Greatest Lyrical Themes In Metal Music

Lyrics are an important element of metal and music in general. This list will be a list covering the most popular and interesting themes in heavy metal music.

The Top Ten

1 Satanism Satanism

This is the most stereotypical pick that I seen in my life

Why is this number 1? this shouldn't even be on here at all because metal doesn't have to be satanic. - countnightdark13

Metal doesn't have to be about any particular topic. This is "Greatest Lyrical Themes In Metal Music", not "Lyrical Themes Metal Has To Have". If it's in number 1 (now 2), that means people like it as a topic, and that's fine. - romanempire249

I like this theme.! Hail Satan - Vip3r

Ummm...okay. - CharismaticKat

2 Fantasy Fantasy

I can't imagine my music collection without Blind Guardian albums. - Metal_Treasure

3 Politics Politics
4 Death Death
5 Drug Abuse Drug Abuse
6 War War

The entire discography of Sodom and Sabaton, many ManOwar songs, and many songs by other bands. - Metal_Treasure

Basically Sodom's entire career. - Brobusky

Bolt Thrower and Sabaton are awesome.

7 Society

Especially thrash bands - Megadeth, Metallica. - Metal_Treasure

8 Emotional Pain

This is a Common topic in Nu Metal Bands I Use to Enjoy such as Ffdp - vidkid13

9 History History
10 Violence Violence

The Contenders

11 Doomsday
12 Horror Horror
13 Nature Nature
14 Religion
15 Science Fiction Science Fiction
16 Mythology
17 Rocking Out Rocking Out
18 Philosophy Philosophy

All Obscura songs. - Metal_Treasure

19 Norse Mythology Norse Mythology
20 Film/TV Film/TV
21 Love/Sex Love/Sex

Haha, metal lyrics are known for putting a great emphasis on love and sex (sarcasm). - Metal_Treasure

Well first you've got normal love/sex in metal (barely) than you have CANNIBAL CORPSE - SoldierOfFortune

I hate this theme in metal.. - Vip3r

22 Breakups
23 Cars/Motorbikes
24 Occult
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