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1 Luna Delivers Her Love Note to Sam from L is For Love

A really great moment and really great episode despite being focused on the Loud kids all trying to find out which of their crushes sent the love note Luna is the main focus as she worries wither or not her crush Sam really likes her in return and the final twist in the end where Sam is revealed to be a girl takes the audience by surprise. - egnomac

What I really liked about this moment was that it was delivered in such a friendly and tolerant way that many people can understand. - PhoenixAura81

One of my favorite Luna Loud moments and really loved the build up to this moment and seeing the reveal of Sam being a girl was so unexpexted and I love how the show is not trying to be I'm your face about it or trying to push an agenda and just wanted to tell a good story. - Loudhouserules

I am personally getting really tired of all these Luna Loud haters bashing her for being bisexul, I'm bisexual and I'm really offended by all the disgusting and shameful comment people have made about her and Sam. - Loudhouserules

2 Luna and Sam Laugh Together After The Mixing Batter Spills All Over Sam from Racing Hearts

Really loved this moment after realizing how little they have in common they Luna decides it would be better if she and Sam should continue the quest as just friends rather then a couple which neither is really happy about then we get to this moment where they have to bake an apple pie only neither of them are good at cooking and as they attempt to make the pie the batter explodes all over Sam as Luna starts laughing at her as Sam grabs on to Luna and the two laugh hysterically as they fall on the ground laughing. - egnomac

Another great Luna and Sam moment regardless of what all those haters say. - Linkaloud

People can say all they want but this was a pretty memorable moment. - egnomac

Best moment of the episode. - egnomac

3 Luna's Flashback of Her First Concert from For Bros About to Rock

The moment where Luna Loud became the rock star she is today, - egnomac

That's how she became Luna Loud

4 Helping Lincoln and Clyde Enjoy Their First Concert from For Bros. About to Rock
5 Luna Barges in as Lincoln leaves a Nasty Message to Lori from Get The Message

Right on cue after Lori accidently breaks Lincolns headgear he decides to leave a very not so nice message on her phone Luna barges in playing her guitar as Lincoln begins using a couple of swears it, Luna would again appear in the episode's final moments after Lori finds Lincoln's message and of course is not very happy about it and screams while Luna again plays her guitar. - egnomac

Probably the funniest scene in the show.

6 Luna Chases Mick Swagger on Stage from Sleuth or Consequences

She's just a creepy stalker with no self-worth of her own so she has to look up to an actual rockstar since she knows she'll never be one.

All this moments are great. - Linkaloud

7 Luna Acts Like a Dog from Study Muffin

In this moment all of the Loud sisters go completely bonkers over Hugh Lincoln's teacher as they move towards Hugh Luna takes it a step further and begins panting like a dog. - egnomac

Really funny moment. - egnomac

People really give Luna a real hard time for no real reason. - Loudhouserules

Nothing wrong with this moment. - Loudhouserules

8 Luna and Sam Blush After After Touching Hands While grabbing the Butter from Racing Hearts

Luna and Sam look so adorable together.

So cute.

9 Luna's Elimination from Undie Pressure

All the Loud siblings attempt to go the longest without doing their favorite things for Luna its talking in a British accent while listening to the radio a contest is held for who ever can do the best British accent she tries to quietly talk in her British accent voice on the phone to win the tickets but when they don't hear her she shouts "Hand over the bleeding tickets mate! " leading to her elimination. - egnomac

10 Luna and Sam Playing Together from Friendzy

Its great seeing Luna and together.

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11 Flashback of Luna's Sleepover from Overnight Success
12 What Have I Done from Really Loud Music

One of the saddest moments from the Loud House. - egnomac

13 Luna Watches Sam as She Passes from L is for Love

Hey if you don't like it then why the hell are you even here take your hate speech elsewhere there's no place for it here on this list. - egnomac

14 Luna Dressed Up as Rita Loud from For Bros About to Rock

In an attempt to get Lincoln and Clyde out of mall jail Luna dresses up as Rita Loud but it gets ruined when Bobby shows up recognizing Luna in Disguise. - egnomac

15 Luna Crushing the Kids While Trying to Crowd Surf from For Bros About to Rock
16 Luna Performs Along Side Chunk at the Royal Rumble from Roadie to Nowhere
17 Luna Gets Knocked Down the Stairs from The Sweet Spot
18 Luna Ditches the Lulu Gimmick and Goes Back to Being Her True Self from Really Loud Music
19 Luna as The Night Club from Pulp Friction
20 Luna Becomes Lulu from Really Loud Music
21 Luna Doing Her Victory Dance from Come Sale Away
22 Luna Destroying a Hotel Room Over Not Getting a Pillow Mint from Butterfly Effect

I don't even like Luna (thanks to "L is for Lame"), but this was really funny.

"All I wanted was a stinkin pillow mint. - egnomac

23 Luna Ripping Her Pants While Doing the Splits from Making the Case
24 Luna and Sam Kiss

Hasn't happened, at least not yet and boo to all you haters who continue to leave negative comments on this list if you hate The Loud House or Luna Loud then your on the wrong list.

That never happened -_-

25 Luna Singing "You Got Tricked" from Tricked
26 Luna Thinking of Giving Sam Her Favorite Pick from L is for Love
27 Luna Playing the Trumpet in "Scale of Justice"

Very nice shout-out to Peanuts.

28 Luna as Lynn from Cover Girls
29 Luna Gets Infected from One Flu Over the Loud House
30 Luna Turns Blue from A Fridge Too Far
31 The Sisters Overhearing Luna Singing in the Shower from Attention Deficit
32 Luna Barges in as Lori swears about Lincoln from Get The Message
33 Luna Performs Play It Loud from Really Loud Music
34 Luna Meets Mick Swagger from House Music
35 Luna Sticks Her Tongue Out While Lisa Collects a Sample from Her from Roadie to Nowhere
36 Luna speaks in a Swedish accent from Undie Pressure
37 Luna Screaming After Leni Flushes the Toilet While She's in the Shower from No Laughing Matter
38 Luna Breaks Up with Sam

I'm really offended by some of these comments mostly the negative ones just who the hell do you people think you are to dictate who Luna should be in a relationship with her and Sam like each other and that's what matters most and second girls can love other girls cause I happen to be bisexual and I have a girlfriend and were both perfectly happy together. - Loudhouserules

Good to see she realized that girls aren't meant to be with girls

It was a brief moment but they do get back together in the end there's no way these two will never break up in the future. - egnomac

I wish it would happen permanently.

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