Top Ten Most Loved Wings of Fire Couples


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1 Glory x Deathbringer

MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST MATCH...but how come Winter x Moon are above Qibli? Seriously! Winter is a JERK. The only reason people like that match is because of Moon Rising and THAT'S ALL. Just a couple hints at feelings and BAM. People are so obsessed with that match.

Glory and Deathbringer is the best match possible! Deathbringer just flatters her, and Glory just shoots him down

Whenever I read when they are in the same room I laugh so hard yes yes

This is the alotamet match in the history of WINGS OF FIRE. People have are tried to guess what the children will look like. And it is so funny how neither of them admit it. And how glory shots him down.

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2 Kinkajou x Turtle

These are my two favorite characters in the series! They should totally be together! - superchubbell

Again, awesome couple! - superchubbell

Kinkajou... I’m begging you to become a couple... Pleaaase

Kinkajou is so happy and exited and Turtle loves her so much and keeps her calm Quibli and Moon ARE SO MUCH BETTER than winter and moon
PS. Kinkajou and Turtle are ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
PPs. Read back to the rain frorest it's a love story of Turtlejou it diservs a ♥️

3 Fathom x Indigo


4 Clearsight x Darkstalker

They were so cute together! - Sandzyboy

5 Sunny x Starflight

Die Fatespeaker

I like this - Lunala

Starflight and Fatespeaker are fine, but I’ll always prefer Starflight being with Sunny.

Sunny and Starflight sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love. The end.
R.I.P Starflight.

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6 Qibli x Moonwatcher

I hope they stay together for the rest of the series. Winter is a bad choice for Moon, to be honest.

They actually got together! DUH!

These two actually get together! Not Winter! - superchubbell

Moonbli 4eva!

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7 Peril x Clay

If you are a peril hater..FLIP IT AROUND or else... YOU ARE OUT lol...

Peril just burned a pink, fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow

This one is good - Lunala

They are so cute

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8 Fatespeaker x Starflight

NO! Star x Sunny FOR LIFE! - DragonFire1o

So cute

9 Moonwatcher x Winter

Winter deserves Moonwatcher people, he given up so much! Winter x Moonwatcher


Winter and Moonwatcher fit so much better together than Qibli, who I headcanon ship with Umber. Tui really dove in the wrong side of the pool there.

This ship is so cute! I’ve only read up to Winter Turning so far, but I love how he keeps denying his feelings for Moon, and honestly, I think they’d be great together! Moonbli is alright, but I honestly think Winterwatcher is better!

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10 Riptide x Tsunami

It's a match made in the deep blue

I LOVE TSUNAMI SOOO MUCH. I am her biggest fan. But I know that she can have quite a temper, and Riptide is the most perfect husband. THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE

I like this pair - Lunala

It is SO cute when riptide teaches her acuatic

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? Flame x Fate Speaker

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11 Anemone x Tamarin

OBVIOUSLY this is the best ship! Gay pride, am I right? Plus, who doesn't love a GAY PRINCESS?!



not at all

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12 Peril x Turtle

Peril and Turtle are opposites but they are also perfect! Turtle doesn't really see her as bad and Peril has learned a lot from that. It is also put out there that she wants him to support her because when she leaves she wants Turtle to stop her. I think they are so cute but Peril really loves Clay so...

Remember that part in Talons of Power? Peril became all jumpy and excited when she saw Turtle, and Turtle said he was gonna leave and follow Darkstalker. At first Turtle thought about hugging Peril, and when Turtle said he was about to leave, Peril’s wings drooped! She even said, “Oh. I wish I could come.” Turtle said that too, and he even THOUGHT ABOUT PERIL COMING WITH HIM IN THAT PARAGRAPH! Peril said she’ll miss his boring face, and Turtle also said he’ll miss Peril. Oh man I was almost screaming at that part!
In Escaping Peril there weren’t a lot of hints, but in Talons of Power there was an INSANE AMOUNT OF ROMANCE BETWEEN THEM!

13 Clay x Tsunami

It was in the graphic novel book 1 so yeah deal with it even though Tsunami and Riptide are cute and meant for each other, hate me if u want!

I thought that sense the begening

14 Blue x Cricket

Yes! Blicket forever!

It's Canon.

15 Snowflake x Snowfox

They are so cute! Snowflake derserves bwtter than Arctic, and Snowfox is so much better

They are adorable together. first LGBT IceWings, and they are so smart together. they totally deserve each other

16 Whiteout x Thoughtful

It was a really cute couple with their strange but adorable personality’s

17 Smolder x Palm
18 Queen Coral x Gill
19 Tsunami x Clay
20 Venom x Qibli
21 Burnet x Silverspot

This is seriously underrated, I think the two together is so cute!

Blue and his two moms in WoF Lost continent! Has no one else seen this?

22 Morrowseer x Blister

Who added this? No one actually thinks they should be together. Right? - superchubbell

Unironically the best ship of all time

Most clever ship of all time. but morrowseer still has his daughter Moonwatcher and wife Secretkeeper, so it can't happen

23 Mangrove x Orchid

I agree! Mangrove was so happy when he found Orchid again, they definitely belong together! - DragonFire1o

I love Mangrove and Orchid!
Mangrove is dumb but he deserved her

24 Winter x Kinkajou
25 Sunny x Smolder
26 Quibili x Ostrich


27 Sunny x Clay

I still ship Ceril but the affection with a Sunny and Clay is adorable! Its like a brother-best friend-relatshinship bye.

28 Moon x Kinkajou

I know it's not canon, and will never be canon, but gosh darn they're so cute!

29 Morrowseer x Secretkeeper
30 Tamarin x Pike
31 Umber x Qibli

Nobody ever thought about it?

32 Darkstalker x Listener

Why can’t they be a couple

33 Qibli x Winter

Winbli for life
I can’t believe no one had made this a couple yet
Have you seen how they are around each other?

34 Anemone x Pike

Pike loves Anemone I don't think she loves him back

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