Best Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Mansions

Today as this list got released it is Halloween! A few days ago I released a review on the spooky mario game known as Luigi's Mansion 2 (or Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon if you prefer), and to celebrate this holiday I thought of doing lists about this game! One of them being a ranking on the best mansions in the game! Without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten

1 Haunted Towers Haunted Towers

In my opinion this was easly the best Mansion in this game! While the misssions are nothing but constant backtracking, the overall garden tower setting was straight up gorgeous and I loved the boss battle! This is also the first mansion to include polterpup, an annoying but still cute ghost. May I also mention that the boss mission is straight up excellent? - darthvadern

2 Secret Mine Secret Mine

A close second! Secret Mine is a mansion on top of a snowy mountain with tons of basement floors! It's the opposite of Haunted Towers, that one had tons of floors and this one had tons of basement floors! It's also one of the more interesting mansion Luigi visits in the game! It's also the shortest sadly, which is why it dodn't make it to the top! The boss battle was excellent too! - darthvadern

3 Old Clockworks Old Clockworks

Cerainly the most unique mansion in the game! It's a clock factory in the desert that also has an egyptian theme in latter missions. The boss battle was super creative too (although one of my least favourite probably)! Although it was somewhat boring at parts, this was hands down the most unique mansion in the game probably! - darthvadern

4 Treacherous Mansion Treacherous Mansion

The final and longest mansion is kinda like a referance to the original Luigi's Mansion where everything is set in one mansion. The ground floor has areas with similar to the previous mansions luigi visited during his adventure in the game, there's the snowy area and the desert area and yeah. This mansion is great because it's so big and takes everything you've learned about the game and makes it a true challenge! - darthvadern

5 Gloomy Manor Gloomy Manor

Of course this one wouldn't be too high up since it's the first mansion in the game and doesn't really have a theme like the latter mansions had. But I got to give it credit for doing a great job at introducing how the game works and having the only good soundtrack in the game! I loved the spider boss as well! - darthvadern

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