Top 10 Luigi Courses In Mario Kart


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1 Luigi's Mansion DS

I like how it actually refers to the Luigi mansion game

My favourite Luigi circuit :-) - Number18

I can't believe there's a whole top ten about this...

2 Luigi Circuit GBA

Should definitely be number 1

This should be number 1

What is luigi circuit? I've heard of Mario circuit.luigi is epic

3 Luigi Circuit GCN

The 2 roads are connected - TGCxavier

Yes definitely

No doubt one of the greatest tracks that came from the GC, and I really loved the GC tracks. So for me it might be the best Luigi track of all time.

4 Luigi Circuit GBA (DS)

Awesome track, should be number 2 and original number 2

5 Luigi Circuit GCN (DS)
6 Luigi's Mansion DS (3DS)
7 Luigi Circuit Wii

This is So short, boring and BAD. Every online always plays it, and the course could be performed in the SNES. - Berger

I love the boost pads at the end. it's a great place to do wheelies and its not boring like Luigi raceway

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8 Luigi Raceway N64 (3DS)
9 Luigi Raceway N64

Just a stupid oval.

10 Twisted Mansion
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1. Luigi's Mansion DS
2. Luigi Circuit GBA
3. Luigi Circuit GCN
1. Luigi's Mansion DS
2. Luigi Circuit GBA (DS)
3. Luigi Circuit GBA
1. Luigi's Mansion DS
2. Luigi Circuit GCN
3. Luigi Circuit GBA


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