tsunami, but he thought of her a lot. I think if he has the thought of not being with her, he can't breathe.

Tsunami is not really mad at him after he says he was with the talons of peace when she would have hated him if it was a different dragon. Riptide is always relieved when she does not get mad at him for something.

8 Fathom x Indigo

I thought this was a very heartbreaking story. From the beginning with Fathom being set up as her arch enemy to the wall Darkstalker put between them, I thought that they're whole dynamic was riveting! But, the fact that it had a happy ending for them (and that they both help each other with the horrors of their past), makes them easily on of my top 5 favorite Wings of Fire couples

I love this ship! They are so amazing together and I was sad that they had to be together in secret because of Queen Pearl.

I hate darkstalker for trying to kill indigo, she is amazing!

Go Indigo x Fathom!

Yes, Fathom and Indigo is awesome! I hated how Darkstalker was basically trying to manipulate Fathom's feelings by trying to make him forget about Indigo and then trapping her in the carving when it didn't work, like SERIOUSLY DARKSTALKER. I'm sorry for all Darkstalker sympathizers, but Darkstalker did have evil qualities and I completely support him turning into Peacemaker at the end of DOD. Fathigo is an awesome ship and I love how they were BFFs from the time they were dragonets.

I read the last part of Darkstalker which is from Indigo's point of view like 20 times. I love them! They are so cute. I hated pearl for making Fathom stay away from Indigo, but I got sooooooo happy when they had dragonets. They are the best couple ever! Plus they have dragonets which is just perfect and awesome!

9 Sundew x Willow

This is the best ship, to anyone who says lesbians are gross, 1. I'm a lesbian and 2. It's totally natural. Sundew and Willow just fit together. This is my favorite ship.

I love them together, as much as they love each other. I'm glad they have two females together, showing females can fall in love.

-Obsidian the NightwingSandwing

UHMM... HELLO? Best. Ship. EVER! I love how Willow is kind, loving and patient, whereas Sundew is reckless, strong and very impatient. They have such different personality's, yet they fit SO WELL together!

I love it. They're perfect for each other. They're willing to put opinions and peer pressure aside for each other, and even meet each other when they're not supposed to.

10 Sunny x Starflight

Here is proof Sunny and Starflight should be together. Even if Fatespeaker and Starflight are together, please change it. Starflight's mind: I might die today. What if I die without ever telling her how I feel? You've bluffed nightwing guards. You've escaped the nightwing island. Surely you can say three words to one dragon (AKA Sunny) Sunny: Starflight, we're going to be alright. Think of the prophecy. We HAVE to be alive to stop the war, right? So we CAN'T die today. Isn't that comforting? Starflight: I wish I had your optimism. Sunny: It's not optimism It's faith. There's a reason why we're here. Starflight: Sunny, there's something I've needed to tell you...for a long time, I mean. Sunny: I'm listening.

Starflight: I love you.

Sunny: I...I love you too, Starflight.

This is the proof! Fatspeaker didn't say anything like this! It made me cry when I found out Starflight is with Fatespeaker. Sunny and Starflight both love eachother and I don't think ...more

Starflight had been in love with Sunny his whole live and then Fatespooper, I mean, Fatespeaker shows up? She ruined the whole relationship! I pretty sure that Sunny was finally loving Starflight and then Fatespeaker got chosen! I hate all of the Starspeaker lovers! My fellow Sunnyflight lovers, let's kick their buts in this competition . KEEP VOTTING!
Jupiter XWing

YES! Please vote this one! IT"S MY FAVORITE! ONE EVER! Please make it happen! I think their son or daughter's name is going to be Sunflight. So, it is the best of all of the votes here so please vote this one!

Starflight loved her first! Tui for MOON'S SAKE please change your mind! Sunny was finally loving Starflight and then Fatespeaker shows up and ruins all my hopes for them!): AND I agree with Sunflight future dragonet person. Please vote for Sunflight!
Jupiter XWING

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? Sundew x Mandrake
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11 Fatespeaker x Starflight

I love it soo much! Sunnyflight is my least favourite ship ever. Starflight and Fatespeaker belong together! Proof? Fine.

1. Starflight felt safer when Fatespeaker was behind him in the tunnel.

2. He wrapped his wings around her when she was going to tell the NightWings about bowing down to Glory

3. When he was confessing to Sunny, he was unsure if his feelings for her and Fatespeaker were the same.

4. It was love at first sight for Fatespeaker, she thought that Starflight was her destiny.

5. SUNNY REJECTED HIM PEOPLE. IT IS SO OBVIOUS. Can I just remind you that Sunny wasn't sure if her feeling was jealousy. If it was, then she must have been jealous that Fatespeaker was more than friends with Sunny's friend.

