A Short Story

CityGuru Trotter woke to the sound of the evening bell. Had he slept in that long?
There was little time, and much to do. He got ready, and hurried past the street patrol into the Thieves Network HQ, which the patrol believed was a butcher.
He rushed into the shop ate a quick meal, and rushed out again, whereas the patrol shouted and sprinted after him in atomic boots. But Trotter was too quick. He dashed into an alley, then the patrol came towards him, then Trotter smashed his skull with a bit of pipe dangling out of the bricks.
Then Trotter ran into the Shrinkers office.
"Doctor Simon will see you now," a pleasant robot called out. They knew who he was. He had scheduled the appointment ahead of time.
He walked into the docs office, and he sat down in his favorite chair.
"You will be ready after today," said Doc. "Now repeat after me. I...did...not...kill...colonel...x."
"I...did...not...kill...colonel...x." Said Trotter. The Doc swung a pendulum before his eyes.
They worked for the next hour until Doc said he was ready.
With a nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach, Trotter walked out to the patrol surrounding the officer they had tracked him.
He was brought to the lie detector.
"Did you kill Colonel X?" Asked the lieutenant.
"No." Said Trotter.
"What? DID YOU KILL COLONEL X?" Asked the lieutenant.
"No." Said Trotter.
They had to let him go. A lie detector is never wrong.