Top Ten Lower Case English Letters


The Top Ten

1 q

It is so unique from its capital form and it looks so elegant. - Kevie16

It's really pretty in cursive! - keycha1n

It's the like a P but it is facing the other way.

2 o

Its like a little, chubby baby. - Kevie16

3 y

I used to draw y with a curled bottom, but now I draw them straight. I love this list! Its going in my favorites! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

It is definitely very interesting looking. - Kevie16

Yes! - lolingdog9000

4 a

Whether you write it with the little piece over it or just give it that cute tail, it is a cool lower case letter. - Kevie16

5 e

It is so different from its capital form. - Kevie16

Looks unique

6 z

This one's a zzzesty little fella. - Kevie16

Its like a capital n only shorter and wider. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 i

It looks like a little alien or something with that one eye. - Kevie16

8 k

It looks like it has little, stubby arms - Kevie16

9 j

This one looks like I's older brother. - Kevie16

10 d

B, p and q are knockoffs of d.

The Contenders

11 b

It's a capital b without the upper bump. - Kevie16

It tries to copy d but it can't compete.

12 f
13 x
14 v
15 w
16 h
17 u
18 s
19 g
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