Top 10 Best Family Guy Episodes (In My Opinion)

Family Guy may have fallen downhill but there are still some all time great episodes that are timeless. In its heyday Family Guy could rival the Simpsons. Again these are just episodes that I had the most fun watching it’s just my opinion pretty much all of these episodes define what Family Guy Is when it’s at its best
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1 And Then There Were Fewer

Okay at first I was skeptical just because it's just a murder mystery in a classic whodunnit type episode. But they went above and beyond. This was the last episode of the series I'd consider truly great. I won't spoil it too much in case you haven't seen it but it's so cool to see the entire cast of Quahog characters trapped in one setting for an hour long special that killed off a few secondary characters for good. This could've been an average episode but they went all out. The humor and suspense blends well together and there's a lot of twists throughout. I would always watch this episode if I could. It's proof that even in a mediocre season the writers can still make great episodes when they want to. In my opinion this was Family Guy's Sistine Chapel

2 Road to the Multiverse

Of all the creative episodes this one takes the cake. It's one of the most innovative and unique episodes in not just the show's history but also TV history. The amount of universes they travel to with different art styles is amazing and I think everyone recognizes the Disney universe part as one of the most iconic moments in the show. With a pretty nice song "It's a Wonderful Day For Pie" to top it off. It's not only creative but also well written. If you haven't seen this one I highly recommend it. It's another example of a great episode in an otherwise mediocre season and it's the best of the road to series

3 Road to Rhode Island

This was the first of the Road To episodes and it has always been one of my personal favorites. It's the first time we see Brian and Stewie team up. This was such a memorable episode and a great introduction to the Road To series. It obviously had some chaos to it but at the same time it was also wholesome to see these two characters go on an adventure together to see where Brian's old farm was. And the song near the end was a banger. The Peter plot was also decent even if it was a little exaggerated and over the top

4 Back to the Pilot (Season 10 Episode 5)

This is another time travel concept I love. I don't know any other shows that have done this. As the title suggests Brian and Stewie travel back to the first episode. Have to say I love seeing the old and new art style together and how the modern Brian and Stewie comment on what's happening. Then Brian prevents 9/11 from happening which drastically altered the future. Crazy to think that one detail changes everything in the future when several pairs of Brian and Stewie appear at once because of something that was slightly altered

5 PTV (Season 4 Episode 14)

In this episode the FCC cracks down on censorship. Peter responds by creating his own network. The Freakin FCC song is so hilarious with lyrics and visuals even the FCC liked it. The song alone earns a spot on this list. I liked the different intro but it drags on for like 4 entire minutes before the episode even starts. It's kinda a slow start but When the FCC starts censoring real life it's just hilarious all around. In terms of humor it doesn't get much better than this

6 Road to the North Pole (Season 9 Episode 7)

This episode portrays Christmas in a darker light than most other Christmas specials. Stewie forces Brian into taking him to the North Pole. When they get there they find it's not what they expected instead of a happy place they find it's in shambles because everybody demands too many presents for Christmas. In a way it kinda paints our modern obsessive consumer behavior in perspective. Also both the songs in this 45 minute special are really good.

7 Death Is a Bitch (Season 2 Episode 6)

I love the character Death. In this episode Peter tried to get out of paying a doctor bill so he claimed deceased. Death comes for him and then sprains his ankle so nobody can die. Peter has to become death to restore order. It's funny how Peter accidentally kills people. Norm MacDonald does a great job voicing death who's just a great side character all around

8 Yug Ylimaf (Season 11 Episode 4)

I really love this concept. So Brian uses Stewie's time machine to pick up girls which works then he tries to erase his tracks but by doing so he causes the direction of time to go in reverse. This is a really cool concept. Not my favorite Brian and Stewie Episode but it's definitely up there just because you feel the tension as it's literally a race against time to fix the machine

9 Meet the Quagmires (Season 5 Episode 18)

Peter goes back in time to relive being 18 again however he alters the timeline so Lois doesn't marry him and instead she marries Quagmire. In the end Peter has to win Lois back at the last minute in order to save the family. I really like this one it's my favorite from Season 5.

10 Da Boom (Season 2 Episode 3)

I think most Family Guy Fans will agree that this was the first "great" episode of Family Guy. This was released right around the time of Y2K. In this episode Peter is convinced the world will end and everyone calls him crazy until it turns out he's right. I love the humor and the post apocalypse setting. This episode does a lot of things right in my book. And this is the first Chicken Fight in the series and it's one of the better ones