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1 7 Years 7 Years

I don't get the hate for this song and the band in general, they're pretty underrated. This might not be my favorite song of them but some of the criticism I've seen for it makes you think like it's the worst song ever, which it clearly isn't. - BlipBlop65

They aren't country think straight

Don't like it don't vote, clearly there's an audience for it, and you would up on the page somehow - MattCozadd

There's something special about a song like this in the middle of all the trash songs about sex and drugs we get these days

2 Mama Said Mama Said

Where do I say, none? - VideoGamefan5

The fact that this list exists... - AlphaQ

3 Drunk In the Morning
4 Criminal Mind
5 You're Not There
6 Better Than Yourself
7 Ordinary Things
8 Strip No More

Best Song - ciaraniguess

9 Moving Alone
10 Happy Home

The Contenders

11 Off to See the World
12 Love Someone
13 Funeral
14 Before the Morning Sun
15 Golden
16 Don't You Worry 'Bout Me
17 Not a Damn Thing Changed

Easily their best song. So much passion and emotion, great lyrics. - BlipBlop65

Easily his best song. So much passion and emotion, Great lyrics.

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1. 7 Years
2. Mama Said
3. Drunk In the Morning

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