Guess my Top Ten #1: Best Superheroes

CityGuru Well, everyone, I've created a new blog series! Here's how it works.
I pick a popular list and create my own remix out of the Top Ten on that list. But I don't publish it. Instead, I write down the answers and ask you guys to answer my question: What are my Top Ten Superheroes?
Post what you think is my Top Ten in the comments. You are awarded 10 points for getting the number one correct, 9 points for the second one, and so on. The winner will receive acknowledgement on my profo.
Feel free to message me about list ideas to feature here!

The current Top Ten on the real list (as of June 6, 2015)

#1: Batman
#2: Spider-Man
#3: Superman
#4: Wolverine
#5: Iron Man
#6: Super Commando Dhruva
#7: The Hulk
#8: Captain America
#9: Nagraj
#10: The Flash

So there they are! What do you think my Top Ten is?

This is just my opinion. Don't get mad at me for not liking a certain superhero.


Iron Man
Captain America
Dhruva - PositronWildhawk

1. Superman
2. The flash
3. Batman
4. Spider-Man
5. Iron man
6. Hulk
7. Wolverine
8. Cap a
9. Super commando
10. Naraj - Therandom

1) Batman
2) Captain America
3) Spider-Man
4) Superman
5) Thor
6) Iron Man
7) Wonder Woman
8) Wolverine
9) Robin
10) Hulk

I bet I'm wrong though... - Turkeyasylum

1) Batman
2) Spider-Man
3) Captain Murica
4) Wolverine
5) Hulk
6) Superman
7) Iron-man
8) Thor
9) Wonderwoman
10) the Flash

How wrong am I? - Puga