Top 10 Reasons Why Cerealguy Put His Cocaine In Your Pants As You Were Reading This List

What if I put my cocaine on your pants and why I put it?
This list explains it all and also this list is a joke guys
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The Top Ten

1 Delgia2k Told Me To

Yes it was baaad I broke the law I broke the lawn
Now wheres my money Delgie! - CerealGuy

2 The Potato Flied And Gives CerealGuy A Drug To Hide It
3 Because I Don't Care Because You're Still Breathing Air
4 This List Is Why I Put My Cocaine On Your Pants

Yes this list motivates me - CerealGuy

5 So the Cops Will Chase You
6 So You Will Have A Relaxing Time In Jail With Torture And Also Beatings

Jail is relaxing *sarcasm* - CerealGuy

7 To Destroy Your Reputation
8 Kim Jong Un Orders Me to Hide His Cocaine

Kim Jong Un is glourious leader he breathes weee and have sweg too - CerealGuy

9 So You Will Be Executed

Like Asian countries they will execute you for using drugs - CerealGuy

10 The Drug Life Chooses Me

Just kidding I don't use any drugs - CerealGuy