Best Lucario Moves


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1 Close Combat V 2 Comments
2 Dragon Pulse

Dragon pulse is so powerful...

3 Metal Claw
4 Dark Pulse
5 Aura Sphere

This move is key into tricking your opponents to come near you, why? Well the reason to that is that you can charge your attack and ( store ) it then you'll be able to see something pulsing inside of Lucarios body then when your opponents get close to Lucario then you just attack with the Aura Sphere that is already charged for you to attack with! Then your opponents will think twice before coming near you!

V 2 Comments
6 Force Palm

I use this and it's powerful! - funnyuser

7 Extreme Speed

I think Extreme Speed should at least be somewhere between #1-#4 because it is the best way to recover from losing one of your stocks, but the thing is he can't attack when the move is used. It is also kind of fun to use this move to irratate your opponents when they want you to lose!

8 Quick Attack
9 Kinesis
10 Counter

The Contenders

11 Bone Rush

All you do is use swords dance then vine rush and that move is OP (if it hits at least 3 times)

V 2 Comments
12 Double Team
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