Sorry y'all Sunnyflight shippers, but SHE ONLY LIKES HIM AS A BROTHER. And Starspeaker is canon, and Sunnyflight is in the trash, so yeeeah...

And besides, Sunny's ending up with Meerkat in the books, so Sunnyflight isn't a thing, ...more

This is one of my favourite ships ever. (All Sunnyflight shippers read this) They have a dragonet in the future, so that kind of proves they love each other and get together in the future! HA! They are so perfect. With them forever.

Fatespeaker is very similar to Sunny, but Sunny isn't interested in Starflight. And Starflight had a crush on I felt bad for Fatespeaker. I still ship it.

Fatespeaker is so nice to Starflight. She is always helping him. Starflight fits so much better with her then Sunny. Sunny does not love him as much as Fatespeaker does so I vote Starspeaker.

12 Anemone x Tamarin

So perfect. Need to hear more about them. I like how Anemone is always leaving Tamarin little gifts. Really hope they get together.

In the books it mention that kinkajou says that Anemone always apears where tamarin is and she gives tamarin little gifts.

Soooo cuuute! Anemarin is easily one of my favourites! Anemone is so much kinder when she's with Tamarin, and Tamarin needs someone around to help her with her blindness.Lets just hope Tamarin likes Anemone back.

#SOCUTE. Anemone tried to cure Tamarin of being blind, and I think that she tried on bazillion times. also, they both are the exact same

13 Moonwatcher x Winter

Ginevra, carnelian IS evil! (sorry, wrong list.) Darkstalker had a vision of Her throttling Kinkajou to shut her up, and Moon had a vision of Carnelian pinning her to the ground. Also, she is a warrior how many dragons she killed?

Meh. Mostly no. Moon doesn't really love Winter, she just knows that he loves her. Winter is a huge jerk to her, and he doesn't deserve Moon. Moonbli is better.

Yes! Winter is one of my favorite. Charecters, it makes me sad he ends up alone.. if only he died in the fight between nightwings and icewings and then his friends all got sad over him and so much drama!

I mean really guys! I respect Tui’s decision but I don’t think Moonbli is an exciting couple, ya they both really liked each other (Qibli and Moonwatcher) but nothings really going to happen to them that you can put in another book but with Winter and Moonwatcher being forbidden to love each other and each loving the other anything can happen. I really like the idea of Winterwatcher being a thing.

14 Blaze x Glacier

Ok so a lot of people are saying that Glacier has a daughter. Yes, Yes. But what if she had eggs with Blaze instead of an icewing. Think of it, Snowfall is only 7 years, Glacier could have secretly had eggs with Blaze without Blaze knowing ( Blaze might have not known... Support this ship forever

I don't know why I even voted for this. Glacier only helps Blaze because of the land she'll get, and literally calls Blaze a "cheerful brain-dead goose" in book 14

I DON'T ship this because Glacier already has a husband, I know this because Glacier has a daughter named Snowfall. and Glacier doesn't want Blaze to die because Blaze promised Glacier more land if Blaze was made queen.

They worked together and Glacier really cares about Blaze. Glacier is very protective of her too! There has to be something between them... just a feeling...
~ Duskfall the Nightwing

15 Tsunami x Clay

I really thought this was a thing while reading the first book. Clay said that Tsunami is beautiful and Tsunami saved him from Kestrel. Later on Clay saved Tsunami too. And then Riptide... and Ripnami... I still kind of ship Claynami.
~ Duskfall the Nightwing

When I first read the book The Dragonet Prophecy, I thought Clay and Tsunami was a thing because Tsunami saved Clay from Kestrel.

It was in the graphic novel book 1 so yeah deal with it even though Tsunami and Riptide are cute and meant for each other, hate me if u want!

Clay basically admitted that Tsunami was beautiful, he describes Tsunami as a dragon made out of sapphires and also describes Tsunami as a beautiful overgrown fish

16 Luna x Swordtail

I just loved this ship so much, they are clearly already official and they just warmed my heart in the new part of the series! There's really no debate that they're a thing, and there's no drama they just simply love each other, which is a breath of fresh air! They might not be my favorite ship, but definite top 5 in Wings of Fire :)

Swordtail works very hard to help Luna whenever he can. He 100% has a crush on her. Luna always seem nicer to him then she is to everyone else. That makes me think she might have a crush on him to. It makes them seem really cool together.

