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1 LuHan and Seohyun

They look good together. To be honest for the Yoona-Luhan fans, Yoona is taken plus she looks like a older sister next to him. Seohyun is the only one from SNSD who looks compatible with him-not too old and not too young. Luhan´┐Ż's ideal type is someone with fair skin, long hair, small lips and someone who is pure and gentle. Seohyun fits perfectly in his description. Why you all hating? Laugh out loud. Luhan likes her like crazy, there are even so many evidences on YouTube where he is staring at Seobaby like there is no other girl than her in the whole room. No, he is not staring at Yoona, you can always notice when Seohyun moves over there, his eyes move over there too. Luhan boy is just too shy and he should step ahead before any other guys does, Seohyun has many fanboys. I hope they get together! I am just waiting for that news to come out. Seobaby love him took

I think seohyun looks older than Yoona even Seohyun is younger

Seohyun look taller than Luhan and she should match with gentleman to take care her well

I think seohyun's face very old than luhan..

#sorry I don't know speak eng very well

They really look good together

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2 LuHan and Yoona

I think they really look good together and they are so cute too.. I really them

Luhan and yoona look good together! - luyoondeers

I think they're adorable. Seohyun just doesn't look compatible with him. I don't know. Maybe it's because I have a natural Yoona bias. Deer couple rocks! They're both so damn good looking. Flower boy and the Princess. They're both really cute. Ship!

Luyoon good

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3 LuHan and Taeyeon
4 LuHan and Naeun
5 LuHan and Yuri

Yulhan is the real one. Just watch the videos then you'll believe..

I ship them cause the Yulhan is so true for me and, is better than others! :D

They're literally the top most searched ' exoshidae couple'
This couple is literally a shadow in the exoshidae fandom as it is overshadowed by the LuYoon fandom. to be honest, I'm just stating a fact. The most luhanxgirlsgeneration member is Yuri. Go onto YouTube if you don't believe me. Many YouTube videos were proved about the couple, Instagram, YouTube, Concerts and Couple items related. Sorry but seohan? I can respect luyoon as they're respectful. Unlike the Seohyun's fans really... Put it in a nice way. Not really a sone. They go around scolding Yuri, Yoona and every Snsd member. And claim that their seo baby's the best. If she's the best, laugh out loud. Why is there 9 members in snsd instead of one. This is just my opinion, not trying to offend anyone. I've tolerated this thing about sones for too long.

My feel is the true couple!

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6 LuHan and Tiffany

They really look together even if tiffany is older than luhan and also they look cute

They still wear couple shirts even if Luhan is not in EXO anymore

Too cute. It feels like they are still a couple.

They really really look cute

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7 LuHan and Bomi

Their similarities are always too many. Especially their love for soccer and their laughs. Who would forget their laughs?

They're so cute together! They're the second oldest following being the baby faced couple!

They have a lot of similarities like their both the second oldest in their group, their both close to the youngest and oldest in their groups, their both babyfaced and if your new in their fanclub you'll think that their the maknaes, their both the mood maker in their group well about Luhan EXO-M members said that in a variety show or something well I forgot, they both have sometimes the same style of laughing, their both cute but they can do sexy dance at the same time, their both vocals and dancers in their groups I know they only have their similarities and not moments but if you search hard they also have some I respect other ships I know mostly of EXO-L's ships EXOshidae than Apink but we have our own taste I respect other ships and I hope you too...

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8 LuHan and Suzy

They are good with each other

9 LuHan and Dara V 1 Comment
10 LuHan and Chorong V 4 Comments

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11 Luhan and Sehun

Everybody knows that they both are so cute and lovely

I love them very much. I am one of Hunhan shippers and I think they are like real couple. Hunhan is real.

Aigoo there must be some mistake here, for HUNHAN, one of the most favored couples in all of kpop, to be listed so low. regardless of the nature of their relationship, under the vague umbrella term of "pairings," their connection is irrefutable and deserves higher appreciation and fangirling

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12 Luhan and Sulli (SulHan)
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1. LuHan and Seohyun
2. LuHan and Taeyeon
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1. LuHan and Yoona
2. LuHan and Bomi
3. LuHan and Taeyeon



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