Top Ten M. Shadows/Synyster Gates Guest Appearances

M. Shadows and Synyster Gates have had a lot of great guest spots on various songs, here's my top ten...
The Top Ten
1 Good Charlotte - The River (feat. M. Shadows & Synyster Gates)

Shivers down my spine...

Simply the best one. This song rocks from start to finish. Syn's solo and Shadows's verse and backing vocals enhance this great tune. - Shaday7x

Surprised me how well this one worked, loved it instantly what a song

This song is amazing

2 Hell or Highwater - Go Alone (feat. M. Shadows)

This song kicks ass. A great story and Western feel. Shadows takes the second and best of the three verses and sings with Brandon Saller on the chorus. - Shaday7x

3 Machine Gun Kelly - Save Me (feat. M. Shadows & Synyster Gates)

Never was a fan of MGK, but he gained a lot of respect from me for doing a song with Avenged Sevenfold. His rap is okay, but Shadows and Gates show up and take it to a whole new level. Shadows vocals aren't this impressive on some songs from his own band! Gates has a solo, but it's nothing we haven't really heard before. That being said, it really complements the song nicely. - Shaday7x

As a die hard MGK fan I can tell you this is definitely one of his worst performances... The songs great but MGK put up some seriously weak raps for what he's shown he's capable of - XboxShutOff

4 Slash - Nothing to Say (feat. M. Shadows)

What the comment above says about this is actually true, Its got that feel of Avenged Sevenfold when actually Slash wrote the song himself as he's put in an interview. He wrote the lyrics and the guitar piece and chose who he thought was best to sing it out of his choices. And having M. Shadows sing it is just a master piece even though its not A7X

A great combo here. It;'s really just Shadows singing the whole thing, so it has the feel of an A7X song. Slash is like Syn Gates in terms of skill, so it actually really does come off as one. - Shaday7x

5 Bleeding Through - Savior, Saint, Salvation (feat. M. Shadows and Synyster Gates)

To my knowledge, the first collab Shadows did, this song is six and a half minutes of aggression and anger. Shadows takes the dark and emotional chorus, and Syn takes more of a surprisingly background role with guitar, as he doesn't get a real solo. This song is heavy and loud, two things I really like in a song. - Shaday7x

6 Device - Haze (feat. M. Shadows)

Device my ass, first off. This is Disturbed's new band, but they will always be Disturbed to me. Shadows on a song with the legendary David Draiman is a real treat. This song is really industrial sounding and very different than the Disturbed you'd be familiar with. - Shaday7x

David Draiman has such a powerful voice and M Shadows has quite a powerful voice also and them singing together is metal magic.

This is in my point of view a real master piece. And it deserves at least the mgk spot in this top.

7 Axewound - Vultures (feat. Synyster Gates)

Okay, with this particular song, forget the first half of the song and just skip to Syn's solo. It's in my top ten Gates solos ever. A shredding masterpiece right there. - Shaday7x

8 Burn Halo - Anejo (feat. Synyster Gates)

This song is really catchy and bad-ass I love Syn's solo on this one too. - Shaday7x

9 Korn - Falling Away From Me (Live) [feat. M. Shadows)

This was cool in that it happened in a series of bizarre circumstances. On the "All Access" DVD, Shadows explains how Jonathan Davis got sick and they Asked Shadows to perform in his place. A7X was the next act after Korn. - Shaday7x

10 Fozzy - Sandpaper (feat. M. Shadows) Fozzy - Sandpaper (feat. M. Shadows) Cover Art

This song is the greatest song I've ever heard M. Shadows featured in. I suggest it to everyone here.

Very good song instrumentally and vocally.

The Contenders
11 The Confession - The End Is Near (feat. M. Shadows)

This song is beast. Shadows takes backing vocals, and the Confession were a great band. Check them out.

He is in the song, I don't know what some people are saying.

Aku baru tahu :/

12 Street Spirit - These Grey Men (Ft. M. Shadows)
13 Like Always Kisses for Kings (Feat.M. Shadows)
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