The CityGuru Obfuscation Contest

CityGuru The Welcome contestants to the Obfuscation of Common Cliches and Popular Quotes Contest! In this contest you must race to decode all of the obfuscations before January 1, 2016. (Or as many as you can) Some will find it easy, some challenging, but I hope all will find it entertaining. The rules are as follows. You must decode the obfuscations into English words. An example has been provided.

1. A minuscule cast alloy of zinc and copper retained is equivalent to it being profited from a diurnal Earth hour of labor
= A penny saved is a penny earned.

Then you will send me a message somewhat like this.

Hi Guru!
My entry for contest.
1. A penny saved is a penny earned.
You would do the same every time you solve one of them. DO NOT post the answers or message them to anyone else. It ruins the fun, and besides I'll moderate comments. The one with the most solved by 2016 will be the winner!
Your prize is as follows.
A random blog post about anything you want me to.
A blog post about a Day in Your Life
A parody of a short story, song, etc
A list about whatever you please
Plus one on all your comments and a vote on your lists.
And of course, I'll follow you.

So, without further ado, let the games begin!

1. Sentience closely resembles a portmanteau of cacao sweetened with glucose and held together with lactose.

2. An avifauna in the phalanges is equivalent to a pair in the diervilla

3. Homo sapiens who's domicile consists of silicon dioxide blended with calcium carbonate would be wise to not bombard said compound with igneous mineraloids.

4. Chloroplasts in a tertiary set should be eschewed

5. Visible atmosphere that emits photons at approximately the same frequency as amaranth in the ante meridiem, mariners take precaution. Said atmosphere at gloaming, mariners experience ecstasy.

6. If vocables were equines, mendicants would be transported on its spine

7. The aggregate is paramount to the integration of its components

8. It is deemed unwise to enumerate the quota of Gallus Domesticus prior to the completion of proper incubation

9. Fabacerae and cured porcine abdomen in tranquility is superior to confectionary pastries and fermented barley in trepidation

10. Where there is an aerosol of water vapor integrated with carbon diocese and carbon monoxide, there is also observed a degree of conflagration

11. Being in a state of low velocity but conjunctively bring unremitting will trump the competitor

12. Affluence is the genesis of malevolence

13. The writing utensil is more potent than the blade

14. A dyad of transgressions do not equal a just immorality

15. The simple machine involving rotation around an axis will receive lubricant when it emits a high pitched frequency

16. No homo sapiens is an atoll

17. Where there is sufficient tenacity there is a correct strategy

18. It is seemingly apparent that providential probability advocates the audacious

19. When you are in vicinity of the Tiber River, do as the Plebeians do

20. Surveil your associates at close vicinity but keep your nemeses in an extreme surveillance

21. Members of an avian species with identical plumage will congregate

22. An observed vessel of culinary intention will never reach a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius

23. An illustration conveys a chiliad of vocables

24. The alacritous avian will be in possession of a verminicular invertebrate

25. Arboreal organisms have not been observed to yield monetary possessions

26. All possible outcomes in infatuation and combat are deemed equal

27. A duality of craniums are more potent than a singular

28. Calculus concretions in a rotary transition will accumulate negligible bryophytic organisms

29. Optimal cachinnation correlates to the chronological intervals passed.

30. Abstain from masticulating the phalanges which proffer you caloric matter

31. Hesitate to form a bias against manuscript by the telltale marks of the outside cardboard layers

32. It is highly improbable for a savannah dwelling feline to change the camouflage markings on its dermal layer

33. All that has irregular patterns of high luminescence is not necessarily auriferous

34. No longer in the vicinity of the culinary device commonly used on stovetops, but instead have immersed yourself in combusted matter and heated gases

35. That is the apians patellas

36. A plethora of individuals trained in the culinary arts will soon vitiate the edible concoction produced by steeping

37. It is fruitless to attempt to indoctrinate to a geriatric canine innovative maneuvers

38. He who enters a state of low brain waves promptly at eventide and starts the day at the very beginning of diurnal hours have high levels of physical fitness, increased economic assets, and and increased efficiency of intelligence.

39. Sanguine fluid has a higher viscosity than dihydrogen monoxide

40. Dessicated as a fragment of mineralized osseous tissue

41. Amorous emotions are incapable of perceiving visible electromagnetic radiation

42. Discharging firearms upon ichthyoids in a cylindrical container

43. A tertiary attempt will yield a propetious outcome

44. Do not meticulously scrutinize the oral cavity of a complimentary equine

45. It is fruitless to be lachrymose about lactine fluid which has been extracted from its receptacle

46. Every mass of atmospheric condensation appears to have a stratum of argent color

47. Cast a stroke at the propetious moment when the ferrous material is of excessive temperature

48. A canine is the optimum companion of a Homo sapiens with differing chromosomes

49. Pulchritude does not extend beyond the dermal layer

50. I am highly regarded socially because of my apathy for rules and education. Therefore, if you voice preference for my numerically orders of items, you may partake in this status

If I mispelled any words or used words incorrectly, please don't get mad. Grammar is not my strong suit

Thanks for reading!


Oh, and another thing. You can collaborate on these. But don't post them. I want to see teamwork involved - CityGuru