Top Ten Best Lunar Chronicles Characters

The Top Ten

1 Cinder
2 Scarlet

Scarlet is amazing because she doesn't care what anyone thinks, because she's gonna be who she wants to be. She independent and strong, carries a rifle (which she actually can shoot thank you very much), can fly a spaceship, sasses evil queens, escapes from lunar prisons, and does it all with sass. She is amazingly badass, so who can help but look up to this red hoodie wearing farmer? Not to mention how she stood on the bar and defended a random person (Cinder), a lunar for that matter! She is also part of the most swoonworthy ship of all time, WOLFLET FOR LIFE! <3 And she has free tomatoes, so who are we to turn her down?!

She's my favorite all the way. - Oliveleaf

3 Cress

I love Cress. I understand her awkwardness around people, and I love how awesome she is with technology!

4 Thorne

Sarcastic and flirty! Do I need to say more?

How is he only fourth? Captain Carswell Thorne. He's the best, no contest.

5 Winter
6 Kai
7 Wolf
8 Jacin

I love Jacin. He's the best.

9 Dr. Erland
10 Iko

Honestly she's awesome. She goes against the norms of androids and is flawed but does what she can to help her friends. She's definitely one of my most favorite characters.

Go Iko! So adorable and funny!

She's smart, sassy and everbody loves her!

The Contenders

11 Grandmere
12 Levana
13 Peony
14 Aimery
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