That's So Raven Sequel

Anonymousxcxc Again this post is extraordinarily short, but I looked it up and I thought that it was fake but nope Raven-Symoné confirmed it herself. That's So Raven is getting a sequel.
That's right the iconic early 2000's Disney Channel sitcom is getting a long-awaited sequel (no Cory in the House is a spin-off, not a sequel). So let's prepare our early 2000's nostalgia and prepare for the ultimate test: will the sequel be as good as the original?
PS If you want to know what the sequel is about, it's similar to the original in plot but Raven is now a mom with two kids and I'm guessing that the series will focus more on her daughter Nia, who inherits Raven's psychic powers.
I'm so hyped. Are you guys?