Top 10 Luigi Courses In Mario Kart

The Top Ten

1 Luigi's Mansion DS

I like how it actually refers to the Luigi mansion game

My favourite Luigi circuit :-) - Number18

I can't believe there's a whole top ten about this...


2 Luigi Circuit GCN

Yes definitely

Great, great memories from this course.

The 2 roads are connected - TGCxavier

Definitely awesome - darthvadern

3 Luigi Circuit GBA

Should definitely be number 1

This should be number 1

What is luigi circuit? I've heard of Mario circuit.luigi is epic

Cool track - darthvadern

4 Luigi Circuit GBA (DS)

Awesome track, should be number 2 and original number 2

It's cool - darthvadern

5 Luigi's Mansion DS (3DS)

This is the best one by far - darthvadern

6 Luigi Circuit Wii

This is So short, boring and BAD. Every online always plays it, and the course could be performed in the SNES. - Berger

I love the boost pads at the end. it's a great place to do wheelies and its not boring like Luigi raceway

Let's be real guys, it's so bad it's good - darthvadern

The best starter track

7 Luigi Circuit GCN (DS)

It's alright - darthvadern

8 Luigi Raceway N64 (3DS)

A bit better than original - darthvadern

9 Luigi Raceway N64

Just a stupid oval.

The worst one. - darthvadern

10 Twisted Mansion

Not a Luigi course - darthvadern

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