NFL Predictions

Alpha101 Just so you know, I'm a huge Saints fan! I think they're gonna do great this year! Even though Peyton and Vilma are suspended.

I also like the Lions and I love Calvin Johnson! He has the Madden Curse but I think he'll be better than ever! Best WR in the NFL right now.

Colts lost Peyton Manning, the best football player ever. But considering his neck injury and his age, I think he wasen't really a loss. Of course it would be good to still have him on your roster but Andrew Luck is the way to go.

Panthers have Cam Newton. Cam Newton. Enough Said.

Redskins have drafted RG3 which is probably the best grab of the draft. He will get lot's of rushing yards like Newton but will make brilliant passes like Eli!

Patriots have lot's of good players but best of all, they have future HOFer Tom Brady. He can make passes like no one's buisness! And he has Wes Welker and Gronk to throw to!

Browns have Trent Richardson the star of the Alabama football team. He's going to pick up major yardage for the Browns. They won't go deep in the playoffs though. The'll loose their first WC game.

The Ravens has the best defense in the world and has a pretty great offense with Ray Rice as RB. He's the best RB in the world! They lost Mason but will still go to deep in the Playoffs.

The Dolphins got Ryan Tanninhill in the draft. The 3rd best QB. He's going to be a major breakthrough for the Dolphins! And if anything goes wrong, they have Henne!

The Cards have the 2nd best WR today, Larry Fitzgerald, and they have Kolb and Skelton.

I have predicted that either the Saints and Colts, or The Lions and Ravens will go to superbowl 47. I will wish them luck and I hope you will too! Bye!