They are the exact same and the opposites of each other. Luna and Swordtail love each other, and Swordtail said that when Luna was going for her metamorphosis. it was in the part where the hovering said that she was late for her metamorphosis.

CLEARLY they are meant for each other.At least Luna hoped she will be paired up with Swordtail, I hope it will happen too.

- Glimmer the Nightwing-Seawing

17 Queen Coral x Gill

Yeeeeah... I'm really not sure about this one. I mean, I know that Coral loved him and all, but she risked Gill's life to get heirs, so maybe that shows that she doesn't love him that much? It's not my favourite, but I'd prefer it to... *shudders* Sunnyflight.

I think these two are good because you can see that when Tsunami gets back from the Sky Kingdom and tells her that they were in the Sky Kingdom Queen Coral freaks out and asks if she saw Gill. Even though we never saw them together except for in Turtle’s book when he remembers the night he lost his sister, when Coral finds out Gill comforts her.

they were married and coral seemed nicer with gill and tsunami would love gill for a dad in my opinion. plus I think gill would trust the dragonets. it's a feeling

wave the seawing

In the prologue to Talons of Power, I liked Gill. If only he could've stayed alive until Tsunami got to the Kingdom of the Sea...

18 Whiteout x Thoughtful

Ok, I can't BEGINNNN to say how much I loved Whiteout in Darkstalker Legends! She is absolutely amazing, and so quirky I loved her! Honestly, Darkstalker was a really cool villain, and his sister is awesome. She deserves someone like Thoughtful, who will well, be Thoughtful to her. I think they did end up together, and I think they made an adorable pair. They're just so odd, it warms the heart!

Thoughtful makes sure Whiteout is okay a lot more then other people. Some people might say that he is better with Listener but I don’t really think he has anything in common with her personality wise. Also, Clearsight saw them together in the futures so I think they are better then Listful. Not only that but I AM ALL FOR WHITEFUL!

OMG, they are so cute together. Listener doesn't deserve Thoughtful; she would be the type to cheat on him and go out with someone else.

Listener wasn't good enough for Thoughtful. Thoughtful and Whiteout have a lot in common. unlike Listener, Whiteout knew about that book she was explaining about in the book with Darkstalker.

19 Smolder x Thorn

Thorn and Smolder fall for each other pretty soon after the war ends. They really need to strengthen up the bond between them and other non-Outclaws who have like 0 % of disobiedients to Thorn. Thanks to those cowardly Talons of Power they have to pause their mating session and rebuild their palace. Smoldthorn forever!
Jupiter XWING

These two are awesome because thorn needs someone and smolder is in love with her, but the feeling are mutual. Smolder can also create more eggs which means there are more dragons to kill thorn for the throne. Thorn needs this because sunny does not want to kill her mother.

I love these two! Smolder is perhaps one of the best characters and is severely underrated. They both obviously love each other so I do ship these two.

I only ship this because Thorn would need to marry him to make more sandwings support her because Smolder's from the royal line. Smolder is super cowardly though, so Thorn deserves better.

20 Lynx x Winter

I like this a lot! Lynx gives me a quiet, smart, and fierce vibe. A lot like Moon, but I think she'll fight back if Winter ever yells at her. Also, Lynx acts like she has a crush on Winter! Also, Winter said he has (or maybe it's had) a crush on her! Also, Winter literally said Lynx reminds him of Moon.

Also, I mostly ship this to get Winter away from Moon. XD. I ship Moonbli so hard.

I think the Dangerous Gift (COMING OUT SOON I MIGHT GET IT FOR MY BIRTHDAY) will bring in a whole TRUCKLOAD of Lynxter fans!

I feel bad for Winter when Kinkajou gets with Turtle and Moon gets with Qibli. Winter protects her at Jade Mountain and states that she is a lot like Moon. Lynx smiles at him and seems to care about him and she DOES act like she has a crush on him! And I'm pretty sure that Lynx doesn't have anyone to love eatheir, so I think that they are destined to be together!
Jupiter XWing

Moon is definitely anchored to Qibli so Winter needs to anchor himself to Lynx. Think about guys. Winter said that Lynx was pretty and he saved her in the Battle of Jade Mountain. Lynx is kind and supportive to him and she looks like Moon. ( Plus she can't read Winter's mind like Moon can, no offense Moon.)
Jupiter XWing

I really wish this could become canon. Winter's not like Sunny, and he needs a dragon like Moon to make him happy. I'm desperate for Winter to be with someone, and I don't ship him with Moon, so Lynx is the only option. I hope they get together.

