Top Ten Best Lyrical Rappers In Dallas Texas

The Top Ten

1 Kease the Artist

Spit what's true and needed for this day and time.

Best Artist out there!

Don't know how or when I made the list but nonetheless Thanks!

One of the realest alive!

2 Kingweezy

All these Cats can Spit but The #NEWFACEOFHIPHOP... Has it ALL! I'm a HUGE fan!... Been following his Movement Since he Got in the Game

3 Jroc-Obama
4 Tokyo Judy
5 Kashiff (Momm)
6 Nard Washington (Skull Face)
7 Don Chief
8 King Trill
9 Alize Ali
10 Mr. Pookie

Rapper with the #1 selling album in Dallas

Mr. Pookie deserves top 3 with Big Tuck

the Rippla

the Rippla

The Contenders

11 Lokk G

Really underrated. Probably one of the realest out of Dallas.

12 Hellraza Jones
13 Chedda Loc

Reppin the Triple D and shows what goes down right here

14 Big Tuck

One of the best in Dallas

"Southside the Realest"

15 Young OG

Most lyrical Latino Artist in Dallas.

16 MO3

Most talented out of Dallas without a doubt

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