Why Among Us Sucks

DISCLAIMER: Not a serious list just me having fun. Don't take it too seriously.
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1 It's repetitive

Lets see... I killed cyan, and he voted me AFTER is corpse is found lol... Never saw a dead voting... And reactor reaching zero and starts counting below zero...Or people walk inside the walls, or OUTSIDE THE DAMN SHIP... Maybe killing 6 guys in a row, or doors permanently locked... One impostor kills everyone, but the game wont end... You can't say its repetitive, always new glitches and bugs to be found...

All you do is do tasks, call emergency meetings, kill people, sabotage, and vote people out. It gets really boring after a while.

Any video game today has the same formula.

2 Uninteresting tasks
3 No "strategy" just randomly vote someone off

It does take some strategy like some dumb imposters who don't kill

4 Being a imposter is lame and not interesting

I don't know why being an impostor makes people so happy. It just puts a lot of stress.

5 It's a mobile game

It’s also a computer game, get a grip. - UltimateHarms

6 You're better off playing Clue
7 The art style is dull
8 Gets old too fast
9 Boring death animations

Hmm let's see. Get stabbed, get impaled with an alien's mouth, get your head twisted and snapped, or get shot.

Haha big laser go brrrrr - Stakamakataka

10 Unfunny memes

As a person who watches Memenade, Limenade, Memega, and Limenade dark mode, This is a B I G problem to me - Stakamakataka