Top Ten Most Ludicrous Pseudoscience Theories that Don't Exist... Yet

From claiming vaccines cause autism to believing that the Earth is flat, these wacky theorists like to dress up their glorified conspiracies with "scientific evidence". A couple of misinformed, manipulative studies that aren't even peer-reviewed will only get you so far, though...

The Top Ten

1 Space is an illusion
2 Cheese causes cancer
3 Alternative medicine can make you immortal

This theory will only hold legs before the first kook jumps out of a window to prove he can live forever. - BlarchBlaces

4 The Earth is dodecagon shaped
5 Everyone you know and love is genetically modified

GMOs: not just for food and plants anymore. - BlarchBlaces

6 The conception of the universe was faked by the government

Screw the government.

7 Water consists of deadly chemical agents

This was sort of used as a prank by my classmates claiming that the town water supplies contained dihydro-gen monoxide... the reaction showed how many people did not pay enough attention is in science class.

8 Radiation is good for you
9 We evolved from the dodo
10 Fruit is a major cause of anthrax

The Contenders

11 The bright light you see when dying is the opening of your new mother's womb in the next life

Ok if there is such thing as reincarnation what if you come back as animal like a dog or tiger or oh no a fly. Maybe a plant or another human, who knows? But if they could ever bring the dead back to life if you want to then keep a piece of hair or a finger or toe nail.

12 Soulja Boy is the leader of the world and made his music so no one would take him seriously

This has been scientifically proven - DarkBoi-X

13 Orgasms give you the power to manipulate time
14 Water is the urine of clouds

How do you feel about standing outside with your mouth open wide now, kids?

At least that's what I believed as a child... - styLIShT

15 Naturalism stops war

There's a thing called liberating yourself. There's also a thing called liberating yourself too much. This is an example of that. - Swellow

16 Acupuncture actually works

Um no many people actually do believe this or else why would they do it? - Powell

17 Flowers emit a gas that slowly kills us at a certain age, and without flowers we'd be immortal

The Happening 2

18 Eating three crack rocks a day makes you live longer
19 You are the only person in the world and everyone else is just your imagination
20 Water is life and drowning is only psychosomatic
21 Star Wars is a historical film directed by whistleblowers
22 Death is only psychosomatic
23 The moon and the sun are giant holograms
24 The government spies on you using black pizza delivery vans
25 If you believe in a religion you have a 10% chance of dying at an older age

I'm actually sure this exists somewhere.

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