Top Ten Best Lynyrd Skynyrd Songs to Listen to While Driving

Best of this great band's songs to listen to whilst driving in the car; top down, wind in hair...*sigh*

Do you have a favourite I've missed? Please feel free to add :)

The Top Ten

1 Call Me the Breeze
2 Sweet Home Alabama

If your going home then yeah - Curti2594

'Specially the part givin' Neil Young a fat middle finger. I'd loop that part all the way from N'Awlinz to Nashville.

3 Swamp Music
4 Free Bird

Yeah, especially when it speeds up and the solo comes on. - BrianScott01

Makes me wanna drive straight into the nearest bayou. Anything to stop the pain.

5 What's Your Name?
6 That Smell

Good song. Tough song. Serious song. Whole lotta people shoulda listened.

7 I Ain't the One
8 Blues Medley
9 The Needle and the Spoon
10 Devil in the Bottle

The Contenders

11 Simple Man

This is a Shinedown cover not the original song. - SomePersonYouHate

You're absolutely right. I have no idea how Shinedown's version got here. Maybe admin prefers their version. Blame them; I always do. - Britgirl

12 Gimme Three Steps
13 Whiskey Rock-a-Roller
14 Down South Junkin'
15 You Got That Right
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