Top Ten Best Lucky Star Characters

Do you like the anime Lucky Star!? Then vote on your favorite characters! Please vote and tell me why you like them so much.

The Top Ten

1 Konata Izumi Konata Izumi

Konata Izumi's unique teasing personality and relatable otaku-ness is what brought new fans to Lucky Star. - CutiePoops

2 Kagami Hiiragi

A lovable tsundere! - CutiePoops

3 Tsukasa Hiiragi

She's super adorable and air-headed! - CutiePoops

my waifu

4 Miyuki Takara Miyuki Takara

She's smart, pretty, and clumsy! - CutiePoops

Clumsiness is sexy

I don like her

5 Misao Kusakabe

Her boundless energy is so captivating! - CutiePoops

6 Yutaka Kobayakawa

She's so short innocent and cute! - CutiePoops

7 Minami Iwasaki Minami Iwasaki

Calm, cool and quiet! She may seem scary to others but really has a heart of gold! - CutiePoops

8 Hiyori Tamura

Hilarious mangakka that majorly ships her friends! So relatable to many of us! - CutiePoops

9 Patricia "Patty" Martin

She's an exchange student from America! She often has a disconnect between manga and reality! - CutiePoops

10 Akira Kogami

Her bipolar personality is fun to watch! - CutiePoops

The Contenders

11 Cherry
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