Screw this List

DCfnaf This list is utter trash. Most of the Characters on this list are amazing and get unfair hate.

1. Peach - Okay, she gets kidnapped. So what? How does this make her terrible? You Peach Haters have ruined this damn website by spreading lies about Peach. "She's BOSSY CRANKY WEAK BLAH BLAH". No, she's obviously very nice.

2. Birdo - she gets hate because of the confused gender...WHAT???? Besides the fact that it's obvious SHE is a girl, all of her haters are transgender phobic. Transgender exist! Also, Yoshi lays eggs and apparently he's a boy! But NO ONE cares because "YOSH IS CUTE CUTE CUTE"

3. Waluigi - Meh. He's definitely worse than Birdo and Peach simply because he's unoriginal and he ruins Wario's backstory by existing.

4. Wario - NAAAAAHHHH!!! TAKE HIM OFF!!!! Ahem, sorry. That was my Wario Fanboy coming in. Anyways, HE SHOULD NOT BE ON THE LIST!!!! Okay, so he's arrogant, but that makes him hilarious and funny! He farts and is fat? That's your dumb reasons to hate a character with backstory, character development, badassery, and a personality?

5. Pink Gold Peach - Yeah, she deserves to be on here, she's horrible. Unoriginal, insulting, pathetic, clone. She should be MILES HIGHER than Wario. Wario is a good character, this character sucks. Should be Number 1 or 2.

6. Daisy - Really? I don't think she should be on here. Sure, she doesn't appear much, but she should be able to. She's very wild and lively, and bursts with personality. She's not a poser people!

7. Baby Mario - He does cry a lot and he's kinda stupid, so I don't really mind him being on here.

8. Kamek - I personally like Kamek because he intensifies your boss battles and makes them more interesting. Though he can be annoying.

9. Bowser Jr - HELL NO!! B.J. is awesome and way more original than the Koopalings!

10. Wendy O. Koopa - TAKE THAT WENDY FANBOY (even though I like Wendy)

This list sucks. And I will reply if it changes. How is Baby Rosalina, the Koopalings, Boom Boom, Metal Mario, etc. Not on the list over these characters?


I Agree With You Dc, Plus I No Longer Hate Finding Dory Just So You Know - VideoGamefan5

Yeah I know. I respected your opinion before anyway. Anyways, I know you hate Rosalina, but she shouldn't be high on this list because "overrated and appears more and more". - DCfnaf

The Mario Characters I Actually Hate The Most Are Pink Gold Peach (Obviously), Metal Mario (Metal Sonic Is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 Times better), And Blooper (They Just Fart Ink On You) - VideoGamefan5

Yeah, I'd agree with those three. I'd say Baby Rosalina because she contradicts the original one. - DCfnaf

Awesome post. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Good Post - VideoGamefan5

Agree with everything - DaisyandRosalina

Peach Is Now Number One, Ok First Of All, "PEECH Is TYE WORZD MAREEO KARACTER SHEE GETZ KIDNAPD SO that's Y" Just Shut Up Already Peach Haters - VideoGamefan5

Man, screw the Peach Hate already. I thought Rosalina's hate was bad on here but PEACH is even worse. - DCfnaf

Honey Queen Isn't Even In The Top 50! - VideoGamefan5

Really? I'm surprised. I thought everyone hated her because of Mario Kart 7. I just simply don't care for her. Let's be real: Metal Mario stole Waluigi's spot. - DCfnaf

Also, the list changed so now I need to fix this post. - DCfnaf

Lol, you has short temper on this post. - visitor

Yup. I will probably have to edit this soon to make it more HQ. - DCfnaf