Top Ten Lyrics to the Song Positronwildhawk Just Made Up

I was bored, so I just made this song up.
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The Top Ten

1 Hey Briefcase Tag, Will You Be the One to Turn Off the Strawberry?

And that part comes just before the heavy bass drop! - PositronWildhawk

2 I'm Batman! (X8)

Poetic genius. Somehow, I missed this list. I had no idea our PW was a songwriter. - PetSounds

3 Fly - Fishing With My Girl, to Be Honest, I'd Rather Be Doing Something More Dramatic.
4 We Shall Ride the Wave of Irish Curry Houses to Victory!

Number 1 hit in the making - gemcloben

5 Why Did I Wake Up On the Urinal Hanging Around Marble Arch, Surrounded by Eagle Blood?

So poetic and beautiftul. My heart has just melted. Ahh... - Britgirl

I wish I'd seen this before I voted...

But where are the eagles bodies (dun dun dun! ) - samanime

6 Play This Seemingly Pointless Song Backwards for the Wi - Fi Password!
7 Sometimes I Feel Like Watching Documentaries About Light Switches, to See If There Is Bacon In the Background.
8 The Sea Dragon Is Approaching Doncaster... What Happens Next?
9 Baby, Will You Hold the Nail While I Hammer It?
10 The Strawberries Are Dead!

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