DC Rant: Why does this list exist?

DCfnaf You seem to know a lot about us top ten users and it seems like you only have ONE LIST. I don't understand why lists like this are allowed to get on this site. This list is just plain insulting and inaccurate. If we make crappy lists, why did you make this crap? Hopefully this list will be taken off of this website at some point because this list is absolutely ridiculous!


Yeah, I bet the creator of the list is one of us users in another account. - TwilightKitsune

This was... an interesting beginning. - ProPanda

There was a time I fed every troll on the planet. This was that time.

And holy hell, this post is cringeworthy. - DCfnaf

Almost a year. - Skullkid755

At least my first and only post was alright.
Not as bad as this - iliekpiez

Why are you judging his first post that was made in like The beginning of 2017 and yours that was made in 2018? , no offense dude - B1ueNew

@B1ueNew This post is bad though, I've made it clear that even I want this post to die. - DCfnaf

@B1uenew I joined the site in 2018 - iliekpiez