Johnny Depp My Favorite Actor

Alpha101 I love Johnny Depp!

I'm a huge Pirates of the Caribean fan! Jack Sparrow is the best character as always! (Depp plays Sparrow) I mean, the sword fights are intense, jack's hilarious and they always meet frightning rivals. (Barbosa turned into a skeleton, Davy Jones is half octopus half man) This is just a few examples why Pirates of the Caribean is so great!

Then there's the Nigtmare Before Christmas which is by the way the best halloween movie ever! He was awesome in this movie as always, and it had a great storyline to it too. I watch it all the time! In here, Jack is the leader of a little, creepy place called Halloween Town. He finds Santa Clause at his workshop and want's to bring Christmas to Halloween Town. (At the town all you celebrate is halloween of course) But jack's girlfriens senses something is wrong and it is. Mr. Oogie Boogie kidnappes Santa! But in the end Jack saves Santa and is a hero.

Now, Alice and Wonderland. In here Johnny plays the Madd Hatter and accompanies Alice to Wonderland and helps her. he is funny as always. But in this one, you might say he's mad! I encourage you to watch this movie. It is really good!

I hope you had fun reading this. Alpha101 out!


Him and Marilyn Manson are both friends in real life. - visitor

Johnny Depp is awesome. I even heard that him and Marilyn Manson are friends in real life! How awesome is that? - visitor