21 Qibli x Winter

QINTER FOR LIFEEE I love these two so much! Qibli loves Winter as you can see when he flirts, and Winter is always in a better mood with him, they are happy together and care a lot about eachother, I don't treally like ethier of them with moon but I still like her! Also I named my gecko after Qibli XD

NO NO NO NO AND A THOUSAND MORE NO'S. Qibli doesn't love Winter at all. Just teasing him a lot. Ya Winter admires his intelligence, but only because he needs help to find Hailstorm. THERE'S A LINE BETWEEN FLIRTING AND TEASING, PEEPS. Nope, never in a million years.

OMGosh YASSSSS! Qinter (or Wibli, however you prefer it) is mah favorite ship of all time! Most of the time I believe Qibli tries and hardcore flirts with Winter and look at how they act around each other in the 10th book in the second section

I do t even care if this isn’t canon and if moonbli is but bruh tui stated that they are bi so shut up haters there are people here who just want to talk about good ships! Like yeah people can like non canon ships you don’t have to be like “ OML HOW DARE YOU EVERYONE HATES YOU YOU DONY EVEN DESERVE AN OPINION” this is why I hate all canon ships. Hey I used to like them but too many people have told me that that I hate all canon ships.

I think they’re cute together (they held talons in winter turning) and if that doesn’t convince you check out sharkcat’s lemon boy MAP. Of course I’m not forcing anyone to like it I’m just sharing what I think! I think winter stopped liking moon in the last book and moved on to qibli anyway

22 Peril x Turtle

I voted for this one by accident but it would be cute too! I think there personality would fit together and they would be happy

This is underrated perils relationship with clay is more like and unhealthy addiction FORGET ABOUT CLAY AND GO BE WITH TURTLE!

Peril and Turtle are opposites but they are also perfect! Turtle doesn't really see her as bad and Peril has learned a lot from that. It is also put out there that she wants him to support her because when she leaves she wants Turtle to stop her. I think they are so cute but Peril really loves Clay so...

God, no. These two suck, this was clearly just voted by people halfway through book 8. SO WHAT IF THEY GO ON A JOURNEY TOGETHER? How many times does the word "friend" appear describing their relationship? MANY. And Peril wil never stop loving Clay.

23 Smolder x Palm

Now we’re talking! It’s so sad that Smolder thinks Palm is dead. Until that one thing happened. They are perfecto together! - Star

smolder and palm are so cool. I wish oasis didn't complitly RUIN THEIR SWEET SHIP. POLDER 4 EVER. their so nice and its heartbreaking that they thought the other was dead :^(
wave the seawing

He is a prince and she is a ordinary girl. It is very dramatic and I love their story. It’s so beautiful I can’t stop thinking about it. They are really cute together.

They care for each other and have strong feelings. Also they are, like, the same age.

24 Sunny x Clay

I love them together, but I don't think Sunny wants to be pushed off a cliff from burning talons. Sunny and Clay together gives Peril a even better reason to do that.

-Obsidian the NightwingSandwing

meh. I mean this is an interesting pair but they have never been a ship in the first place. if they were then this is an amazing ship, but clay likes peril and sunny ( she does because she gets jelos of fatespeaker) likes starflight
wave the seawing.

I do like this one better than Sunny x Starflight, and Clay x Peril, because the two share a deep friendship I don't think the other Dragonets of Destiny have.

I think it's a cute couple. Though I think Sunny might not what to be burned to death by Peril. I like both of the couples.

25 Sixclaws and Thorn

This will NOT happen Sixclaws is with Kindle and they have a daughter Ostrich.Spoiler for a bit of book 10; Thorn likes Smolder and Smolder likes Thorn.

Yess! Please! MAKE IT HAPPEN. Six-claws only likes Thorn as a friend, BUT I STILL THINK THEY WOULD MAKE AN AWESOME COUPLE. please Become cannon Thornclaws.

This is nice. I like Thornclaws I ship them way more than Smolder x Thorn. In my opinion Thornclaws is just better. Six-claws is very loyal to Thorn. They should be a couple and... why is this ship so underrated?!
~ Duskfall the Nightwing

I like this one, although they both have there own children, and thorn already has (or had) stonemover, if these were out of the way, then I would really like this one

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